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CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. This Swarovski crystal Soulmates panther is made from Moroda crystal and was a member of the Soulmates group. The Crystal Lodge (London) Ltd is not affiliated with the Daniel Swarovski Corporation or the Swarovski Crystal Society. We are an independent company providing a specialist service to collectors of retired Swarovski crystal products. Revti, 25 years old and very much in her young vigor, saw him the first time in the mall and learned that those eyes never stopped staring at her.
Neha couldn’t have considered that story a bluff because Revti had never sounded so serious and intense. Every minute was being wasted over the arguments and with every moment passing by, the sword hung on her neck, getting closer and closer.
It was 3 AM in the night, when she turned on the news channel again keeping the volume low as her mom dozed on bed and father on sofa. But the criminal didn’t appear like a human and it was hard to believe for Venkata as well. Venkata gave her his personal number and requested her to stay in the hotel for few more days till they capture the criminal. Revti had never been happier to look at the man who was now descending down of the mare and looking at her adorably. She was escorted in a room followed by her parents, and her brother while the bride groom and his parents occupied the other room.
Revti didn’t take much time in changing to a lighter dress and made an escape with Venkata in the backyard.
Venkata had been watching him approaching her with gun in his hand waiting for him to make a move but his hands had gone cold looking at something he had never seen from his eyes. Venkata fired a bullet that penetrated his arm, the one that touched her and the other bullet that penetrated his body. Sahil wanted to ask her what had happened but every time he opened his mouth, the words swallowed deep inside his stomach and he just couldn’t make himself ask her. I know what darkness is, it accumulates, thickens, then suddenly bursts and drowns everything.
She forced the tears back in her eyes and spoke, “I need to talk to you, in private.” She managed her composure in front of everyone when she talked to him.
There was a time when she loved her work so much that she disregarded herself, her own femininity. Getting back to work felt relaxed, felt competitive, felt independent, in fact it felt better.
Even though she had made him promise that he wouldn’t visit her flat but he was left with no other choice. She had lost all the charm of her face that was now covered with dark circles, pimples and freckles.
He slipped his hands around her waist and swung her on the bed followed by a series of kisses over her neck, cheek, forehead and lips and she began to moan. They took a shower together, cooked food, watched TV, played chess…the whole day went by and there was no time to watch the time. She stuffed her bag with hundreds of his posters and began travelling from one hill station to another.
Menukaart: Soulmates contactsitemap Winkelwagentje: 0 product producten (Leeg) Winkelwagentje Geen producten Gratis verzending! His eyes were the most malevolent, as if the God had never made any other malfunctioned human being or rather an animal like him.
And the biggest mistake she would have ever done in her life was to make a contact with him, an eye contact that might have lasted for mere 5 seconds but long enough to attach his fangs on his prey.
We have come this far.” She said and hopped on the Activa, Revti sat in the middle and Varun drove the vehicle.
I know a place here.” Varun said and sat on the Activa without bothering about anyone’s reply. But Revti couldn’t escape from vaguely looking at the figure that stood by the side of the tree that smiled at her, cunningly and dangerously. Finally she managed to convince her parents and they moved to the most crowded hotel where the security could be tight. She had to figure this unpleasant situation on her own because if she involved anyone anymore, she would be risking a lot. Probably, it was not the time to be brave but not running away, was the wiser choice because this thing, whatever it was called had been watching her for long.
Even though, the receptionist didn’t appear dynamic, he definitely comprehended her request.
He comprehended that something was wrong and that was the reason for Revti’s incapability to sit in the mandap. She could now see his eyes that looked at her and the wicked smile that covered his entire jaw. She didn’t have a memory of what had happened but she was happy to see Sahil holding her hand and her mother patting her head. She never bunked classes, never stole food from canteen, and never had a late night hang-out with friends. No wonder Vinod was surrounded by girls all the time.The room glittered with candles and the fragrancethat charmed her.
It was the most amazing moment she could ever imagine in her life and she had no control on her senses. He was upset…or sad, she couldn’t tell, but she blamed herself to make them stand at such an awkward situation.  Why couldn’t she control herself? Jina took a deep breath, dried her eyes, got out of the plane and took the cab to the address she had in her hand.

