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Facebook Messenger is receiving a sizeable update this evening, introducing thumb-happy texters into the world of real voice messaging (that thing you used to use a phone for). While some would likely speculate this is Facebook challenging apps like Voxer I must say, sound quality isn’t anywhere near the clarity of Voxer.
Giveaways have become a Google IO tradition of sorts, with attendees annually anticipating what newly announced hardware will be given away to everyone at the event. Google’s Chrome OS and Chromebooks have never been an appealing option for me, but the ability to run Android apps on Chrome just might be the thing that gets me on board. Samsung is showing off its flexible display technology by rolling out a 5.7-inch OLED panel into a small cylinder. Motorola is planning to unveil a new super thin RAZR smartphone and their latest teaser video all but confirms it. Allo wont offer a default encryption setting because it’d kill Google Assistant functionality in the app. Resident Evil 5 is now available to download on Android exclusively on NVIDIA’s flagship gaming platform, SHIELD Android TV.
Last week The Voice season 5 kicked off and the auditions are almost as good as I hoped for, although at this point in season 4 I already had my favorite picked out.
This week we will get to see who The Voice season 5 coaches will add to their teams as we continue to watch The Voice season 5 blind auditions. The Voice season 5 blind auditions start off with Blake talking about how he has won three seasons in a row and how he isn’t going to talk about winning three seasons in a row.
The Coaches Thought: Adam said that he has a look like Blake but the sound of Cee Lo, Cee Lo thinks that he is amazing and Blake said that he would buy a ticket to his concert.
Lina Gaudenzi is up next and she is 23 and from Miami, she currently plays in bars and she wants to be bigger that that! The Coaches Thought: The two of them are fighting with each other for her, she has an amazing voice and they think that she will bring it all home for them if she joins their team. The Coaches Thought: They thought that she has a great voice and Christina asked her what kind of music she wants to be and Christina tells her that she can mold her into whatever kind of singer she wants to be. Malfrod Milligan is up next and he is 54 years old, he is a black albino and he is legally blind and growing up was hard for him.
Justin Blake is next up and he is an escort driver for oversized loads, his girlfriend and him just found out that they are expecting their first child.

The Coaches Thought: Adam is thrilled to have Justin on his team and he also thinks that he is a great country song. The Coaches Thought: Adam thinks that Christina is the best coach for her, they are all shocked that she is only 15. Monika Leigh is up next and she is 28 years old, she was a singer when she was younger and she gave up thinking that it was a dream and nothing more. The Coaches Thought: The guys are all fighting over her and Adam tell her that being able to do that song effortlessly takes talent.
Zach Hinson is up next and he is a fire fighter and he wants to move on in a career that is safer. Briana Cuoco is the next to audition and if you think that the name sounds familiar, you’re right. The Coaches Thought: Christina is telling her that she was moved by her power and raw talent and she held out those notes really well! George Horga Jr. is up next and his family is Romanian and growing up in that culture was tough, especially when he decided to sing. The Coaches Thought: Cee Lo likes that he has charm and personality and Adam thinks that Cee Lo is definitely the coach for him.
The final audition of the night comes from Preston Pohl, he is 26 and from Texas, he was in a Christian Rock group as a guitar player. O The Voice e definitivamente o reality musical mais bombado da atualidade, nao tem X-Factor ( que a versao americana vai bem mal das pernas) e American Idol pra competir com o carisma e competencia dos coaches, alem da qualidade vocal dos participantes. Maira tem dupla nacionalidade, filha de uma paraibana, a garota que fala 4 idiomas (VRAAAA) nasceu em Basileia, na Suica. It provides a handy pop-up text window so you can respond to messages without leaving your current app.
With the news that Chrome OS will get Google Play and Android app support later this year, Chromebook sales will likely grow even further. I have to say too, I am very excited about the original The Voice coaches being on the panel.
Cee Lo makes sure to tell her that he will fight for her the whole way and i think that is what gets her to pick Team Cee Lo! Blake tells him that it takes nerve to come out here and do one of his songs, none of the other judges know that it was one of Blake’s songs.

Cee Lo wants to be a part of her journey and Blake tells her that he won with a 16 year old last season.
Her sister Kaley Cuoco is Penny from The Big Bang Theory and Briana is currently her sister’s personal assistant. Christina said that she new he was cute by the reaction of the ladies in the crowd adn Blake tells him that Cee Lo always picks someone that Blake ends up being a huge fan of and he has high hopes for him!
He has a great personality and I think that all the coaches could help him, but he picks Team Adam!
Hora ou outra aparece um brasileiro participando das versoes pelo mundo a fora, ja tivemos a eterna Rouge, Fantine na versao holandesa e agora temos Maira Zaugg, uma garotinha de 13 anos que deu show na versao alema do The Voice Kids.
The recipient can then listen to the recorded message at their leisure (this isn’t push-to-talk). Not that I didn’t like Usher and Shakira, I just always felt that Christina and Cee Lo have interesting personalities when around Adam and Blake.
She is singing “Landside” by Stevie Nicks and instantly Christina turns her chair and Blake is soon to follow! She is singing “Mercy” by Duffy and she is killing it, she he has a great stage presence and she got Cee Lo and Christina to turn their chairs!
That’s pretty funny, so is Justin though, great personality and he is going to go far here!
King and she has an amazing voice and that gets Adam and Cee Lo to turn their chairs quick. Blake is trying to convince her that even though she isn’t country he can get her to the finals, he has only won one season with a country artist! If you missed any of last weeks The Voice season 5 blind auditions I have full recaps of round 1 and round 2 for you! Stick around to find out who makes it and who’s journey with end before it has a chance to begin, right here, right now.
Adam is the first to turn his chair, Blake thinks about it, but doesn’t hit the button!

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