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Listen in as Cristen and Caroline unravel the history, science and sociology of ladies and gents.
What Guys Said 5 KDA20 mho 19% Kinky and curly looks most natural other two look like an afternoon in a salon and a load of hair products.
A study has shown that by having a beard men can increase their age appearance by up to ten years, a panel agreed that George Clooney looked five years younger without his beardHowever, despite the surge in furry faces much of the public agrees that these A-listers would be better off beard-less. A panel of 300 people was shown pictures of various celebrities who regularly change their facial hair.They were asked to guess how old the stars looked according to whether they were clean shaven, had stubble, a moustache, a beard or a heavy beard. The panel agreed that with his facial hair Robert Pattinson looked true to his current age of 28, however, the panel also agreed that the actor could potentially look younger looking just 25 when clean shaven'They can look at least ten years older than contemporaries who have kept their hair.
Dr Shahmalak says that since the treatment the client has felt completely reinvented.A 'He was a farmer and he craved a bushier brow to make him seem more manly.

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This one does not appeal to me since it is missing some glamor but otherwise, her image is straight on point, literately. The panel aged the 50-year-old at 49 with is goatee and just 45 when clean shavenBrad Pitt was the only celebrity to defy his years both with and without a beard.
However, the panel also agreed that the actor could potentially look younger looking just 25 when clean shaven.A George Clooney was another actor who could potentially lose a few years A looking 53 - his real age - with a moustache but just 48 when he had had a shave. IF you could find a better one, I'd post it Reply Opinion Owner I don't know if Lorde uses extensions. 1388 Anonymous How Being Bisexual Almost Ruined My Marriage, And My Life 4164 Anonymous Why Being a Hot Guy Isn't the Be-All, End-All of Life 1719 needsanswers100 Nostalgia Time!

I used to straighten mine often but now I shower 2x a day Reply Opinion Owner Yeah I could never get mine straight on my own lol Reply Asker I have three straighteners and I never straighten my hair.
Haha Reply Opinion Owner I have one but it sucks, it gets straight at first but it doesn't stay that way lol Reply performerwannabe mho 9% Well.

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