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You want to know what the best website promotion techniques are for you so that you can focus your energy on them and avoid wasting time on less effective tactics.  Right? Well, the best technique for you is going to depend on a number of different factors.   Some  methods take longer to start seeing results with. Your answers to those questions should guide you in the right direction.   Then look down the page here and you will find more specific advice that applies to different situations. Other forms of paid advertising could be immediately effective also depending on if you are getting your message in front of your prospects right away or not.

Comment on a few other blogs that are in your own industry to generate publicity and a few basic links for your blog. Seek out opportunities to guest blog for other people.   Use those opportunities to get some higher quality links pointing back at the inner pages on your blog and pointing to other pages on your website.
Wherever it seems appropriate to do so, place a link from inside your blog posts to other pages on your website that you want people to find.   Do that from within your own blog and from within any guest blog posts you get published. What If You Are Running  A Local Business That Uses A Website For Advertising To Your Local Community?

Once you have your local business listed in the major search engines, then come back and explore other ways to promote yourself. The information on this website will teach you how to get better rankings, more publicity, more links and targeted traffic for your website.

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