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Have you ever double booked yourself for an appointment or forgotten about it all together? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn …the list goes on and will probably never stop growing. There are a number of keys that are necessary to be successful, but we’re only going to focus on five of them in this article. As you read at the beginning of this article, there are a number of keys necessary to be successful, but the final key that we are going to discuss is in order to be successful you must be “BE A LIFETIME LEARNER”. Many people are skeptical of network marketing and pyramid schemes, but isn’t it amazing how successful many of them are, even if just for a little while. We love our local businesses and our local consultants, but if they don’t network, they will not be successful.
There are a number of great marketing tools available, however, nothing beats FREE marketing.
There is a plethora of information that discusses many issues regarding the effects that poor work habits have on health.
Lack of portion control is daily diet translates to lack of discipline in other areas of life. These are just a few of the many impacts that your health has on your business and marketing practices.
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When thinking about the many ways to get your customers to love your brand, it is tempting to become so engulfed in the neuroscience involved in finding your customer’s algorithms when it comes to branding and marketing your business that you forget the basic building blocks of developing real relationships with your customers in your business. Here are some tips on the basics of relationship building to ensure your customers will continue showing you love throughout the years!
We have found that the key to your customers loving your brand are found in the simplicity of LOVE itself.  The simple truths of LOVE are usually overlooked in science and yet have stood the test of time as consistent, durable and reliable.
Can you imagine a time when you worked what seemed like an entire year filled with 60-hour work weeks and you were still eons away from reaching your goals or quotas? Using this same scope of perspective, it is easy to see how the pressures of quotas, deadlines, goals and even the responsibilities that come with business growth can cause you to forget that the customer is on your side. Just like a personal relationship requires trust and security in order for it to be strong and lasting, your customers deserve your brand of integrity and guaranteed quality. In a business relationship, it is also imperative to protect the interest and values of the other person and not just yourself. Just as there are instructions and insight on what love is and how it behaves, there are also warnings on what love it not and the behaviors to avoid at all costs. DON’T BE DISHONORING… Just recently I called to make an appointment for my son at a new clinic that we chose because of their excellent advertisement for medical care. The first time I called to make an appointment I had a lot of questions to ask because this hospital used a completely different system than the one we were used to.
The phone clerk thought she had hung up the phone and began ranting on about how many annoying questions I was asking. This is just one example of how easily all the years and money of brand building can be wasted in just one moment of thoughtless frustration.
Whether you have patients, clients or customers, make sure your brand does not dishonor it’s supporter in the same manner as this business did. DON’T BE EASILY ANGERED… Even if a customer is in the wrong, maintain your peaceful composure at all cost because the next customer is watching! DON’T BE FULL OF PRIDE… It is okay to have pride in what you do, this is an important attribute of being marketable; but being full of pride is being full of yourself. At EXOUSIA, we love serving our customers and helping them to achieve all their business marketing goals and this year we will be hosting an event that we think you will absolutely LOVE! ESBNS is the place where you will meet and speak to some of America’s greatest business leaders as well as grow and show your business brand with other small businesses like you!
Stay plugged in to EXOUSIA to find out more about how much ESBNS means to your business growth this year – you do not want to miss out on this and the many more surprises that will be coming your way in 2015!
It is estimated that 45% of Americans made at least one resolution this past January, yet only two-thirds of those same Americans will keep their resolutions beyond the first month.
Since goal-setting is directly tied to your business success, it is imperative that your goals go through a mission-priority filter.
The bigger picture to remember about goal-setting is that those who intentionally set goals are ten times more successful at reaching their goals then those who did not plan goals at all.
Have a logo & include it everywhere on everything (social media, web page, letterheads and even email signatures)  Your logo is your brand!
Have you ever thought of wearing the same color as your logo when you’re out representing your business. Website development has improved because of numerous features that have been created and brought into design.
Any website that uses a Favicon file is easily recognized by people visiting it since it is a feature that really stands out to people. Make sure whether using a simple spell check, Ginger, which is awesome by the way or a professional editor.
Make sure that you navigation flows and is in a place that’s easy to locate and read. Perfect example, do not have the navigation on the top on one page, then on the left side on another page and on the right side on another page. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs design and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on their website a year, yet the website is not effective.
We are constantly hearing things now concerning our brand and how to brand and tips on branding well one sure way is to ensure that whatever color you brand is, and that your logo is on the website.
Okay, you may have heard the hype about having a responsive website that’s simply short for having a site that can be accessed from mobile devices. This one is an easy one, you want to make sure that your website visitors have the ability to locate, connect and contact you in as many ways as possible.
