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This may surprise you: There are now more single parent families (30%) in the US than two parent family households (24%).
Additionally, there are many difficulties surrounding being a parent, single or married, in the 21st Century, and  this is one of the reasons we are  gearing our church toward families with kids.
At  Oasis Church, one of our primary ministry goals is to minister equally to singles, single parent families and married couples. We want to warmly invite you to join us in one of our Connect Groups for support, spiritual encouragement and friendship. Accomplishments:  Drop the boy off at preschool, Starbucks drive through with the toddler, blog post, mingle a little too long on Facebook during nap time, skip doing the dishes but promise myself I’ll stay up a little late tonight to finish them, emails, feed the children one of the 5 meals I shopped and planned for for the week, go to bed a little later than I know I should after playing catchup, wake 5 times that night to soothe the suddenly irritable toddler. Accomplishments: Pull my dead body out of bed, make lunches for both the children, manage to brush my teeth AND find a bra before driving them to school, sleep the entire time they are there, shudder at the thought of working out, catch up on emails from bed and the parking lot of school, feed children various things I can pull out of the refrigerator and not have to prepare for dinner (like cold hot dogs), ignore all dirty dishes, pile clean laundry on top of the couch, watch the dog make a bed out of the clean laundry. Accomplishments: Keep everyone alive, return emails from the bathroom while hiding from the children with the door locked, drive through for dinner, drink wine while playing on Facebook and putting off work until midnight.
Another single-from-day-one mom here – just wanted to say hi because I have never met another one.
Me too Meggie — from day one I’ve ROCKED IT solo and am proud to say I really do on most days! Natalie, I thought I related to the post because my husband also goes on work trips occasionally.
Just so you know, I get super excited every time I see a new Crappy-Post in my Google Reader feed. I, too, have no children, but 24 nieces and nephews… This blog is just freakin’ hilarious! Plus, I always get sucked into some scary Lifetime movie and lay awake all night listening for axe murderers. I have that same feeling every time my husband has a business dinner and recounts what glorious feast he ate and then asks what I had for dinner. You make a good point about the neg aspect of single parenting but, these are just the statistics that's all nothing personal.
If being a parent often feels like a constant juggling act, it can be that much more challenging for single parents.

Yet, most churches continue to give a backseat to single parent families as the traditional nuclear family remains the primary ministry focus. Therefore, if you are a single parent looking for a good church or support group in the Central NJ area, we want you to know that there is a place for you and your children at the OC in NJ. You could also contact us about our single parenting seminars that will be taking place in different areas of Middlesex, Somerset and Union Counties like  Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Union,Bridgewater, South Plainfield, Edison, Middlesex, New Providence, Mountainside, Cranford, Clark, Summit,  Springfield, Plainfield, North Plainfield, Garwood, Kenilworth, Watchung, Chatham,  Roselle, Roselle Park, Kenilworth, Millburn, Edison, Woodbridge, South Brunswick, Somerset, Franklin, Green Brook, Dunellen, Piscataway,East Brunswick, Greenbrook, New Brunswick, Perth Amboy, North Brunswick and many other locales. Feel free to  check out Oasis Kids Sundays at 11am your kids can have fun learning about God and enjoy interactive crafts, games and activities.
That’s why our purpose at Oasis Church is to equip and encourage single parent families to thrive spiritually and emotionally as they do life together. And it doesn’t matter what I do to prepare myself for them, the weeks always play out the same way. If you can’t find us when you get here, we’re all lost under the giant mound of laundry and dirty dishes. My biggest goal is merely keeping the house free of biohazards (like the cat shit I just cleaned up, a product of being locked in the office all night) and Ebola at this point. And I totally agree – nothing beats the feeling when your kid is being truly fantastic and you know the daily struggle is worth it AND you get to take all the credit. Throw in a job out of the house to that blog above and you have my life — and I love every minute of it.
I was a single mom the whole time, back when no one chose that lifestyle without society’s condemnation. With 18hours of travel between locations my 3 children and I only get to see him for 4.5 or maybe 5 full days. No kids, but 6 nieces and nephews and I’ve witnessed or heard some form of all of these stories. I’m still waiting for the joys of children – reading this blog is great preparation for what lies ahead! When there isn’t someone else to help out or chime in, we make decisions that streamline the daily routine.
I had my first child when I was sixteen and i stayed with her father who was seventeen and we got married and had a son.

I try my best to be happy for my kids and i would do anything in this world to protect them.
Between work and parenting, it can feel like there’s never enough time, energy or money for the things you want to do. This remains true even in NJ where single parent families (families run by single parents) have increased more than four times as fast as married-couple families since 2000.
Today, my greatest accomplishment will be getting us all dressed, and tonight I will raise a glass of wine to all of you who do this for so much longer than a week at a time, and who keep it together so much better than I do.
I think it is much easier for us than it is for women when their spouses go away for work or they get divorced. I kept it together, filled our home with peace and joy, and loved the ease with which my child and I could relate. I had just slung easy mac onto the table for myself and my kid and that by the grace of God.
Then he cheated on me and I divorced him and I have been on my own for three and a half years and I am tired of reading only the negative things about single parenting. Have you ever thought maybe they miss their mommy when your gone all the time or studying for school.
I have a good job and I will get my degree in may and I will continue my education in August.
What will be the repercussions later regarding the time missed and your children adjusting to adolesence even adulthood. You are doing a job that I would not accept payment in gold bullion to take… even for my own kids! Yes it is hard being a single parent but you can make it and maybe more could if there was more support than there is negative feeling putting them down by telling them how thier life is going to be.

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