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Did you know that OCTA has easy-to-use tools for mobile phone users that take the mystery out of waiting for a bus?
OCTA's award-winning Text4Next messaging service provides the next three scheduled arrival times via text for a specific stop. Real-time bus locations and predicted bus stop arrival times are easy to find with free, popular apps like Transit and Moovit. These apps and others for trip planning, viewing schedules and more are available on the OCTA website.
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Your iPhone screen will flash and you’ll hear a shutter sound as the iPhone takes a picture of the screen. Ron Stauffer is a husband, father, believer, web guy, marketing guy, musician, and man of many secret talents. Since these times are based on current trip schedules, the bus can arrive 1-2 minutes before or after the time provided.
When there is a detour, schedule change or anything else that impacts you pre-selected routes, a text message will be sent to alert you in advance.
Both of these third-party apps receive updated vehicle position information from OCTA every few minutes.
This should be clearly self-evident, but just in case you're one of those lawyer types who can't see that, you've been warned.

He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and five children, and is frequently told he's too young to have as many kids as he does. When I press the home button on the front of my iPhone, it takes me to the Voice Control screen. But fear not, it still works the other way too—I do it every single day exactly the way I described in this post.

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