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Since the Tyler Foundation began making grants in 2000, its annual disbursements have averaged approximately $650,000 per year. One cold December day in the early 1980s, Mitt Romney loaded up his Gran Torino with firewood and brought it to the home of a single mother whose heat had been shut off just days before Christmas. Years after a business partner died unexpectedly, Romney helped the man’s surviving daughter go to medical school with loans for tuition – loans he forgave when she graduated. And in 1997, when a fellow church member’s teenage son fell seriously ill, Romney sprinted to the hospital in the dead of night, where he kept vigil with his terrified parents. That story begins in the aftermath of the wildfires that engulfed San Diego in the fall of 2007, consuming dozens of homes in Reed Fisher’s neighborhood and nearly his own. Fisher told CBS News the fire did burn a hole through a fence and caught the corner of his house.
While the house was being repaired Fisher got a call from a fellow Mormon, one of his son’s friends, offering help. On April 4, 1995, four of Mark and Sheryl Nixon’s six children were driving back from a youth group meeting outside Boston when the driver of the minivan they were in lost control of the vehicle, which side-swiped a utility pole, struck two trees and flipped over. New to the Boston area and without the means to pay for their sons’ care, the Nixons had few places to turn for help.
Romney later offered to pay for the boys’ college education and participated in a 5K road race and fundraiser for them. Late one summer night in 1993, distraught over his descent into alcoholism and drug use, Mr.
When Clayton Christensen, a Harvard business professor, and his wife, Christine, felt overwhelmed by church obligations, Mr. In the back office of his Weston, Mass., headquarters a quarter-­century ago, Mitt Romney, the chief Mormon authority in the Boston area, told the leader of his Spanish-speaking congregation that he would not directly pay for lawyers to help the growing number of illegal immigrants in his church.
During the visit to the shelter, Smith said Romney first looked at the shelter’s books for about 45 minutes and then took a tour of the facility. The next day, Smith said, the newspapers were killing him for the remark, and Romney called Smith to apologize. When the daughter of Bob Gay, a Bain colleague who once sat with Romney on the church’s high council, vanished, Romney shut down his Bain offices and arranged for a search party. The screams came from Robert Morrissey, of New Jersey, his wife, their two adult children, two family friends, and the family dog. The family…were sailing peacefully in their 20-foot long wooden boat until it began to take on water.
Romney and his sons followed the shouts to find the group floating in the darkness treading water alongside their dog.
The Governor heaved the youngest two women onto his Jet Ski, a three-seater, and raced back to shore.
Click the links above, all of which have much longer accounts of these and other stories of Romney’s good works. Share on Facebook 1 1 SHARES The Clinton campaign has responded to the devastating State Department report on her email practices, and the response a doozy (although a predictable one).
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After a 40 minute train ride (I could've sworn last time it wasn't that long) we finally arrived. We got the Shuttle Bus for 10 minutes with about 50-60 other people (it's only supposed to hold around 30 ).

We got half price entry (only ?16!!!) and dashed for Stealth as we still needed the credit. We are off to Thorpe on Sunday with some of the guys from work, some of which have never been to a theme park before and some have only been to Alton Towers. These pages are in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Cedar Fair, Legoland, Merlin Entertainment, Blackstone, Tussaud's Group, Six Flags, Universal Theme Parks, the Walt Disney Company or any other theme park company.
The foundation’s most active years were 2003 and 2008, with approximately $2 million given away in each.
The boys underwent numerous surgeries, and the family quickly incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenses, not only for the treatments but also for a special van and an addition to their house to accommodate their sons’ conditions. On Christmas Eve, the Romney family showed up at the Nixon home unannounced, bearing large boxes full of gifts, including a stereo system, VCR and a generous check for Rob, Reed and the entire Nixon family. In subsequent years, he also made large financial gifts to a golf tournament in their honor.
Clark, then a 19-year-old college student, decided to confess that he had strayed from his Mormon faith. Romney set up small storefront churches in rough areas of town, with the hope of drawing them back,” but to no avail. Then he carefully instructed his subordinate on how to circumvent the Mormon Church’s new hard line against such assistance and subsidize their legal aide.
The following day, the milkman showed up, offloaded his milk and gave Smith a bill that was half of its normal size. After she was found shaken but safe in New Jersey, Romney boarded a bus to the airport with John Hoffmire, another Bain colleague who belonged to the church.
The two Romney sons stayed with the rest of the family until the Governor returned to ferry the rest of the family, and their dog, safely to dry land.
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Keeping your knees bent at the same angle, about somebody the doing you can without straining with each crunch. We packed our bags with pretty much nothing (other than lunch, a camera and batteries) and we *finally left the house at 6:45.
Stealth loomed nearer and nearer as we got closer, adding that slight tension as the train peaked the hill.
We saw another train peak right in front of us, dashed for the queue and found out it had broken down. We needed to get to Shenfield Station, but we got kicked off the train at Gidea Park which is an hour walk or a 10 minute train ride. In 2010, the most recent year for which data is available, the foundation hit its average, donating $650,000.
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This was another new ride for Carole, to which she was pretty shaken up by it, but she said later she loved it. The money came from Anleu’s budget, but, as Anleu noted decades later, it was a budget sustained by Romney’s office. Many of the Central Americans, he said, simply walked across the border into Texas and made their way up to Boston.
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From unboarding the train to loading and checking the restraints only took anywhere between 30 and 40 seconds!
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