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When choosing a flattering hairstyle, women over 50 usually look their best with something that keeps the focus on the upper face.
In addition, if your hair is thinner than it used to be, a short style makes it far easier to create texture and volume with no long lengths weighing the hair down. So here are some of the best short styles for 50+ women modelled especially for you by these well-known celebrities!
Here are three great examples of women over 50 who know how to use the basic bob style to create a face-flattering and fashionable look. Meryl Streep looks effortlessly elegant with a style that is stacked at the back to give a trendy ‘bump’ of volume at the back. Dame Helen Mirren is definitely a hair icon for women over 50 and this bob style is cut to emphasise her lovely cheekbones.
These three short cuts all have trendy textured ends to give a contemporary touch and emphasise the flicked up layers.
Jane Fonda has always had flattering hairstyles and this example shows how height on top, a piecey fringe for softness and added width at the temples creates a very attractive style that accentuates her eyes.
Cloris Leachman’s modern, spiky look creates a fabulous shaggy silhouette that focusses on the forehead and draws attention away from her nose.
And the bonus to these layered styles is that you can also wear them smooth and sleek, too! And to really shorten a long face, you should choose a side-parting and have a long, side-swept fringe to cover the forehead and end just past the eyebrows. Sharon has an oval face-shape and so the trendy center parting suits her perfectly and shows off her nicely rounded forehead. Most women over 50 find that one of the many short hair styles for older women give them their ‘best’ look. It’s also quite normal for women to experience a change in the thickness or texture of your hair during your 50’s.
Super-straight styles are not the most flattering for mature women and you should try to get a little volume and movement in your hairstyle.
This is because there are lots of layers which can be styled to give you volume on top or around the sides and back, to balance out your face shape perfectly.
Jane Fonda and Raquel Welch are great fans of short shaggy haircuts and have been wearing them for years, in a selection of different short styles,which they just tweak each season to stay totally up-to-the-minute with style, colour and highlighting trends. Coarse hair also looks great with a short shag cut, as you can get plenty of natural shape razored into your thick, bushy hair and enjoy a very easy-care style!
Another of the latest trends that will add a modern touch to your look is the asymmetric bob. Long faces look good with a chin-length, sliced bob that creates some nicely rounded volume at the sides, to add width at cheekbone level.

Pixie cuts are trendy for everyone this year and this is good news for anyone searching for short hair styles for older women! Pixie cuts with a long, sweeping asymmetrical fringe are very popular and along with a spiky textured finish, smooth waves or lively, tousled curls are all giving older women the chic short hairstyles that really flatter. The new season’s short formal hairstyles are fabulous, because they are imaginative and very face flattering! There are several styles that build on the success of the universally flattering asymmetric bob. One of my favourite twists on the asymmetric bob is the styles that have a pretty cascade of curls falling on the longer side.
Short formal hairstyles are increasingly showing up with shades of violet and pink, in layered highlights.
Shag cuts are rapidly taking over as everyone realises the many benefits of this contemporary look. If you are going for a rainbow colour balayage, on a short formal hairstyle, a good tip is to keep the coloured strands away from the hair framing your face. Then you can place a more natural colour in the hair around your face and keep the overall look beautifully colour-balanced!
If you have a short formal hairstyle, your eyes will be accentuated anyway and if you choose a highlight colour that matches your eyes, it’s a fantastic high-fashion way to steal all the attention!
Short, formal hairstyles are by definition trendy, as a well-shaped pixie cut, or a short bob ending at ear-lobe level can be styled with perfect smoothness or with a quirky quiff and ‘gelled up’ texture on the top.
This year the shops are busily selling the latest hair accessories that allow anyone to chop and change the look of their short, formal hairstyles in just a few seconds! This means hair should not be longer than chin-length as this will emphasise any down-turned lines on the face.
A trendy style with defined lines stops gray hair from being ageing and makes it a modern and eye-catching hair-color choice! The chin-length bob flatters almost everyone and with tapered tips for texture and layering, this is a casual, pretty and easy-style choice for fine hair. And with the hair casually pushed behind one ear, makes the perfect place to show off a pair of stunning earrings. By flicking up the layers just above chin level you get the illusion of more width that minimises a sharp chin. Jamie Lee Curtis has a long face and so she doesn’t have any added volume on the top that would lengthen her face.
Dame Judi has a square jaw and uses the pretty, tousled volume on top to balance her face shape beautifully.
And although it’s now quite acceptable for women who still love long hair, to keep it at shoulder-length, the short hairstyles for older women do tend to flatter the face more!

For example, some women notice their hair is thinner and if you have a lot of grey hair, this may be coarser making it difficult to style and control. And with a little styling cream, the layers can be lightly curled or waved to give fine or thinning hair the density and volume it may lack. The geometric, angled bobs are especially suitable for balancing out a round face, as the strong asymmetric lines counteract the roundness in full cheeks. Although there’s no need to cut your hair short as you get older, the fact is that a lot of us find that a short style can knock years off how old we look! These are some of the more common hairstyles which you can review and consider for yourself! Those of you who have naturally curly hair can wear your curls with pride as they are right back in fashion – at last! This season, the difference between the lengths of the sides is greater than previously, making a stronger, creative contrast and with textured, uneven tips the finished look is curly – but edgy!
These can be one on top of the other, or in side-by-side stripes, which can create a truly stunning short formal hairstyle for a very special event. Short formal hairstyles are easy to achieve on a shag cut – even though it is a decidedly casual look, because you can add a bold burst of colour in one of the fantastic new highlight patterns for a ‘dressed-up’ shag. This avoids the problem of a colour that you really love, but which really doesn’t harmonise well with your complexion.
And it’s not just the same old headbands we are used to seeing in hair accessory stands – this year the amount of creativity in the accessories is amazing! Today, we have gathered the most popular and trendy looks for this 2014-2015 year which were seen on different celebrities. As you can see, there is a great variety of possible length and shapes as seen in the photos.
This cut is so bright and beautiful, that can be teamed with any clothing set, starting from work appropriate to cocktail parties attire. Everything depends on your face shape: square face looks amazing in a graduated bob, while round face girls may try a lob.
The short versions will suit your heart shaped face, so you can try to update it with blunt, full fringed and inverted cuts.

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