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If you want to skip the intro and get to the step by step making of your first website, click here to get started. This guide is suitable for musicians, bands, music managers, people who want to give music business advice like myself, and anyone else who’s involved in the music industry in any way that want to make a music website.
Before we look at how to make your music website, I want to quickly explain why you’d want to do this.
Both of these things are easy to get hold of, and can be purchased at the same time from JustHost (Note: I get a commission if you sign up to JustHost using my link). Once you go on JustHost, you will need to sign up for a new account by choosing the option Need Website. On the same screen where is says coupon code, you will see there’s a coupon already added. Click to continue, then on the next screen enter your details and what pricing plan you want. So now we’ve got our website name and hosting sorted, the next thing we need to do is add a website builder to our site. Make sure you save the details you add as the username and password for your WordPress install. You can now visit your website in a new window and you should see your site coming together.
Now that you’ve got WordPress set up, I suggest you take a few minutes to look around and get used to the WordPress Dashboard.
If you want to give the best impression to your potential fans, you need to invest in a good design.
I personally use the Genesis Framework, which I have used to build Music Industry How To and many of my other sites.
If you want to look at what free themes are available to you, simply go to Appearance on your WordPress Dashboard, then Themes.
I’ll recommend some plugins to get you started, but first here is how to search for them and install them.
On your WordPress Dashboard, hover over Plugins on the left hand side menu, then click on Add New. Some plugins require you to edit their settings to your own personal preference (Which is usually pretty easy to do), while others will work straight away without you doing anything more.
As promised, here are some cool plugins you should install to get you started and used to the process.
If you want your website visitors to be able to easily contact you, you can use the Contact Form 7 plugin. If you are going to allow people to leave comments on your website, you will want to include this plugin. There are a lot more plugins you can use as well, and if you want your website to have a specific function, most likely there’s a plugin for that. Now your website is looking nice and functioning well through the use of WordPress plugins, the next thing we need to do is fill it out with pages. While there are a number of pages you can make depending on what you want to achieve with your site, there are a few basic pages that all website should have. If you want people to really connect with you and your music, you have to give off a certain image. If you have music to sell (Which you hopefully should) you will need to include a shop page. If you haven’t got many songs or videos, you may want to merge these two pages together so your website looks more full. As the name suggests, one of these pages will have your songs for people to hear, and the other will have your videos. Like I said there are many other pages you could also add, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add any others you feel are necessary. If you want them to buy your music from iTunes or other big digital download websites, you can use the online distributor Songcast to do just that. The good thing about E-Junkie is it doesn’t require you to be there for you to make sales. The download link is also made unique for each customer, so the same two links will never be made. You can also sell other digitally downloadable items on E-Junkie, such as exclusive wallpapers for your fans, ringtones, or anything else you think your fans could enjoy.
Now your website’s set up, the next thing you may want to do is set up a system to monitor the people that are visiting your site. Using these stats you can better understand who your visitor is, and modify your site and promotions accordingly. While there are a lot of tools to track the visitor activity on your site, I’d recommend using Google Analytics. To get this started, you simply sign up for a Google Analytics account on that page, create a site profile in your Analytics account, copy and paste the bit of code they give you into your website, and that’s it. New: Feel free to show me and others the site you make using this guide in the comments section below. Thanks for the bookmark Fairuz, I’ll be adding plenty more guides so keep checking back.
Hey guys, today I’m going to show you how to make a top music website which will allow you to better turn visitors into fans, capture their details for future contact, and effectively make more money from your music career. Having your own website as a musician is vitally important, as it provides a piece to the sales funnel you simply can’t get with social sites like Facebook and Twitter.
As well as looking at what this site does well, I’m also going to look at what I would do differently and why.
The aim of this guide is to show you what goes into making a top website for your music career, mainly in terms of layout. The first things I want to mention about Ed Sheeran’s website, is the video he displays near the top middle of his home page. Think about it, how many times does it take you hearing a song before it sticks in your head? One more thing to note about this area is that the embedded video also contains a playlist.
The next thing I want to look at are the social boxes in the right hand sidebar of his website. While Ed has both the option to sign up to his mailing list and social sites on his website, he’s chosen to focus more on building up his social presence than collecting email addresses. I personally feel it’s better for musicians to focus evenly on both their mailing list and increasing their social presence, but you can do one or the other if you like. As a lesser rule, nav bars on the top right hand side of the sidebar are also becoming increasingly popular.
As I’ll look into more later, his mailing list opt in box is a lot lower down the page in the left hand sidebar. Ed already has his main social profiles prominently displayed on other parts of his website (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube), so having these links here seems to be a bit of a waste of space.
On top of this, by using the structure I mentioned, it’ll also mean he has links to his social profiles both above and below the fold. The next part of this music website we’ll look at is the left hand side navigation.
While a lot of things can be drawn from this ordering of pages, there’s one key things I want to point out: His store page is listed last!

