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The Blanket Fort is located in a hidden pocket corner somewhere in 221B Baker Street, the flat shared by Mr.
The Fort is currently being run by two Stupidly Adorable Nonagenarians - a pair of trouble-magnet Brooklyn Boys who, despite all protests to the contrary by the supposedly Sane one of this duo, really don't know when to back down from the Good Fight.

The Fort is also inhabited by vampires, hobbits, Elves, dwarves, wayward Valar and Sith Lords, giant robots of the transforming and Jaeger types, Immortals, red-headed Japanese assassins, Jedi Knights, roguish smugglers, princesses and queens with a thing for elaborate hairdos and dragons. Photo via wintersredbookI never thought I would give birth to a hashtag that hit over 100k tweets on Twitter.

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