The decision to move all of my corporate marketing and design needs to Exousia Marketing is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my small business.
Test your knowledge on the correct way to get the body moving while running with this quiz.
If you're working out but you don't feel like you're seeing results, your sleep habits may be to blame. Let’s face it, social media has become a critical part of small business marketing strategy, but when it pertains to your business, work the social media platforms,  don’t let them work you!
As a business owner, leadership, organization and communication can make or break your team! A website that offers a great deal of helpful features when organizing your contacts, calendar, and business processes for you and your clients.
Don’t let your work pile up and become a task that you can’t tackle; look up Evernote, you will be happy that you did!
One of the main reasons so many multilevel networking businesses are so successful is because people do business with people that they know and trust. Building relationships with people is the key to networking. There is an old saying that you may have heard and it says that a close mouth doesn’t get fed. There is nothing better than getting referrals from customers that are pleased with your products and services. You should be bringing something to the table and they should be bringing something to the table, it may not always include new clients or customers immediately, but it may include great resources or information that will help take your business to another level. These topics can range anywhere from complications from sitting over long periods of time to staring at a computer for too long. When thinking about counting the costs before making a commitment to do something; it just doesn’t make sense to begin a project that you never intend to finish.
If the mind and body are not getting the right amount of sleep, it puts your entire day in jeopardy in many more ways than mentioned here.
If you can identify with some of these poor health habits, it’s never too late, you can start incorporating these healthy living and business tips to improve your marketing practices today! Hurry and grab hold of great savings today with this time-limited promotional item.  Offer expires at the end of this month. The science behind building your brand is a necessary skill yet all the prescriptive science in the world can neither amount to nor replace the value in fostering a solid relationship of trust and respect between you and your customer.  The science of branding will help you to acquire new customers, but it takes more than science and gimmicks to get your customers to stay with your brand.  Although your brand may not always directly reflect your character, know that your character will always directly impact your brand! Inscribed in a historic letter written in the second century, we find realities that are more powerful than any scientific maxim and more weightier than any artistic adage known to man.

You were ending the longest season of the year and all you could dream about was kick starting your week-long holiday vacation by making up the sleep deficit that you acquired over the year.
When you have been dealt a measure of chaos and challenge, whether its a boardroom meeting or a bathroom cleaning, never allow one temporary moment of frustration to become a permanent record of damage to your brand. You cannot just go through the motions of a faithful relationship without actually being faithful. If your customers cannot trust you because you do not protect their interest, you can be sure that those customers will not be with you for the long-haul. If you stay away from the rest of the love-opposites listed in the rest of the passage in 1 Corinthians, you will discover how easy it will be for your customers to not only fall in love with you, but stay in love with your brand too! I thought everything was going well until my ten-minute phone call ended and I was met with a very contrasting view of reality that opposed my prior expectations. On your busiest and most challenging days, take a second to do a self-check or buddy check. It is never attractive to hear people brag about themselves, and this holds true for businesses as well. LOVE is consistent no matter what is going on around it and LOVE will stand the test of time through all economic crisis and social-political transitions. This September, in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia, Exousia will host our 5th annual networking summit-of-the-year: Exousia Small Business Networking Summit (ESBNS). There will be phenomenal guest speakers, a panel full of business marketing SMEs, lots of vendors to help you promote your business, as well as a chance to receive an evening of one-on-one guidance to help you grow your business and brand to a greater level. Here are a few goal-setting tips to help you start and end this year with measurable and marketable success! Most marketing professionals are creative geniuses and their creative art is expressed through their innovative means of marketing.
Accountability and commitment are two sides of one coin: a one sided silver dollar cashes in no value. Staying current within your market demographics will keep your business up to date, relevant, and essential in your market economy. Choose no more than two core long-term goals from your business statement that drive your bottom line and make sure that every single short-term goal and future decision supports it.
So whether you have your goals in motion, have your goals in mind, or have fallen off the goal-given path you started this year, the good news is that it is not too late to make or improve your marketing goals. This means a client who logs into your website gets to know the brand and enhances the sign of trust.
This helps in the identification of bookmarks and separates your pages from a crowded list of web browser tabs and bookmarks. For serious business owners who have invested in creating a good website, this is the feature to use to get more traffic and make it easier for current traffic to find you. Everyone was so excited about the different backgrounds available and kind of went crazy in their creativity. Don’t make your visitor have to search forever to find how to move from page to page on your website.
When these simple yet vitally important cyber rules are followed, your website visitors will be happier, browsers and search engines will be happier which will bring more traffic to your website which will ultimately make you happier.