Now while some may assume this is a bad move and that he should be trying to sell people things asap to make money from them, I disagree. All the links above the store page are there to get people to find out as much as they can about Ed Sheeran, and really buy into what he’s doing.
References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. One other thing I wanted to add was that artist now must work at the experience people have when they visit the site. In fact, even if you’re not involved in the music industry, you can still follow this guide and make a cool website suitable for your industry. This will ensure you don’t pay for your domain name, and that you get a reduced hosting price.
I suggest you don’t add any of the extras they try and offer you, other then the Domain Privacy. By far the best free website builder on the market is WordPress, so we’ll be using that. Everything is pretty clearly marked out, so get familiar with some of the tasks you can carry out.
We’re going to walk you through the other stages of how to make a music website anyway. Giving a good first impression is important in your music career, so having a good looking website is crucial.
Not only do these themes look a lot better then the free themes, but they are easier to use for your visitors, and you have a lot more control over how you can customize them. They have a lot of different designs to choose from, and can give a different feel no matter what type of look you want.
You can then search the plugin you want, and on the next screen choose Install Now on your chosen plugin (If you aren’t sure of the name of a plugin, you can search for a feature you want and you can find a relevant plugin like this). This will add a contact form to any page you require, and sends you an email once the contact form is filled out. You will want your fans to share your pages and blog posts, so add these sharing buttons to them. What is does is allow your visitors to subscribe to the comments conversation, so they are emailed when any new comments are left on that page.
It will display thumbnails of your pictures, which grows in size as your visitors click to view them. What Login Lockdown does is make it so that if a hacker tries to log into your site, they will be stopped. Have a search of the plugin marketplace in your WordPress Dashboard to see some of the options.
In WordPress, pages are what you’ll use to create any page you want to always appear in the same place on your site. Because of this, it’s important that you make this page very useful, and provide links to other important areas of your site.
Be sure to just give them a few main options however, rather than giving them every link to all your pages at once. Using your About page, you can tell them what you’re about and have them feel like they know you that bit better.
If you have a lot of both however and want to make things a bit more clear, you may want to make these two pages separate. You’ll want one of these so people can contact you about any bookings, and make connections with you in terms of the music business.
I suggest you give fans a choice of where they buy your music, so they can do what is best for them.
You can limit the amount of times your purchaser can download from the link (Say allow them to only download from the link 3 times, the number you choose is up to you), and you can also block the link from being downloaded anymore if it’s being downloaded on different computers. This is a lot easier to do then it sounds, and I’ll show you a free tool you can use to do this in a little bit. This is a free tool from Google, and is probably the most complete free tool on the market. Just look at the stats that are important to you, and learn the more advanced tracking features as you go along. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and make people WANT to hear it. Sign up to the newsletter if you haven’t already to be updated when I put new guides out. A New Way To Promote Independent Music MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Who Killed The Creativity? Add a mailing list to your site, and you’ll be able to find your most interactive and valuable fans much more easily. All too often a good looking design is put up, and the site stays looking the same for the rest of it’s life. Well, to help you better get a idea of what a good site structure looks like, I’ve picked a site I think does quite well in terms of getting fans interactive and keeping in contact with them. The reason for this is simple: video is one of the best ways to get people interested in what you’re offering!
While it’ll only take one listen for some songs, in general it usually takes two, three or more. But as a general rule, video and music grabs people’s attention a lot quicker than plain audio does.
It’s not common for websites to have these kind of links directly under the header, so it shows he wants to get people to join his social sites wherever possible. Even though people have the option to view his videos when they first come on, not everyone has fast internet, and may not be able to play these videos for this or another reason. While it can’t be confirmed either way until tested, this may actually increase the amount of people he gets clicking over and signing up to his social sites. They can hear his music, see his videos, see what the latest news with him is, see where they can see him live and the like. By giving them knowledge and the chance to really buy into his movement however, he increases the chance that they’ll want to at one point get involved with him on a financial level.
When you go onto his Live Dates page, you see both details of his live shows, as well as have the option to buy tickets to these shows in question. If you haven’t got a site yet, I suggest you make one right now using my guide on how to create a music website using Wordpress. When I project managed this build 2.5 years ago (!) for Atlantic Records UK it became one of the most visited artist websites in the UK. What I want to point out to you and my fellow readers is that just because you have a site and a well made site does not mean people will find you. If most of your audience finds you on mobile devices then you must develop that experience first and then develop for tablets and the desktop. I like sites with plenty of colour and not the drab monotonous two-tone presentations that some artists find cool.
Een lange geschiedenis die begonnen is als rijtuig bouwer en uitgegroeid is tot een van de meest moderne en luxueuze dealer bedrijven van Nederland met de prestigieuze merken Jaguar, Land -en Range Rover reeds meer dan 70 jaar. Today we’re going to look at how to build a music website that will attract and keep fans. I have found them to be reliable, and the cheapest around for the level of service you get.

