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Any societies and ethnic groups consider teen pregnancies as proof of fertility of a girl and that she can bear children. Raging hormones during the early teenage years create sudden feelings and unknown emotions in girls.
Nowadays, girls start dating at an early age and often due to peer pressure they get into a sexual relationship with their boyfriends and such rash activities lead to unplanned teenage pregnancies. Sometimes, contraceptive failures too lead to teenage pregnancy and the girls then being still too young to understand the implications get into trouble both at home and among friends. Even if one does not care about what other people say or how they react to teenage pregnancies, the situation as such is dangerous for both the mother and the child. Hence it is very important for all parents and educators to impart proper sex education to teenagers and impart accurate knowledge of consequences of teenage pregnancy for their safety and better health.
Peer pressure is a type of pressure exerted by a social group that influences the way a person acts or behaves. Teenage pregnancy happens once a girl who has not yet crossed her teenage becomes a mother. They also experience a sense of rebel against the society and along with it sense of new sexuality and freedom makes many give way to their sexual expressions. Teenage girls are normally vulnerable as they are still immature and are only at the growing phase from a girl to a woman.
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Their bodies are fragile and the reproductive system too is just beginning to functioning properly. It has been found that when such emotional attachments are lacking in the family and the children are not in close touch with their parents, such unwanted things happen. Those who have a good relation with parents may seek their advice, but those who do not have any support are often in turmoil whether to disclose the news or just keep silent.
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Every year, approximately 19 million sexually transmitted infections occur, with almost half occurring among youth ages 15 to 24.Equally alarming is a March of Dimes report that shows 3in 10 teenage girls will become pregnant before age 20. At this stage, when teenage girls really know nothing about motherhood and maybe still sleeping with their parents become pregnant and then give birth to a child, it can be dangerous both physically as well as mentally. Preventing teenage pregnancy starts when the child is still young for that is the right time when relationship of children with parents is established.
This hampers their prenatal care and their agonizing mental condition of fear and abuse effects the child’s growth.

With shows such as MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom,”many young people are beginning to realize the difficulties associated with having a child early in life. As soon as a teenager is confirmed about her pregnancy, she feels stressed and the negative effects that follow teenage pregnancy is mainly social disgrace. Hence the importance of child-parent relationship has been emphasized quite often to deal with teenage pregnancy problems all over the world.
Some teenagers even go for abortions while some who cannot face the society, commit suicide.
However, many don’t realize that 1 in 4 teen moms will have a second baby within two years of their first one.In addition to STDs and pregnancy, it’s also important for parents to discuss intimate relationships with their children in terms of respect, rape and abuse.
As the girl grows up it is necessary more for the mother to be closer to her and explain to her the various ways of life, the right and wrong and also the right way to follow that will give her a happy life. They are going through a turbulent period in their developmental stage during which they are trying to find their identity and personality.
In the United States,1 in 3 adolescents is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner. But since teenagers mostly have a revolting attitude which is quite normal, often parents either give in to their whims and fancies or just leave them to go astray. Hence it appears that it is the main duty of parents to take care of their girls and maintain a close relation so that they feel secured. This is when peer pressure becomes dangerous, as it can influence a teenager to take up undesirable habits like smoking, doing illegal drugs and drinking alcohol. Peer pressure can also force a teenager to get into sexual activities even if they are not ready for intimacy. Usually teens are subject to peer pressure because they end up spending more time with their friends rather than their families. A lot of a teenager's personality is molded and shaped by the peer group he or she socializes with.
The teenager just follows the flow and trend prevalent in the group and acts in accordance with the group. Rather all the members in the peer group act, behave or dress in a particular manner and this puts a lot of pressure on the teenager to follow everyone else in the group.
This primarily because the teenager does not want to stand out as a sore thumb while he or she is with the peer group.
The reason that the teenager goes along with negative peer pressure is because he or she is afraid of being rejected by the group and losing friendships. However, by giving into negative peer pressure, a teenager ends up being unhappy even without knowing it.

But as acceptance and being part of a group is important during adolescence, the teenager goes along with the flow. However, giving into to negative peer pressure can make a teenager lose his or her individuality.
The pressure influences the teenager to change for the better and make the correct choices in life. Other forms of peer pressure are evident when it comes to clothes and approach towards sex or drugs. An adolescent cannot just agree with a group's approach to the behaviors and beliefs, and get away.
Therefore, it is always advisable for parents to set rules and define clear boundaries, so that the teenager will not cross them. Also, parents who support their children and get involved in their lives have adolescents who have the confidence to resist peer pressure. In case a peer group rejects a confident teenager, then he or she is able to find another peer group to join that will have positive peer pressure rather than negative. In negative peer pressure, the effects on the teenager are negative, while positive peer pressure helps a teenager to become into a better and more responsible person. It will have an impact on the way a teenager dresses, what sort of music or movies he or she likes or even the fashion trend the teenager follows. This means that teenagers are highly vulnerable to peer pressure as they want to be part of a group and will do anything to get accepted by their group, including giving into peer pressure. This is commonly seen among girls where they may develop eating disorders to get an ideal body shape without realizing how much damage they are causing to their health. Also, boys want to have the perfect physique which drives them to over exercise and take steroids in their quest to get those unattainable six-packs. For instance, due to peer pressure, a teenager may want to join a gym, take part in sports or even study hard to get good grades. In this type of peer group, the words are spoken allowed and positive behavior is encouraged by the members of the group.

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