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Gujarat captain Suresh Raina led from the front in chasing down Mumbai’s total in a crucial game for both teams. Gujarat Lions had the worst run-rate among the six contenders for the play-offs and, chasing a stiff target, their batsmen decided that attack w as the best policy.
Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's much more than a straight-up re-issue of the 1986 game, though the colors might be a bit darker. Includes full-size game board based on the 1986 edition, card deck with retro graphics, 6 classic wood tokens, retro weapons and die, vintage Detective Notes & Solution Envelope, and instructions. Now I may be wrong, but I am almost CERTAIN the one I held in my hand had different photos of the components on the back of the box.
I do find it odd that in terms of Nostalgia editions we've completely skipped over the '72. As for the 1972 edition, the one distinguishing feature between it and every other clue board game is that the suspects and rooms are all drawings.

Maybe they just think it won't sell as well, despite over 13 years of sales for many which was their first board. I picked up a copy tonight and I can confirm that I was totally crazy (no surprise there!) when originally thinking this used the wrong weapon tokens. The weapons tokens have been the same since 1972, other than slight variations in size depending on where they were made and with what molds. Chances are they won't match exactly the tokens used in the original '86 unless you are confirming they are exact.
The strategy paid off as they beat Mumbai Indians by six wickets at the Green Park stadium, Kanpur, and go top of the table. Basically Sorry is 1958 version, Scrabble is 1949 version, Twister is 1966 edition, and Candy Land is 1967.
What struck me as disappointing was that the all tokens appear to be the same ones used for any of the previous nostalgia versions and therefore inaccurate to the 1986 edition.

They are accurate to the real '86 edition, but of course there are the wooden pawns so this is still a weird edition in that respect.
Not sure when I'll get a chance for a pic, but I can tell you that it is not a recreation of the original box back. So no need to check elsewhere._________________How do you know what kind of pictures they are if you're such a lay-dee? It is interesting to note that the game is still limited to 3 players minimum, despite new official 2-player rules.
I haven't had a chance to really examine it yet, but it appears identical with the exception of the weapon tokens._________________How do you know what kind of pictures they are if you're such a lay-dee?

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