If you don’t add this, people will be able to look up who the website is registered to and see your real name and address. You do however need to be aware that the menu of the WordPress Dashboard is on the left hand site, and this will allow you to sort out all the features on your site.
This isn’t the same with Premium themes however, which have a dedicated support team ensuring their themes are compatible with each new version of WordPress. Features you can add include a comments form, social sharing buttons, media players, picture galleries, broken link checkers, and pretty much any other feature you could reasonably want from a website.
This is perfect for encouraging repeat visitors to your site, and getting them involved in what you’re doing.
While WordPress makes it so you have to approve comments before they are added, it gets annoying getting emails about new comments to approve then realizing they’re spam. Hackers are known to try and log into other people’s sites using software that tries thousands of password combinations until it gets the right one.
If you want to create a blog with regularly updated news and information, you can publish each blog post via the post section.
Usually your home page will either have your latest blog posts (If you want to have a blog on your site that is), or like I said, a page with links back to important pages.
If someone knows about you and they take to you, it’ll be a lot easier to turn that person into a life long fan. You can make it so they can buy your digital downloads directly from your website, and you can make it so they have the option to buy your music from a well known music store such as iTunes. You can then link to these sites, where your songs are, from your site and sell your music that way. E-Junkie allows you to protect your digital downloads, and sell them automatically on your website. Even if you’re not around, E-Junkie will automatically take the payment, verify it, and send your customer the song via a secure link.
If you look at your stats and you see the majority of your fans are finding your website from a particular forum for example, you may want to step up your promotion efforts on that forum as you know it’ll probably bring you even more traffic and fans.
We’ve not got a guide showing tips for using Google Analytics, so check that out to get started. I’ve had a lot of people follow this guide and create a neat website for their music career, so I know you can too. What I didn’t cover in that guide however, is how to structure your site to make the most of your visitors. Social proof is a way of convincing people this is the case, and is a good way to get people to become a fan of your music much quicker.
I would personally take the social icons out of the top nav bar, and place the sidebar nav links in the area for the top nav. It’s not done in a forceful way, but the option is there for those who are ready to take that step. If you want to be informed of when that’s out, be sure to sign up to my newsletter here. This post was found not by me searching for it but by me being part of this community and receiving an EMAIL letting me know its here waiting. Not only will you make a super attractive website, but it’ll also be fully functional and everything you could want from your band website. You won’t have the same restrictions that these external sites will have, so you can do whatever you please.
Click New Installation on the next screen, and follow the instructions on the two screens after that. On the screen that comes up, you’ll find the option to filter what kind of theme you want.
The latest blog post will always appear at the top of the page, and other blog posts get pushed down as new ones come along. You may want to have one of your videos there, as well as a link back to a page with more of your videos. This will make it easier for you to filter mail based on what the person is contacting you for. You will then receive the money in your PayPal account, or any other payment processor you’re using. It’s also a lot easier for most people to get hooked watching a video, over hearing a song for the very first time. If you did get their contact details in some form however, you can contact them when something new and exciting is happening, and send a wave of your fans where you want them relatively easily. I’d then move the mailing list opt in form to the top of the left hand sidebar, and put the links to the social profiles below the mailing list opt in form in the left sidebar. Countering your argument on the positioning of the email sign up we actually drew in plenty of sign ups doing a cookie enabled splashpage driving the free EP over anything else. Email is still the strongest and most powerful way to build and interact with your fanbase. When you have a lot of content to offer, then add some more tabs, as people will browse on your website for more.Anyways, great one mate. Choose any options you may want (Or don’t click any options if you want to look at all themes) then choose the Find Themes button at the end of the page. Or for an in-depth fool proof guide on how to get people to listen to your music, get our online music business course here. And if you see that almost 3 and a half million people already do like him, most people would take that as a sign that he’s talented and worth looking into some more. Being a Ed Sheeran fan I can tell you I didn't not find him through his site but through his YouTube and Soundcloud accounts.
As I stated earlier, understanding your audience and where they come from and what devices they are using is very important.
I'm curious what you think of the pop-up that displays when one enters the site for the first time?
Yes your site is a big part of the experience but, if they get there and cannot get what they want easily they will go away and quickly. I generally don't love pop-ups, but this one had some good elements to it (lots of options - then again, maybe too many for someone unfamiliar with his music?) so I have mixed feelings about it. The days of just putting up a WordPress site and just leaving it are over, care should be taken to make sure that the Theme used works well on mobile devices. Well I want to add that you have to know where and who your fans are and give them what they want.
Mobile is now, those that don't take steps to make sure of this are working from behind. Your site, YouTube, and Soundcloud accounts all have analytics which show you where your fans come from. You give great advice, Shaun, which is why I always encourage my musician clients to follow you. Ed is part of a large Music company so most of his momentum was gained outside of the channels most artist have access to. Don't fear that though, you can compete and you should compete if you feel your music has a place in this world.

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