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Unfortunately, sales representatives in nearly every field (car sales, insurance sales, door to door sales) have earned themselves a reputation. When making an investment that is critical to the long-term success of your company, such as manufacturing ERP or MES software, you cana€™t afford to settle for the easy a€?Yes.a€? Recently, more and more ERP vendors are distracting prospects with showy demos and big discount offers without taking the time to properly examine the businesses they are wooing. I have personally seen this scenario too many times when prospects have come to us describing how their legacy ERP provider said yes, when the answer was really no, and now they are saddled with a system that does not perform as promised.
Now this wouldna€™t be a fair blog post if I didna€™t mention that the responsibility of finding good fitting software goes both ways. Business Process Needs Analysis: Before you begin researching new ERP vendors, make sure you have your everyday business process requirements for each department documented.
References: Be sure to check references of companies in your specific industry that are using the version of the software you will be on.
Development Partner: When custom development is necessary to solve a critical need, how open is the prospective ERP vendor to helping solve your problem? Find the ERP vendor that is honest in their evaluation of what they can offer your business and encourages open, realistic discussions regarding your expectations. The Sales Dashboard Solution gives users the ability to use live data to drive displays that show sales performance in a wide variety of graphs. Our talented team of Design and Marketing professionals carefully access clents' needs and work together to acheive their business objectives.
Seven years ago (2004 as far as I remember), Seth Godin published an ebook about how to create amazing Powerpoint presentations. He figured the idea might spread and then boring PowerPoint presentations filled with bullets would go away. HEY GUYS i work for cocacola as regional sales manager and i would like to do power power point presentations. For those who don’t know, PowerPoint shapes are really a powerful tool and using them can save a lot of filesize at the time you save your PowerPoint presentation because are saved as vector data. Even the most charming, likeable, friendly salesperson needs to be able to explain to a customer why their product or service is the best choice. Sales presentation binders help you get your brand out there, which can be helpful even if you don’t make the sale.

The design of your promotional binders should be flexible and change according to the product, situation or client. Some customers are willing to buy upfront and others need a little more convincing before they’ll try something new. Add a business card slot so that your contact information is always within reach of a potential customer. There are always those customers who need to sleep on it before they make a purchasing decision. Of course, the design of your sales binder is just one of the many factors that goes into sealing the deal. Author: CF StaffWe believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to ensuring your business looks its best. They have become known as a€?Yesa€? men (or women), known for saying a€?Yesa€? to anything you need, regardless if it is possible or not, in order to close the sale and move on. The result of these grand promises is a poor fit and the unsuspecting companies become victims of bait and switch (and you can Google the ERP lawsuits to prove it). They were forced to change their processes and sink a lot of money into customization before deciding to scrap the system altogether and search for a better solution.
A good ERP vendor will sit you down with one of their technical sales specialists and take the time to understand your business and your needs. If you dona€™t know what features you need, how can you investigate if the software can deliver it?
Unique ERP vendors encourage user-suggested development and work hard to make the software work for you. ConceptDraw PRO is a software for making Live charts anв gauges that provide effectiveness to your business.
And another good advantage of using shapes is that you can easily edit the shape, group, ungroup, or combine to make any other graphic. Custom sales presentation binders help you to get this information across in a way that’s easy to understand.
In the case of a product, use high-quality photos and 4-color printing so that customers can become familiar with it.

Your company has a unique DNA that should be present in everything from the pictures you use to the font text and color. For example, an insurance group might want to consider using two different designs, one that they use when selling insurance to families and one that they use when selling insurance to businesses.
Adding testimonials from previous clients and customers will help to convince those holdouts to go forward with the purchase. Use sales binders with business card slots so these customers always have your contact information readily available. Your binder should also include enough information for the potential client to see just what your company has to offer without overloading them. Our graphic artists, copywriters and print specialists aim to share their knowledge and give you the edge you need to create truly memorable marketing materials. A good ERP vendor is looking for a long-term relationship that benefits both sides, not a one-stop sale. Here are five design choices for your binders that can help you increase the likelihood of making a sale.
If you sell a service, use your design to describe why your service can’t be beat and add images whenever appropriate. Even if you don’t make the sale, you establish your name and you present your product to new faces, who may eventually convert to customers in the long run.
Both customers are looking to purchase the same thing, but for different reasons, so the binder design should cater to their varying needs.
Testimonials show that you have a good relationship with your past clients and suggest you’ll have the same with prospective clients.
Including a business card in a binder is better than handing it to a client because it’s less likely to become lost. For example, a company that sells window treatments might show a picture of some of their best work for a previous client as an indication of what they can offer new clients.

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