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I’m a feng shui consultant and the number one reason clients consult me is to find a partner. If that’s the case it could be that, energetically and unconsciously, you are saying a big NO to having a relationship. Your bed is only big enough for you or pushed into a corner where only one person can get in and out of it. Artwork displays moody pictures of single figures indicating a solo energy rather than a relationship. Make sure there is space on both sides of the bed which sets out the intention that this bed is for two. Just following these simple steps will align your unconscious intention with your conscious one. Jackie Notman is an intuitive advisor, coach and energy reader who works on an energetic level with individuals and businesses using tools such as Feng Shui, Numerology, Dowsing, Astrology, I Ching and the Tarot. Her book, The Feng Shui Guide to Love, Sex & Relationships, explores relationships on an energetic level and shows you how to apply the fundamentals of Feng Shui and eastern astrology to maximise your ability to have a satisfying and meaningful relationship that is right for you. In some ways, online dating and social media have leveled the playing field: Women can take charge of their dating and sex lives in ways they haven't before.
Postscript: If you start seeing someone on a fairly regular basis (at least once a week), realize that you are only beginning a relationship.

If you’re unsuccessful in the dating game, it could be that you are inadvertently sabotaging your own efforts to find love? They tell me about their dating disasters, the problems with their previous relationships and often they despair at their lack of success.
Your bedroom is saying this is about me, it is where I retreat from the world and be alone – there is no room for anybody else. Sleepless nights, midnight tears and arguments with ex partners will be held emotionally in your mattress.
This will support you whilst you sleep and improve the quality of your sleep which in turn improves your confidence and attractiveness to others. On first dates, make sure you have other plans afterward and keep them, regardless of how things are going.
If he emails or texts (or makes the extra effort to make a phone call!), respond, but move along and suggest meeting again. In feng shui, your bedroom is the physical manifestation of your unconscious desires for a relationship. The dating world revolves around making the right proactive choices -- and this means that if you're ready for a monogamous relationship, you have to be clear about your goals, both to yourself and prospective partners. But limit your emails to no more than two or three before suggesting a face-to-face meeting.

Nowadays, single, college-educated women under the age of 30 are often making more money than men, so don't stand on ceremony waiting for him to pay. If he wants to keep it spontaneous, with something like "Let's try for Tuesday," don't bother putting it on your calendar. A photo that shows you actively pursuing an interest is good because it offers information without being wordy. If someone shows an interest in your profile, remember that you are not obligated to respond unless you want to. If you are sleeping exclusively with him and are beginning to take him seriously, consider discussing whether he is interested in having a monogamous relationship.
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