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Just in case you haven’t heard the news, Netflix has basically shut down due to some mysterious internal problem that has halted their ability to ship DVDs. One possible source of Netflix’s problems might be the simple fact that they don’t appear to have a CIO! At the core of Netflix’s operations is the ability to automate as much of the process of sending and receiving DVDs as possible.
Now that we’re done pointing fingers, what could have Netflix done to prevent this from happening in the first place? Netflix recently became available in 130 more countries, but unfortunately not every area is able to access all of its content.
Some members use proxies or "unblockers" to access titles available outside their territory. While it's unfortunate that not all of Netflix's content can be accessed everywhere, it's great to see the company take the matter seriously as it explores options to bring more content to all locations. The content is different even between Canada and the US, they omit a lot of US content there. Netflix should just have a All Access Global Region price that cost twice as much, like $18, so they can afford to pay the licensing fee and make everyone happy.
I'm sure if Netflix could offer everything to everyone, they simply would, but there is a lot more to it. 5 popular TV streaming or Movie torrent sites have been down or offline Sunday including Pultocker, The Pirate Bay, Watchseries, IsoHunt and EZTV. The movies that they select are delivered by mail and when they are returned by mail, then the next movie in the subscriber’s queue is mailed to them. However, Tom Dillon, who had been serving as the company’s COO as well as its CIO, gave some interviews and from these we can piece parts of the story together. Since the solution that they have in place to automate these tasks is proprietary , it is of course a trade secret. At this time, the DVD will either get sent out again, placed in inventory or simply retired. Netflix is reporting that they have their entire technical staff trying to fix this problem. If the updated software starts to cause problems, then the old version can be rolled back out and reinstalled.

Instead, upgrades should be done to a single site first in order to determine if there are any unknown issues.
Since Netflix has reported that they are down, not just limping along, clearly they don’t have a manual process to fall back on. While Netflix works on licensing agreements, it will begin preventing customers from using proxies and unblockers to access more content.
Netflix says it hopes to be able to offer all of its content to all of its customers, regardless of location. Basically all Marvel Movies aren't there, TV shows like all of Star Trek, X-Files, Flash, Green Arrow, Grimm and a lot more are completely missing.
When things are working correctly, Netflix says that it is able to check in a returned DVD and send out a new one within one day more than 90% of the time.
A good guess as to how this all started is that some relatively minor piece of Netflix’s proprietary automation system got a routine update. This means that the original issue spread to multiple applications and may have damaged their corporate data.
Will Netflix’s glitch cause you to run to Blockbuster or are you willing to ride this one out? This move may not be a popular one from the company, as people obviously will want access to as much content as possible, but it is something Netflix says is necessary for its business. When a DVD comes in, the first things that is done is to check it to make sure the right disk is in the right sleeve.
The two challenges that Netflix has always been open about are scaling issues and bottlenecks. Next, some sequence of events occurred that caused this updated software to fail or behave in some unexpected way. That means in coming weeks, those using proxies and unblockers will only be able to access the service in the country where they currently are. So without the US content, it's really not worth subscribing for more than a month to watch a Netflix-Produced series and then unsubscribe again.
Robot posted a teaser on its Twitter channel highlighting thematic spoilers about the upcoming season. I have been a happy subscriber for at least 5 years now and I’ve never had a problem with getting my movies.

As Netflix has rapidly grown in the number of subscribers that it has to serve and the number of movies that it has in its inventory, IT challenges will occur. For Netflix to come out and admit that they are having a problem (I’ve even received an email from them) must mean that the problem has existed for several days and they now felt the need to tell the world before people stared wondering where their next movie was. Additionally, bottlenecks in the DVD processing and delivery process can occur at any time. Since Netflix is reporting that all of their distribution centers are impacted, this means that either a core system is down, or they performed the upgrade at each site at the same time. Dillon admitted that bottlenecks can’t be predicted and basically just have to be dealt with as they show up.
Email * PirateBay, Putlocker, EZTV, Isohunt and WatchSeries have all been down, offline or not working today for varying amounts of time. The popular TV and movie torrent download and streaming sites have been in an out for the last several hours, with problems beginning around approximately 2 pm ET for the Pirate Bay, Putlocker, EZTV and Watch Series, while IsoHunt has been experiencing problems on and off since about 9:30 am ET Sunday morning. Both EZTV and ThePirateBay went down simultaneously which makes it look like it could be another mass take down. Of the 5 popular piracy sites, Isohunt is the only one we can see that has gone back online, though it does seems to be going up and down.
Paul Walker's Green Mitsubishi Eclipse Spotted During Cleveland Filming [PHOTOS] Paul Walker's Mitsubishi Eclipse was spotted in a parking lot during 'Fast 8' filming in Cleveland. Why Have They Been Down Or Offline?It’s unknown at this point why five popular torrent download and TV streaming websites would all be experiencing problems with down time at once.
While at first we assumed perhaps there was a mass take down as has happened with several other popular piracy sites, this appears to possibly be more of a DDoS attack. This is just speculation though and when more details surface about why the sites went offline we’ll be sure to update.Where Can I Stream, Watch Or Download Free Movie And TV Torrents Online While Putlocker, EZTV, Isohunt, The PirateBay And Watchseries Are Down Or Not Working?

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