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Today We are going to speak about how to wear jeans with boots this winter 2013-2014 season. The talented women of Guatemalaa€™s indigenous communities simply wove their way into my heart. Surely in another universe I ended up blowing my entire budget right there in the marketplace. And yet, in this reality at least, I remained strong and ended up with a few fabulous items that will be used often and cherished for years.
I really wanted first hand knowledge of what the weavers lives were like beyond a simple transaction, so I went to Martsam Travel, who offers tailor made tours in the Central America region. BONUS: Pastores is a small village just outside of Antigua that specializes in leather boots.
My friend had some custom made with her own choice of fabric, which took about a week to make.
About the author: Kathryn Lejeune is a documentary filmmaker, artist, and writer with a passion for travel, art, and culture. If you are wearing slim bottoms, skinny and leggings jeans then it's better to team them with ankle boots.

After telling them of my interest, they set up an intimate village tour in the Antigua region that revealed a wealth of personal stories. During a visit to a local home, where we also shared a delicious lunch, a young girl proudly showed off her intricate tapestry. Women can look at one another and immediate know what village each is from, as well as a host of other personal information such as married or single and social status.
Ita€™s a bit of a drive, but ita€™s the largest handicrafts market in Central America every Thursday and Sunday. Perched above Lake Atitlan near Panajachel, this market is perfect those who cana€™t make a market day in Chichitelango. Explore the maze like stalls of El Mercado and the neighboring- though more tourist centric- handicraft market for great finds.
At another shop, I had a completely custom pair of leather sandals made from my own design! You may find her sipping whiskey in the speakeasies of Los Angeles, exploring medieval cities in Italy, or getting happily lost in the countryside of Cambodia– depending on the day. Once disregarded by the majority of the population, indigenous textiles have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

Birds are their specialty- a long held tradition celebrating the many types of colorful birds in the area. Also dona€™t miss Nim Pa€™ot, located near the arch, which offers artisanal goods from around the country, organized by region.
She has been published in LADIES Magazine, Les Femmes Folles: Women in Art, and is a regular contributor to Los Angeles Travel Magazine. Of course during winter time the popularity of skinny jeans grows, as you can team them almost with any kind of shoes. Booties with skinny jeans look chic, as well as high heeled shoes go perfect with skinnies.
Here belo you will find images which will inspire you how to wear jeans with boots this winter.

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