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To get access to Free Technical Support visit our team of experts and the VoIP Community at our forums! In our second part of this three-part series (part 1 covered the sales meeting) on improving your sales, we look at the process of designing your client’s call flow.
When we talk about the call flow, we are talking about how a call is routed through the system from the time the system answers the phone until it reaches a final destination. The best way to design the call flow is to use a flowcharting tool like Microsoft Visio although products like Powerpoint, OpenOffice Draw, and even Photoshop can work as well.
One thing to keep in mind is that a poor call flow can make an otherwise perfect installation go horribly bad if callers are frustrated with the menus and calls are not getting to the people who are supposed to get them. The best way to manage the call flow design process is to meet with the client and discuss what it is they are looking for, and hopefully get a diagram of what they want, then, take it back to your office to analyze it and come back with a finished design. Some of the best designed menus are short and simple with a limited number of options and sub-menus. By sticking to these basic guidelines, the callers will find what they are looking for faster, avoid complicated menus, and will therefor less likely to hangup. While its usually better to keep a system as simple as possible to make ongoing maintenance and management easier, there is certainly a time and a place to implement different system features. In order to see how this can all come together we can look at a typical small office and their needs and then expand on that as the company grows. In this diagram we have the calls being answered and sent through a time check, if the time is during office hours, then pressing 1 will go to a sales ring group containing 204 and 205, pressing 2 will send you directly to 203, and 4 will get you directly to 202. As the company grows, more calls are coming into sales and support and often times there are more calls coming in than the people can handle. To accommodate these changes, queues were setup for sales and support to allow more callers to be able to call in than there are people available to answer the call. While these are still fairly simple examples, you can start to imagine what this would look like in a more complicated environment with multiple time conditions, operator groups, sub-menus, and other paths a call can go.
If you have some other good tips on designing a good call flow, please post them in the comments section below. Let's say, PBX (even VoIP) is only one of the tools which can help people to organize business.

Then try to compare maturity of the PBX functionality (you should know about it!) and maturity of the business processes implemented on customer side. Please join us for our Grandstream Roadshow and Hands on Certification Training at the incredible Seneca Niagara Casino! Please Join Us for a Patton SmartNode 1K Certification Training at the Incredible Seneca Niagara Casino!
Years of excellence in sales and service have earned Hartford Holidays Travel a stellar reputation and professional working relationship with every leading vacation company in the world. For traditional IT or Data technicians getting into IP telephony, one of the things that you need to learn is that a phone system sale is a consultative process. Some call flows are very simple with calls going into a ring group while most will need some form of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu system, also known as a Digital Receptionist, to route calls based on the caller’s keypresses (press 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc). Whatever your tool of choice, a good drawing will present an easily understood visual diagram of how the phone system is supposed to function. In order to get the call flow to be as effective as possible you need to work closely with the client to determine their needs and desires and be able to implement that based on some basic design guidelines as well as the actual features of the product. Just think how frustrated you get when calling companies with vague options and you aren’t exactly sure which menu option to select. Whether this is your first job or your 100th, you are selling a vital component of someone’s business to them and you are the one that needs to know what they are doing.
In a small company, people often handle different types of calls and the volume of calls is generally low. Calls to Support will go to Sam’s extension, and general customer service calls will go to Daniel.
It doesn’t take much to realize that without a good flowchart, trying to program the IVR system and then test it would be nearly impossible.
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Unlike selling a server or workstation, which is typically finding the best machine within a given budget, a phone system sale requires that you really understand the processes that are used within a company to determine how calls need to be routed.

This isn’t just important for showing the customer, it is also your template for programming the system.
The customer may have a feeling for what they want but they usually don’t know much about how the phone system works and what features it has. This level of consultation requires that you not only understand the features of a particular system, but also that you understand the limitations and weaknesses of the product you are selling. You can’t just sell them the phone system and expect that they will be happy with trying to figure out how to program the IVR system by themselves. Having a firm grasp of the abilities and weaknesses will help you to be able to translate the customer’s desired result into a working call flow design. Infra Holding Limited: AIHL) a real estate company based in Noida coming up with commercial and residential real estate projects in Greater Noida and Noida.
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