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When I was called to make a presentation in Aarshia’s school last year, I didn’t know what would constitute a good presentation? After giving it a thorough thought I realised that the NEED for the presentation wasn’t ¬†really to spread awareness! I made this with a lot of research, interactions and of course with my personal experiences.
I am also attaching another presentation that I had made when I had applied for Aarshia’s school admission.
About Deepa"While it's true that parenting can't be learned in just two minutes, two minutes can still go a long way in parenting. I Am Not Down Syndrome: I Am Me, I Am Myself !March 29, 2016, 8 Comments on I Am Not Down Syndrome: I Am Me, I Am Myself ! Imperative verbs are used for giving orders, but they can sound rude and offend others if you are not careful. ReginoI thought it was a piece of cake for me to give orders, but to my dismay there’s much more to it that meet the eye. Today, at the New Teacher Academy at Boston College I answered some questions from teachers worried about students discovering more about technology than they could discover. At the beginning of the school year when students receive devices from the school or bring their own devices to school for the first time, ask them to give a two or three minute presentation about their favorite hidden feature of their devices. A tip for making this exercise comfortable for all of the students; resist the urge to let the demonstrations become a competition.
But this week, I saw a presentation that might be worth analyzing as an interesting non-example.

And as someone who is blazing new trails with Tesla and SpaceX, no one can deny his intelligence and courage? But seeing Musk nervously stumble over words and lose his flow makes it clear that Jobs worked hard to make it look easy! My ten years of experience as an educator came handy and I could make it as objectively as possible to keep away the emotions and to avoid making it patronising. You are welcome to download and share it with your school ( of course you’ll have to customise it) and have a meaningful dialogue about your child with the school. It was about 5 years ago and this presentation helped me secure admission for her in 9 reputed mainstream schools. This lesson is designed to teach you how to get what you want using imperative verbs while being polite. In portuguese language, i dind’t see situations like that, if you use please before or after is the same kind of comand. The solution that I proposed is to have your students practice their presentation skills by showing off a "hidden feature" of their iPads, laptops, Chromebooks, or Android devices. This activity isn't about determining which students know the best "hidden features" it's about giving students practice speaking in front of their classmates while helping you their classmates learn about iPads, laptops, Chromebooks, or Android devices.
But his announcement of the Tesla Model 3 shows that a great presentation requires more than beautiful slides, a brilliant mind, and massive resources. Or should I have a ppt of all the achievements that our children have made all over the world, and tell the teachers how our children are defying the age old prejudices. The need was to PREPARE the teachers and the other staff members about the needs, wants, capabilities, and limitations of Aarshia and other children like her.

You are also encouraged to give suggestions in the comments which may help other parents in future presentations.
I have a suggestion: you could do (or make?) a lesson about numbers, how to say, how to write.
In this lesson, you will learn some great tips to help you with writing and delivering your speech or presentation so you will never be afraid to talk in front of people again.
Or better still should I have one of the many beautiful freely available videos with really nice music in the background to spread happiness and awareness! The need was to EQUIP the teachers with TIPS AND TRICKS to deal with the day to day issues, to give them practical SOLUTIONS or basically an INSIGHT into what works and what doesn’t. Since then it has been shared and presented in many schools by many parents and it has helped not only the teachers but also the support staff and also other parents to gain a little better understanding about our children. I have written about my experience about the same in one of my old blog post here …¬†Sorry, Your Special Needs Child Is Not Allowed In A Mainstream School ! Ask them to share what they like about their favorite hidden features and why those hidden features could have value to other students. Ronnie will teach you how to choose a topic, speak at the right speed, remember important facts, and more. Also the dire need was for them to understand all the DIFFERENT METHODS that I had adopted to teach her and also to have GREAT EXPECTATIONS from her just like I do.

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