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When preparing for a test, you should use your nervousness to motivate youto study and do better so that you will be less nervous, and able to receive a better grade on thetest. Home Developing Your.Scripts are designed to keep salespeople on track during a phone call or presentation in order to help them make the sale. I moved to Thailand at the age of 14 and before moving here I hadlived in Virginia my whole life.

Today, I will be talking about the different ways of knowing andhow they have affected my learning experiencesQuestion: What are the four ways of knowing?The four ways of knowing are perception, reason, language, and emotion. This type ofperformance situation is an example of the James-Lange theory because my emotions can have aphysical effect on my body.
For the sake of this example, the objective is for the sales agent to make an appointment with the prospect. Perception can bedefined as how each person views the world and their interpretation of those views.
This is why it is necessary for you to properly control your emotionsand use them to your benefit rather than allow them to inhibit your abilities.

Inductivereasoning is when people make generalizations from one specific example and deductivereasoning is taking a general idea and forming a specific one from it.
Language is an arbitrary,symbolic system that names feelings, experiences, ideas, objects, events, groups, people and otherphenomena.
Singing has been an important partof my life and I hope to continue doing it for many years to come.

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