For a moment she wondered if she was at the right place but then she looked at afamiliar face from the photo.
By the time Anusha had grown to be a smart independent lady and every man had his eyes on her.
Her so-called priorities, so many of them (difficult even for her to choose) suddenly transfixed on one person, Shashank. Now she had more time to speak to her friends, go out, concentrate on her professional life and practice swimming.
She turned her body upside and found him dozing on one side of his arm hanging on the arm of sofa. But he had stretched his arms towards her and she could barely resist the attraction of his strong chest. The silence she carried when she was about to say ‘leave me alone please’ and then she said it. Her eyes drifted to the picture on the poster and she began to wonder how her life was with him. Their dressesand accessories can be found in the finest specialty stores across the country. Did Sahil say anything to you?” She asked, one question after the other, guessing the possibility of Revti’s worry. I am sorry,”  she sobbed, “there is something I wanted to tell you.” Revti didn’t know if it was her right choice but it was wiser to let someone know what she felt, what she had been experiencing.
Unless you find out what it is, this thing will keep on causing fear.” Neha suggested even though she partially believed the existence of a vampire who had attached himself to Revti but at that moment, all she could do was to provide a practical solution to her beloved friend.
Ashamed of her own action, she gathered the strength to tell the truth and provide a pragmatic explanation to her behavior. By that time the news had already spread about the massacre that killed a dozen of people and none survived. She had to come stronger and protect her family because she didn’t know what tragedy had fallen on her. The news channels still talked about the incident which had become national news and terrified the people. After calling a couple of people, someone attended her at the call and gave her the number of a person she could talk to. But his expression suddenly changed, when she raised both her hands to put warmala around his neck. But I don’t know where to find him.” From the hustled voice of Venkata, Revti probably understood that he must have been exhausted in his search of The Supernatural. The only reason she explained to her in-laws was her sick health and her incapability to sit, even for a single minute.
She hadn’t replied to his calls and to add on to his trouble, his parents had strictly ordered him to stay in the room. A large police force had already been dispatched in his search but only Venkata had known where he would be found.
He was standing centimeters away from her but now she was only a hand-length away from him. Only after few days when she recovered, she was told that she was found on the ground, unconscious and dehydrated. Through the wide glass window she saw the reflection of candle flames that dazzled the interior of the room.
Every word coming out of his mouth took her by surprise, flattered her and made her heart pound. The world might have either slept by then or are enjoying some family time or, the most unfortunate, making love.
She dropped out of the car and rushed inside looking for something that she could feed her stupid stomach with. He took a wet napkin and cleaned her face, and then, sat by her side waiting for the doctor. As she opened her eyes, what she saw was the only person she had been thinking of all night long. She could have at least dropped a mail or a message to her manager.  She was about to step outside the room when Shashank called her.
Their hand-crocheted silk dresses are sewn by artisans throughout the Chinese countryside.Soulmates offers one of the greatest fashion values to be found. Those lips that cherished the lives of many boys, her girlfriends and family, disappeared in one flash.
She might as well find some rational and pragmatic explanation of what was happening to her. Reaching the place, they found a dozen of people standing in a line in front of a small office with a single large room and few tables owned by people who distributed the forms at a higher rate than usual. After divulging the news, she said to her mom, “We have to get out of here now.” This was an order, not a request but an order from her daughter whose instructions never came to the house before. She slipped out of her room, clearly aware of the idea that anytime she return, she might not find her family alive or rather, she might not return back.
Her heart had started beating faster and she gazed across the crowd to find her parents and her brother and the man standing by her side.
When everyone watched her, she made a call to Venkata, the only person she could look up to.
On the other hand, the memories of men being slaughtered in that small office a year ago flashed in front of Revti’s mind and she feared the same would be repeated.
When she looked in those eyes, she had probably experienced what the hell was like and she was going to be drowned in that hell. She used to write his name on the bathroom mirror, her legs, back pages of the book, and on the walls of the house. By the side of the window, there was a round dining table for two people…only for two people.

