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After the conference, we spoke with social media scientist Dan Zarrella about viral presentations, and about Jobs's exemplary performance. But Jobs didn't come on stage Friday planning to regurgitate press releases or old news. Zarrella found during his study that audience members don't have time to make note of or tweet about every detail, even the information they find most interesting.
A number of respondents in Zarrella's survey said they shared a presentation or tweeted and blogged about it because they cared about the cause.
Business presenters often have that nagging feeling that their slide deck is weak but they don’t know where to start the rehab. I increased the size of the headline, made it a heavier typeface (Arial Black)  and moved it to the top of the text area. Next, I lowered the intensity of the graphics using a white box overlaying both the blue and green swirl.

Finally, I sampled a color from the lower swirl and applied it to the headline to help tie everything together. When you use an opening slide, make it work to quickly engage the audience and build their excitement for the trip you will be taking them on. One small warning: In a corporate environment be sure you are comfortable with pushing the rules and limits of branding guidelines. What our clients say…“Tom’s opening visual presentation for my play, ‘Lincoln’s Last Debate,’ captured the heart and soul of my work. Jackie van Niekerk, CEO of The Pivotal Fund Limited and her team have the pleasure of inviting you to attend a presentation of the fund’s results and prospects. Zarrella recommends a laser-like focus on audience expectation, which Jobs certainly had, devoting the entire press conference to the iPhone 4 antenna. Jobs is constantly taking time to summarize his points, even if he hasn't made too many.

It is a good example of how a heavily designed template coupled with the default type and sizes can lead to a weak slide — a bad way to start any presentation. I made the headline large and inviting and then created a hierarchy of text, logos and graphics to support it. The goal of an opening title slide, if used, should be to help the the audience identify where they are going and how interesting that trip will be. Now the audience can easily get the importance of this presentation and whether or not they want to be there. The original shows the rather distracting graphics and branding of the template coupled with the weak default type style and size for the headline.

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