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Thus, if you have preconceived notions about gorgeous people, rich people, short people, gay people, Irish people, etc – those notions probably came from SOMEWHERE.
All of those things are likely contributing factors as to why a man might be 42 and never married. So now you’re faced with this very real dilemma – is this man a victim of circumstance, or is he the common denominator in all of his relationship failures?
But what if he was living with a woman for seven years who didn’t believe in traditional marriage? So now you’re faced with this very real dilemma – is this man a victim of circumstance, or is he the common denominator in all of his relationship failures? This doesn’t mean you should enter into a relationship with a forty-something bachelor with the expectation of failure.
It does, however, mean that he didn’t become a forty-something bachelor by making great decisions in love.
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I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. Just over 3 years ago I was working two part-time temp jobs and earning less than $25,000 a year.
Just over three years ago a long dry spell in my dating life ended when two women asked me out on the same day.
During that time I also started reading dating advice, so now I have a better understanding of what I’m doing. It’s unfair to make a judgement call on this guy based on superficial characteristics, but Evan echoed my sentiments. Can you imagine anyone, dating expert or not, advising people not to date divorcees in their 40s? Instead, dating experts will advise people to date that demographic, but be alert for warning signs. I’m cynical about the prospects for long distance relationships so I would advise you on *that* factor alone to move on. Maybe he didn’t want to take a vow to be with someone the rest of his life if he was unsure in his heart that he could keep that vow.
I would, however, be interested in finding out if he knows the reasons why he hasn’t done what he wanted to do and if he is doing anything differently now to correct it. I hear from loads of men who live in different states from me, yet I will not engage them in anything long distance.
I would rather marry someone who is 21 and had never been married, even though I would not have much in common with her, than I would marry a divorcee of any age.
Perhaps, just perhaps he might be a more sincere and loyal partner than someone who married to go along with his partner’s wishes, or some other spurious reason. I think if a 42 year old man I was interesting in told me he had never been married, I would be listening with a raised brow. One thing I have learned the hard way is to really, really listen to what he tells you, no matter how significant it may seem, including jokes, stories of other people, you name it, because there are clues there, big ones.
Can’t we perhaps flip this and say that Kate is actually expanding her options and her chance to find love by considering someone who is outside her local area? What I do know is that I too, actually tried not to get involved with people that had never been married only from the standpoint that the experience of actually making that commitment hadn’t been made in the past. And for those that are already in that boat, learning from past experiences and *behaving differently in the future* is the most important thing. I have to wonder also, if they talk often, for as long as 5 hours at a time wouldn’t some information regarding previous relationships naturally have come out? Personally I would not date a guy over 40 who hasn’t been married, that is a long time not to legally commit… not even a youthful, silly marriage? This time last year I ended it with a 43 year old never married man, found out he was a passive-aggressive player, by listening to what he said about the women in his past. And if they were marriages that ended in divorce (which they would’ve HAD to be, for him to date you), what they would all have in common would still be HIM! I do think that alot of these dyed in the wool bachelors  may have personality disorders that make it impossible to sustain relationships and they break alot of hearts when women try to make something happen with them. Got any photos and ideas of what a tall, reasonably fit, 40-year-old man look like with his shirt off? Images of most professional athletes, like Laird Hamilton, aren't terribly useful, because their bodies are often not reasonable for workaday slubs to aspire to, at least not in the short term. Same for guys like Hugh Jackman whose physique is part of his calling card and the result of intense personal training beyond the reach of mere civilians.
George Clooney might fit the bill, but I can find only the one image via Google, and it's just plain goofy. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw a photo of Matt Lauer in swim trunks.

Well, a particular opera singer my wife finds to be compelling looks like this, this, and this.
Actually, if you are talking about reasonably, average-guy kind of fit (not gym-rat fit), then Barack Obama comes to mind for me.
As tempted as I am to provide the fourth mention or link to Obama in this thread, I'll just point out that Sean Connery was 44 (maybe 43) when this picture was taken. Well, I'm a reasonably fit 40 year old male, by no means a gym rat, and I'm built pretty much exactly like that Cassell guy fire&wings posted above. I'm not going to go searching for pics of shirtless men while I'm at work, but the host of Dirty Jobs on Discovery, Mike Rowe, is in his mid-40's and in reasonable but not movie-star shape, and appears shirtless once in a while. Maudlin, I was so worried that that would be a link to something Zardoz-related, and yet I clicked on it anyway. The shots of Obama are useful, too, because clearly, he's been a busy guy over the past year or two. I run across many sorts of people in that age range all day long and, well, most of them have a small belly, if not more. To me, 'reasonably fit' means someone who's clearly in decent physical condition, but has got a few extra pounds, a bit of a spare tire maybe, stuff like that. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. According to Japanese and Chinese sources, a man in Guangdong, China has apparently fattened up his girlfriend, encouraging her to eat as much as possible until she’d gained 40 kilograms (88 pounds). While we are a bit worried about the medical implications of nearly doubling your body weight, we do have to say that they’re a cute couple and we wish them the best. Model Miranda Kerr is hungry for tonkatsu in her new Japanese commercial, but what’s she selling? Why buy a new car when you could get this life-sized anime girl statue for the same price? Past and present photos of Japanese fashion models make us wonder, where have all the gyaru gone? Enter your email address to follow RocketNews24 and receive notifications of new posts by email. There are loads of companies now offering gift certificates for experiences, like hot air ballooning, helicopter flying, white water rafting and other such manly pastimes.
Not all the experiences that you can buy vouchers for are tailored to the needs of an adrenaline junky. Another idea on what to get a guy for his birthday is a sophisticated selection of imported beers. Not all men are beer monsters, but many do enjoy a tipple.
Here’s another tip on what to get a guy for his birthday, that you can tailor precisely to the man in question, a magazine subscription. This is a no brainer if it’s for your boyfriend or husband, but how about for another guy in your life? If the guy you are buying a gift for is a sports fan, then find out which his favorite team is and check online at their website. The unhealthy part of stereotyping is not necessarily the stereotype itself, but the assumption that ALL people in the category fit the stereotype. Unlike his counterparts who took such a vow, believing they could always get a divorce if the marriage became untenable for whatever reason.
So if a woman hasn’t been married by 35 or 40, that is a big red flag and she also should be avoided or treated with caution, right?
For example, if he claims to just not have met the right girl yet, is he doing things to meet more people that may be a match for him, etc. A 5 hour drive or train ride isn’t as difficult as as a 5-hour plane trip that requires a certain amount of planning. It’s also worth discussing early on whether or not either of you would be willing or able to move if it came to that.
Rules are great as guidelines, but let your own experience, knowledge, and gut feeling, be your guide.
Potential red flags come up after I know their history, as there can be reasonable and understandable explanations for their current status. I know what my boundaries are and I know that I will not and cannot relocate for someone at this time in my life nor date with any regularity, if he’s a thousand miles away or even a hundred which can also be difficult. If you feel that strong of a chemistry and connection with him, then try to meet as quickly as you can vs. In fact, some Jew said a really long time ago that it is adultery to marry a divorced person, or for a divorced person to remarry. They may even want to re-marry, but that doesn’t necessarily make them great prospects. If we trusted and believed in our ability to know pretty early on whether someone was shady or not, we’d be less worried about trusting people in general, which would only help our future relationships as well. I would imagine that shirtless pictures of movie stars from the 40-50s (or so) would fit the bill.

