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In the same vein with using popular posts to keep visitors from leaving, using related posts is also a great way to keep visitors clicking around on your WordPress website.
The Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARRP) is a fantastic plugin for displaying related posts. YARPP has an advanced, versatile, and customizable algorithm providing your visitors with posts that are actually related. For the WordPress theme developers out there, this simple function inside The Loop will add the Related Posts Widget wherever you want it to go. Providing visitors with Related Posts help increase the total time on site as well as increase the chances of getting subscribers. WordPress® and its related trademarks are registered trademarks of the WordPress Foundation. When you’re an 18-year old rock and roll star, you need a bit of makeup to add those sinister dark circles around your eyes.

Oh man, you totally missed Paul McCartney, who’s looked like a grandmother for years. Why does it look like the Predator is about to snipe that last old lady, the one next to Simon Phillips, in the face? But some accept reality and just wind up letting it go and look like the old guy next door who you see watering his lawn. YARRP takes many things into account – including post titles, content, tags, categories, and custom taxonomies.
Doing so is as simple as installing the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin and letting it do all the work. When you’re a 60-year old recovering alcoholic with stringy hair who plays in Pro-Am golf tournaments all day long, those circles are there whether you put on makeup or not. If there’s one thing my grandmother shared with bands like Cinderella, Poison and Ratt, it was a love of long flowing scarves, oversized glasses and weirdly-shaped hair.

This world is given as the prize for the men in earnest; and that which is true of this world, is truer still of the world to come. With many other features like templating, caching, exclusion, related posts in RSS feeds, and more – YARPP is a no brainer. This search engine gives you opportunity to find all things you need, such as games, movies or soft.
And when you are that old, and you choose to where your hair in that manner with all of the dyes and ridiculous stylings, you look like a fucking grandmother.

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