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If you have ever wanted to understand Roman Catholic teaching in light of the Bible, you’re not alone. At Lakeshore, we’re taking a careful look at Roman Catholic teaching from history, councils, quotes of leaders, and official catechisms and will compare them to the appropriate verses in the Bible. However it seems (and this is exactely my issue with them) Catholic Answers wants to direct the majority of it’s resources refuting Jack Chick, when anyone with as little as a fifth grade Catholic religious upbringing can run circles around his materials.
Catholic Answers should direct their resources to the more serious Protestant apologists who do mount a bit of an intellectual challange to the Catholic Faith such as James White, or R.C Sproul, or William Webster, or Keith Maddison, etc. RE Faithful, while Catholic Answers offers more basic arguments, they are often the ones most likely to be presented to the average lay catholic. I once interviewed for a job with a company whose representatives spent most of their time bashing a large competitor. I would consider attending this presentation but am I to understand it is to be held during the Sunday worship service times? If anyone who is somewhat skilled in apologetics and more importantly knows how to be charitable in a defense would like to join me I would appreciate it. I hope that you and whoever chooses to go will be successful in defending the Catholic Church against any lies and exaggerations that might be made against her. Catholic Answers is the main Catholic Apologetic organization on the internet that I am aware of.
There is one Catholic Apologist I am aware of who is slightly more scholarly and high powered then Catholic Answers and that is Robert Sungenis.
Even if it’s at a Sunday service, there might be an opportunity to correct errors afterward.
The only sad part is the Lord is still teaching me tact, restraint, and to not become like a bulldog (You can’t leave until you see the logic and CONVERT!
Just a note that Robert Sungenis (a revert to the Catholic faith at the age of 37 after having been a Protestant for 18 years) has been accused of being anti-Semitic. His strategy will be to present quotes from Church father’s, popes and bishops, then present text from the Bible which contradicts it. If this is something you can help us set up or if there are those among you who can listen to the sermons and help us put together the content on a website (from the comfort of your own home), please contact Ben or myself.

Roman Catholicism, being the largest denomination, could very well be around 50% Catholics at his service. Independent churches, having expanded to almost every suburb and store front, need new members to survive. I think that they ppost the sermons as MP3 files or podcasts, so I plan to grab those and listen. I could not help but notice that the pastor’s one video looks like there is a shrine to some saints. Oh – he makes a comment about that at the end of the video that he hopes to be able to show who the real saints, Christians, are.
The salvation of any individual is, then, wholly a work of God’s free grace, not the result, in whole or in part, of human works or goodness.
You bring so much happiness n sadness into my life n how luck i am that we passed through together without any regret at all.I am so grateful having you in my life n i am hoping you would be become my future husband n father for our future kids. If i get one chance to be the Sun, I'll shine my light in every corner of this earth, seeking out all those who are living in darkness, leading them to a magical rainbow, and let them see all the colors of life. Happiness is you and me living for ever together happiily through this journey we call life. Love is the desire to see the person we love be and become all he or she is capable of being and becoming. We think you’ll be intrigued by the comparison and learn more about both in the process. Being saved out of Catholicism caused him to experience the dramatic difference between the emptiness of religion and a fulfilling personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You can check them out for yourself or take a quick look at this thread from Catholic Answers Forums where several people say essentially the same thing. This is exactely what I meant when I said they should be more scholarly and academic and stop wasting time with people like Chick.
Because they are able to offer reasoned answers many people stay in the church (I know I did). To be sure they do a noble apostolate, and perhaps many people are still in the Church because of them.

We got this postcard in the mail, too, and I was going to scan it and send it to you guys in hopes that maybe some of you would want to take a little ride… To whomever goes, maybe take with you the Catechism? Funny, the guy I know who attends this church doesn’t consider himself an ex-catholic. I don’t believe for a minute that anyone has left the Catholic Church because of Catholic Answers. Love is a willingness to lay down our own personal plans, desires, and agenda for the good of the relationship.
In addition, in 1987 God led Rick to Chick Publications, where he has worked for the last twenty years. White, Maddison, Sproul, and the like are busy actually making intelligent and coherent defenses of the Reformation and Catholic Answers is busy sticking their heads in the sand pretending that the best Protestants can offer is Jack Chick and busily congradulating themselves on how smart they are becasue they can refute Jack Chick.
So they have a niche reaching out to the uneducated catholic as opposed to the educated, who has the entire library of the church at his disposal. I disagreed with some of the things the pastor said (not anti-Catholic, just theological quibbles), but of course was unable to say anything.
Funny, because the topic wasn’t an expected difference between Catholics and Protestants. It was there that he began an extensive study of official Catholic beliefs and learned the stark differences between Catholicism and the Bible. However, at the gathering afterward my friend and I sat down and the pastor sat down right beside me.
Not wanting a single Catholic to miss heaven, this book was written to offer Catholics true Biblical salvation, which they will never find in their religion.
One cannot effectively debate if they do not know their opponent, or the position they are espousing, or if they are not familier with their opponents works. I find that Catholic Answers tends to lump Protestant Apologists into the Jack Chick type catagory and therefore egregiously underestimate many of their opponents.

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