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And we’re giving you the HTML and CSS code to show you exactly how to use them and how to add a cool opacity effect on hover! If you want to use the social icons in a WordPress page or post, you will probably have to remove the line breaks between each HTML link as WordPress will sometimes automatically add breaks and put each icon on its own line instead of inline. When not obsessing over pixels, margins, and type, Jennifer manages the Bourn Creative brand and the creation and iteration of our internal systems and processes.
We love working with enthusiastic clients who are as passionate about their business as we are about strategy, design, and development. As social media, marketing and networking explode with services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, Tumblr and Instagram share one focus in common, spreading the gospel of photography. Not to mention, if you’re not even pushing your Instagram photos to your social networks, you’re limiting the exposure to only iPhone users who have the app installed.
Visit My Instagram Tumblr PhotoBlogI built my Instagram Tumblr photoblog literally in one day.
Tumblr, with over nine billion posts in over 27 million blogs that produced over 40 million posts yesterday alone, provides the ability for you to share your Instagram artwork—without ever logging into Tumblr, once you’ve established your account. While Tumblr allows you to share anything, including quotes, videos, music, text, links and more, “the average Tumblr user creates 14 original posts each month, and reblogs three and over half of those posts are photos,” or photography oriented. Reblogging, similar to the embedding of YouTube videos, can make a blog post viral overnight.
You activate Tumblr in your Instagram app under “Edit Sharing Settings” and while you’re there, activate the Twitter and Facebook settings too—now that’s four times the marketing power for one photo and you still have the ability to activate sharing on Posterous, Foursquare, Flickr and send via email too!
When you hit the “Share” button in your Instagram app, you have the option to share that new photo online casino masterpiece, created from your iPhone or a photo taken from your photo folders that you’ve uploaded via iTunes. When you’re finished being creative with the unique Instgram filters, then added a photo caption, hit the “Done” button, now your photo is not only published to your Instagram followers, but to your Tumblr photoblog instantly.
With just one button, you can multiply your marketing at least four times if not more, and it”s free!
As photographers scramble today to survive, those that are keeping their head above water realize the potential of utilizing every social marketing tool out there, and any unused social media is untapped marketing potential. The Instagram photoblog using Tumblr is another website search engines can catalog, plus you can use the side bar to sell your books, workshops, link to your own personal blog or professional website, sell advertising, etc., and you can drive traffic to it from your other websites and social networks too. Purchase a premium Tumblr theme that allows two columns (main content area and sidebar) and that includes social networking button (linking) options.
A two column theme normally allows you to add basic HTML code and this is where you can add things like your Twitter stream, Facebook Fan Page “like,”, Google add me to your circle button, links to your own blog and websites, Twitter follow button, email list sign-up boxes, videos, YouTube subscribe button, etc.

You add these sidebar elements via your “description” box while editing your Tumblr profile—heck, you can even add Google Adsense code and a few affiliate links.
If you purchase a premium theme, you might be able to remove the link to the theme designer. If you find one that allows the credit removal, the easiest way to remove the link is in the Tumblr edit mode, under “Theme,” then in the drop down window at the bottom, click the “Use Custom HTML” button and very carefully remove the HTML link code. In the zip file, you’ll receive the Adobe Illustrator AI and EPS file, a PDF, an unflattened PSD, and a JPG image of the icon set.
She speaks often on podcasts, summits, and live events, and writes for our blog, WP Elevation, CoSchedule, and the GoDaddy Garage.
After you upload the icons to your site, the HTML & CSS examples in this post will get them working for you. As of right now we’re not planning in updating these any time soon to include Instagram. However, it would be great if the Instagram was included in the Circle Icon Set (second download).
While Instagram offers the ability for users to publish photos transformed through their proprietary creative filters that add fun to what otherwise might be just another snapshot, it doesn’t give you the ability to share them on your own Instagram website to the entire Internet. In today’s world of diversity and social networking in order for photographers to survive, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that you need to capitalize on Tumblr, whether you are using Instagram or not. Obviously it’s also published to your Twitter, Facebook or other social networks you’ve switched on—this is a marketing multiplier via one button. Though many photographers don’t feel they are tech savvy enough to build web pages, and with Tumblr and Instgram, it doesn’t take special programming skills to get your own Instagram photoblog going and costs nothing but your efforts. It’s all about getting your talents out to every potential follower and client out there today and the pool of potentials are in millions, but you’ve got to take the steps to establish yourself, or they won’t come. All of these are important in your Tumblr “side-bar” column for more exposure and back links. Do not however make your Tumblr site affiliate link heavy or Tumblr will suspend and potentially delete your account. Check the terms of service first, some designers don’t allow that, but if they are premium, they usually are OK with it, but check first.
While Google and Facebook battle it out, you can be at peace knowing every time you upload one of your Instagram masterpiece photos it’ll automatically post on your Tumblr micro-blog to the entire World Wide Web.
I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get advice from other experienced individuals that share the same interest.

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The photoblog provides photo tips, photo tutorials and photo diaries by professional photographer, author, writer, speaker and social media consultant, Rolando Gomez. If you’re tired of the same old square social media icons or even the tone-on-tone square social media icons we’ve got a treat for you! This means you’ll have everything you need to make the icons any color you want, and you can even use them as part of your own custom icon font. As founder of Bourn Creative, Jennifer is an award-winning designer who has been working in the design trenches since 1997. They offer the ability to share photos with the world, and though while one without the other is great, using them both together is brilliant! And while you do have the ability to publish them on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’re omitting the full marketing potential to the World Wide Web.
This tagging can cause people to notice, especially in trending tags, then voila, you just might have the next viral photo (micro-blog post) that brings you thousands of new followers and potential clients.
And this marketing multiplier is now monitored by Klout and can help improve your Klout score.
Most premium themes are under $49 and that”s a worthwhile investment for a more professional looking website. Turn on the other options like Twitter and Facebook on Instagram, then you’ll be capitalizing on marketing multiplier with just a few finger taps on your iPhone. Lens Diaries™ is open to all levels of photographers, beginners to advanced, including fine art photography, fashion photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, people photography, baby photography, sports photography, nature photography, iphoneography, landscape photography, studio photography, underwater photography, etc. Today she consults on branding, website strategy, and digital strategy, leads all of our graphic design and web design projects, and specializes in WordPress theme design.
The potential of combing the two is often overlooked, but in less than one day, you can set up your Tumblr account to become your Instagram website! If you’re not familiar with Klout, it’s the current method advertisers use to measure your social media effectiveness and they often offer valuable “perks” to those with high score.
Retailers sometimes even buy advertising in the forms of banner ads or paying you to tweet or blog, based on your Klout score–another source of additional income outside of photography.

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