To properly brand your business, it’s not wise to have one look on your business card and another look on the website. Well, at the top of the browser on the tab that is active your website visitor is seeing something.
Social Media has provided a huge outlet for businesses to connect with their customers and it is FREE!
This goes into the SEO field; however, it is a basic function that every website should have and is needed to ensure that your website work for you. We talk more about it in another article, and provide you with at least 5 ways to Keep Your Website Content Fresh take a look at it here!
Include email newsletter signups options on your website so that you can sign up for your newsletter, WOW! I would highly recommend Exousia MG to any company looking for someone tackle their marketing needs, large or small.
This company goes above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy their clients by offering other products and services that will complement the website with a extra touch of uniqueness. He is not only a great boxer but he also stood for the rights of his people and gave them a platform to speak and let their voice heard all over. Hootsuite enables you to manage and post on multiple media avenues simultaneously, up to 5 at a time! Some of the most successful entrepreneurs received more NOs before they received their first yes.
When you network with others, not only will you possibly receive new business, but you also have the opportunity of meeting other wonderful business minded individuals that you too may be able to help. Work-induced stress is a known major culprit for health issues throughout the working world.
Yet this is exactly what happens to business potential, when we do not strengthen our bodies. Lack of sleep affects how we interpret events and greatly impairs the ability to make good judgement calls. When a person does not have adequate rest and relaxation between work and everyday duties in life, they decrease their flexible reasoning ability. Below are several ways your customers can easily fall in love with your brand as described in the most reliable book of truth known to man! We all have been there at some point or another but it is an oxymoron to be a major in marketing while being a minor in customer service.
You have to be proactive in keeping the relationship in motion with your honesty, loyalty and integrity. Your customers may stick around long enough to get whatever promotion or seasonal gimmick they bought into, but if you want to keep them it will take more than the attraction that brought them.
Not only did that business lose our trust, it lost the trust of others who haven’t even tried them because we became advertisement for them about what happened.
This includes checking the tone of your voice, checking your physical demeanor when communicating and most importantly checking your attitude! Invest in finding out what interests your customers, even if it is something that does not interest you. If you think you can do bad all by yourself, be prepared to carry that business all by yourself too! When your customers know you are invested in them and their interests, it will show and they will know!
However taking a deeper look into the national track record of January resolutions we find that most resolutions are very short lived in comparison to actually planning out and setting smart long-term goals!
When speaking in terms of resolutions, the more consistent option for many is to resolve not to make a resolution like 39% of Americans. The more raw and measurable data you have about your business, the more substance you have to improve with. Know that Exousia Marketing Group is always here to help you stay at the top of your marketing success. Effective branding does not appear overnight, it takes time, planning and effort, notice finances were not included in the list. Also known as the Favorite icon, this is a small graphical representation associated with the website or page. First, website owner who have implemented the use of a Favicon file set their website apart from their competitors. With the brand displayed in your website, many clients will start to look at the website whenever they are searching for a new product. People who see the Favicon tool in your website tend to remember it easily when they come cross it in another place. Now that websites have been around a little longer, we’ve evolved and gotten much better about ensureing that our content on the website is readable. When your visitors visit your website, how will they recognize and realize that it is the same company. Now if you or your web designer has not taken the time to ensure that it is accurate, it’s possible that Google may review your website and discover that you have 5 untitled pages. On a side note, if you have the icons on your website, make sure that it is a network that you are active on and that the link actually links to your social media page.

Again back to the Google Page Rank, these keywords that you do or do not include into your website will affect your Google Page Rank. Remember you only have about 5 seconds to get & keep their attention or their off to the next thing. The web designer was right on track with the vision of the company and we love the web site. An innovative website and app that allows you and your clients to schedule and manage your calendar with just a few clicks.
Asana provides various essential features such as task assignments, to-do list, team chat & calendar! Being fairly new, we are looking forward to added features such as multi users and integration with other entities like Mail Chimp. Failure is a part of being a successful entrepreneur but even in the midst of not just one but many failures, you must not give up. It’s important to define early who you are, who you are marketing to, and what goal you want to reach.
It’s always great to see everything all laid out in plain view, but many times in business it’s not that simple.
If you are not open to learning new things frequently then your business will not grow, it will remain stale and stagnate. There may be someone in your existing network that has been in need of what someone else has, and if you’re able to be there and make that connection; it works out for everyone, you’ve just positioned yourself to be an asset in that person’s network.
When you build a really strong network, you will see that it is very instrumental to your success.
