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Our boys from GOT7 are back at it again, oozing their charm and taking us to cloud-9 with their awesome, chart-topping track, “Fly”! But among JB, Mark, Jackson, Junior, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom, who has captured your heart the most?
I’d definitely be lying if I never thought about which BIGBANG member I would want as my significant other. The quiz promises to match you with a soulmate a€” chosen from your Facebook friends.A It's a not-so-sneaky way to get you to post the quiz to your page, and it's working. But contrary to what the word "quiz" suggests, there are no questions asked or grades received.
Visual Features Editor Christian Storm was matched with Digital Culture Reporter Kim Renfro.
Deputy Editor Julie Zeveloff was told Business Insider's Graphic Designer Skye Gould was her match. Is it probably just the person you've most frequently or recently interacted with on Facebook?

Is it bizarrely fun, reverting us all back to the emotional mindset of a seventh grade girl? I’d also be lying if I did not admit to being greedy and claiming all of them as mine. When she is not imagining working out alongside Bobby, she spends her time catching up on anime.
The quiz was created by CaptainQuizz, a company that offers dozens of "quizzes" that just analyze a bunch of stuff from your Facebook page and then give you a result.
Well, Mashable's Brian Koerber was matched with his mom, and I was matched with my best friend. But out of everyone who took the quiz at Business Insider, no one was matched up with their significant other. Find out with this love quiz.The perfect match quizAre you and your partner a perfect match? Take this love quiz to find out.The love compatibility test for couplesTest your love compatibility with your partner.

Take this live-in relationship test to find now.Is your partner your soulmate?Do you and your partner really connect in a way soulmates do? Try this love quiz to find out.How well do you know your sweetheart?When you are in love with someone, you are expected to know your lover very well. Find with this love quiz.How similar are you and your partner?Lovers with similar interests have a great relationship, say people.
I woke up later than planned, so I ran all the way up to here.On your way home from your date, you both get attacked by some orcs.
Take this love quiz to know about your relationship.Do you have a future together?The relationship is going nice and strong.
Know your result with this love quiz.Are you ready to commit?Aren't you troubled by the question of commitment now and then in your life?

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