The examples we're offering here, while not movie star quality, still need to keep fit to a large degree.
Or do you want people whose relative fitness and attractiveness are a big part of their jobs? Or, conversely, is a little overthin, not well-muscled, but not extremely so (even though recent research shows it's healthier to be fit and somewhat fat than sedentary and skinny).
Some tales are so bizarre that we’re not sure which end of the spectrum they lie on, such as this one, in which a man in China allegedly met a girl, fell in love, and then got her to nearly double her body weight through massive amounts of food.
They’re not as expensive as you might think, so check it out on the internet, and he can arrange when he wants to go, so there is no need to organize anything yourself.
If the guy you are shopping for would prefer a more sedate day out, then you can also get things like a man’s spa day, gourmet dining or wine tasting experience. You can buy some really interesting beer gift sets that contain a selection of unusual, imported beers, some savory snacks to go with them and often an explanation of how and where the different beers are made. So another idea on how to surprise your man or what to get a guy for his birthday is – buy him a box set of graphic novels. They are not about to go down the local comic book store and browse with the nerds, but if you buy them in some graphic novels store, than these are books, not comics! You can choose the publication to fit the guy and you can usually select the length of subscription; one year, six months or three months, to suite your budget. You can get pretty much anything personalized now and a mug is always a safe and inexpensive gift. Perhaps your mother and father has not been out to dinner for a while, so book a table for both of them at a restaurant for his birthday, and give them both a treat.
You can buy them for all different tastes with sections of cheeses, wines, beers, snacks and pretty much anything you can think of. You can buy gift sets or baskets for most teams and different types of sports, and he’ll just love it. We have great long conversations, many that last 5 hours long, he’s commented how great our conversations are. Women say all the time that they aren’t willing to settle for less than they want and deserve, whether they are being realistic or not.
Personally, I don’t think the distance between Chicago and Minneapolis is insurmountable. And honestly, I am always a little perplexed by the guys who continue to state that distance is not a problem for them, unless they are a traveler likely looking for an out-of-town fling. Most of the long time bachelors I’ve seen around or I hear abour well they seem to stay that way. Physical fitness (in the contemporary sense involving dedicated trainers, special diets, etc.) had not established itself yet, but, of course, the movie stars still tried to look good with their shirts off. Yes there are professional body builders that have gone to the extreme, but it has more pictures of vain, fit, shirtless men than you can shake a stick at. If my job required me to maintain a level of fit-ness -- one that require special diets and a lot more time in the gym -- a level that's not at all average, doesn't it become less reasonable for the HVAC guy? And when he popped the question, they were surrounded by chefs from the restaurants where they apparently often ate, like magical food gnomes. There’s no doubt that when it comes to choosing gifts, guys are always more difficult, than girls to buy for. You can now get sunglasses that have a fully operational video camera built into the frames.
It just shows a bit more effort and thought, than buying something straight from the store shelf and it will mean more to him; he will always think of you every time he drinks his morning coffee.
What if he spent five years in a dead-end relationship and has had difficulty getting back out there? If a man assumes the same attitude, how is that wrong while the woman is admired for being empowered and independent? I also doubt that a guy who is having lengthy phone conversations with you over a period of weeks is a player. If you’ve had such lengthy phone conversations, has the subject of relationships ever come up? While the odds are not great for successful, long-lasting LTRs, they CAN work, so all the best to you.
On the other hand, there are a lot of photos, so either someone has gone to a lot of trouble to create this hoax or it’s actually true. Doesn’t matter whether it’s your dad, your brother or your boyfriend, it’s still a tough task.
Players generally don’t want to put that kind of time in a relationship over such a distance.

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