But did you know that on the flip-side of this topic is the devastating impact that poor daily health habits have in the workplace.  Poor health choices in life create habits that not only lead to poor health, but are also indicators of poor business habits. For anyone in business, and especially in business marketing, creativity is the bread for your butter. No matter how attractive a person may be, a relationship built on self-centeredness will only last for a season. With those facts in mind it is wise to consider the factors that affect goal-setting success when planning marketing goals for your business. Having a realistic measure of every internal and external element of your business will give you an authentic picture of where your business is going in relation to where you need and want it to be.  An authentic evaluation of your business will get you back on top of your marketing goals.
Ensure that everyone on the team is committed and has an accountability partner to help keep them focused on the goals.
Do all that you can to make sure your entire team is committed to meeting these goals and be the head cheerleader and coach of staying focused on your goals! With this feature, web designers can now make customizations in their sites browsing tools. This means your site becomes easily reachable, accessed and navigated easily when compared to that of the competitor. When choosing fonts consider the background that it will be published on, consider the size of the font, consider the space in between lines.
This means if your website is not accessible from mobile devices, you stand a good chance of not reaching your audience. This WILL affect your Google page rank, which will ultimately affect where the search results your page will end up. One of the ways to get and keep their attention is to make sure you’re speaking their language. These tools can show you, what web page visitors visit the longest on, what page does visitors visit the most, What page visitors visit the least & how long visitors stay on your website. We have received nothing but professionalism from the company and will continue to seek their assistance in the future. This app keeps you on your A game and ensures you and your team are moving forward in the right direction. Without clarity, it’s difficult to accomplish your goals and even harder to have others echo or assist you in achieving your goals. You will not always know what turn to take next, and need to take a risk, because maybe it will work and maybe it will not, if it doesn’t remember the first key, don’t give up, just be persistent and keep trying. Reading books are great and having knowledge is necessary, but having a mentor to give real and practical insight can make the difference in the success or failure of every entrepreneur. I believe you are a learner and that you are willing to learn if not, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. The recurrent practice of poor habits are usually reflected in less than best marketing practices. The benefits of physical exercise in a daily routine have significant impact on, and produce a positive outcome for your business goals. It is important to be disciplined in all areas of your life so that you can reach your full potential in every area of your life, especially in matters of your business success.
Without creativity, there is nothing to make your business stand out from the rest of your competitors. Always be patient and always be kind to your customers and team no matter what the situation is: it will pay forward adding value to your brand as it pays off adding value your bottom line! It is easy to make a goal and achieve it, but if that goal is not meaningful to your bottom line then it can and will waste time, energy and money. Learn to manage your time effectively by filtering every new idea through your business’ bottom line or mission statement. The community economy is always evolving and your business should be both constant and changing as the community evolves. In most cases, clients save their favorite websites on mobile devices to show potential clients by simply locating your Favicon. All of the Muhammad Ali quotes are inspirational and encourage his African American people to stand for their right and get equal status as other people. A good mentor will provide advice, insight and resources that will assist you on your road to success that may never be found in a book. I encourage you to continue to learn, grow and follow the keys mentioned above and you’ll soon find that success is right around the corner. The other great part of networking is, not only will people trust you and do business with you, but they also, will share your business with others in their network; this is FREE marketing. Regular exercise promotes positive mood, improved cognitive control and working memory, as well as significant improvement in coping with the day to day stress that comes with running a business and keeping up with fresh new marketing strategies and the constantly changing market trends.
So it is imperative to ensure that you are planning scheduled breaks to rest, relax and rejuvenate your mind!
At that time all you could think about was accomplishing the one last goal ahead of you (sleep) and nothing was going to get in your way of it.  However, the only problem was that when you got home you were met with a never-ending list of things to do with your family for your ENTIRE vacation week. You can read more on all of the attributes of love as described here in 1 Corinthian chapter 13.
This means your practices and strategies should change with the culture while your principles and quality should be a constant and reliable expectation. The developers install Favicons as small renditions of a clients logo or something else related to their site.
Clients receive sometimes hundreds of emails daily; you want yours to stand out from the rest!
Instead of taking a moment to control your frustration, you (like many others) most likely relented to retaliation and in the heat of that moment, began to view your family as your enemy and the antagonist of all rest.
If someone has a difficult time reading they are obviously less likely to read it, no matter how great or important the information is. Start a campaign, design professional emails, organize your database, and stay connected with Mail Chimp!
It is really amazing how impatient and unkind we become when our expectations are met with the unexpected.
This means always staying up-to-date with the newest technologies and fads and getting personal in your market place. The favicon can be put anywhere and it will be displayed on visitor’s tab bars and bookmark list if bookmarked.
Read, Click, Buy or what, don’t make them think hard or have to read 3 paragraphs to figure out how to buy your products or service.

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