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This game is simple to play and has the added bonus of additional slides, suitable for a brief comment on the eternal nature of God’s love, and how it is seen in Christ’s sacrifice.
It is tucked deep in the archives, so here is a link to the post describing it and giving links to the free downloads. Activity Village is not a Christian site, but there are some lovely resources there that you can adapt for your purposes. Pre-schoolers will enjoy re-telling the story of  the Life of Jesus, through this printable free resource. As Easter is approaching, we have been keen to create a free PowerPoint teaching aid for you to use with kids, teens or even adults.
Only Part 1 is ready at present. It covers 9 powerful evidences for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Part 2, when it is ready, will deal with  5 common objections to this core belief of Christianity and answer each one. To download the whole presentation,  RIGHT-click on the links below  and save the files to your computer. Oh, one more thing, this has been completed to the best of our ability,though quickly, to get it to you in time for Easter. The cheery Brad Brown teaches us how to do a simple but effective paper-tearing object lesson.

Sometimes it is the simplest games that surprise us with the enthusiasm and delight of the kids. There are even videos of two of the games being played (by teens!) and a link to a PDF Activity guide which details many more games.
Are there any large group games you have found to work with minimum danger (!) and maximum fun? Life circumstances have recently got in the way of Catherine and I uploading our own material for you to download.
The article outlines some simple, inexpensive but fun crafts, where the kids can express their own creativity.
We're working with industry and education experts to develop a suite of downloadable resources for you to use. Read more about what we do and find out how you can start your career with a house builder and why you should. Note: Please download the teaching aid doc and the powepoint file for each lesson, and open the powerpoint as a 'read only' otherwise the correct fonts will not load. The Sustainable Communities CREST Challenge invites students to develop a housing plan for a 2000m2 site including 10 homes.
Taylor Wimpey has a set of free curriculum packs with activities designed to engage primary school pupils in learning about housebuilding, creating new communities and eco-friendly construction. Brad even gives us some detailed practical tips which will help us make this a sparkling and inspirational presentation of the gospel message. The discussion questions are aimed at children and you may find them  useful in an informal conversation, or as part of a club or class meeting.

With a little thought, you can select ones suitable for your age group and have a whale of a time! From lesson plans to leaflets, we'll provide you with tools that will be useful both inside and outside the classroom. The packs provide guidance notes for teachers and highlight the links to the curricula for England, Scotland and Wales. These will guide you through the presentation, with cues indicating when to advance the slide.
We are using the 2010 version of PowerPoint, and we are not sure if the slide animations will behave themselves if you are using an earlier version.
In the CultureWatch section of their web site you will find a free discussion guide for Toy Story 3.
Click on the appropriate link below to download all the information you need to get started. We would value your feed-back in order to get this as good as it is possible to be and help you all we can.

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