I don’t know how to tell you this but I am…I am engaged.” He said and she looked up to face him. Ritika rushed towards the crowd and asked a man who was walking away from the crowd in astonishment. There was a girl…sweet and bubbly…helping, caring and kind” She could see him frown from the corner of her eyes but she began anyway. But every time he came to her, it made her heart throb as if it was fighting to come back to life, to live. These garments are lined with 100% silk and provide the unique characteristics of comfort, luxury, and elegance.Due to the nature of silk, the colors they offer are bright and clear. Every moment threatened her and warned her that something bad was going to happen to her or anyone close to her.
Everything was messed up, papers were spread all across the place, tables were upside down and there were bodies covered with blood…they were ripped apart.
Revti didn’t dare to look at the crime scene on the television but neither did the channel showed the crime scene.
Slowly, she kept her cell phone on the desk and walked towards the balcony with hesitant steps and heavy heart. All kinds of thoughts had flooded her but it was even harder for her to sit and watch or run and hide.
It was as if they remained stunned looking at the one who was going to be their executioner. She stood there silently even though her friends screamed in her ear and tried to lift her up, higher than Sahil was lifted by his friends. When she was asked, she told everyone that she couldn’t recollect any memory of what she was doing in the backyard. She even waxed her legs, bought high hills and applied makeup that only attracted more bullies. But Rohit didn’t know that Anusha was the same girl who helped him graduate from the college.
He came to her and adjusted her on his lap resting her head on his chest as he took out the towel and wrapped her in the robe and then took her to the dining table in the hall. She suddenly stood up, dressed herself in the best possible way, tied her hair up, just like Shashank wanted. Whatever she did, wherever she went, she felt haunted by those eyes that looked at her with such viciousness that she could die over it. Revti refused any further actions from her friends and requested them to stay silent because nothing seemed to be working and the ritual for their marriage was about to start.
Then she began to look at people around, one after the other, known or unknown faces, and then she saw him. Her parents told her that they hadn’t divulged anything regarding The Supernatural to Sahil and his family yet and the body of The Supernatural had been buried deep under the land. She pressed her body against him and opened her mouth wider to let his tongue find the way in. Invisible as he was,he had spelled Shikha so badly that even in her dreams she would think of him. Slender body, pink swollen lips, hair playing around her face, she meant everything to him. She had no control on herself and she kept hitting him from behind again and again pleading him to make a move. Every moment without him was excruciating sadness and every day without him was excruciating illness. It was that day when they went to the GVK mall where she confessed to him in front of a huge audience on a mic with the song, “Tum hi ho…kyunki tum hi ho…zindagi ab tum hi ho…” Her melody gave Sahil a rhythm of his own and he joined her on stage.
Revti told him every single detail about the existence of an evil entity that had slaughtered those dozens and her tenants and requested to not let her face come public for the confession she had made. There was a time when she was so desperate to share her every life detail and happenings with him. Since then, she had never bothered about the hostile feeling, never dared to approach the evil, never dared to look in the eyes of someone that might be searching her eyes. Revti stood in apprehension and fear, reluctant to take a single step, afraid to lose someone, anyone.
When her mind flooded with ill thoughts, she saw the red figure in his nakedness with naked eyes and evil smile. The rumor spread across the office that Rohit talked to Anusha and Rohit had a bet that he would take her out.
She locked the door from inside, looked at his brother, took a broom and hit his leg and then at the wall, harder this time, with intense madness and vexation. Neha took her to GVK mall for shopping to cheer her up and things turned out to where they are now. Suddenly a smile appeared on her face, a smile that had left her the moment his shadow was gone. Susan immediately brushed her teeth as fast as she could and came out of the room covering her body with a towel. Her brother, instead of shouting back in his defense, crouched a little and then remained silent looking at his sister’s vehement action. People use to label them as a perfect couple like Romeo and Juliet and now they are like Aish and Sallu. She was no longer in her senses to realize whether it was his memories or her lack of sleep that made her feel sick. For a year she witnessed some crazy heights of love which apparently cracked the heights of ambitions.

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