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Personally, I think the modern games missed a golden opportunity when it decided to do away with naked competition. If the Swimsuit Issue is the semi-hot, older mom on the block who desperately wants to be cool and relevant, (think Regina George’s mom in Mean Girls) The Body Issue is that spunky, tough, and intimidatingly awesome girl at school who doesn’t seem to give a crap. The Body Issue is filled with pictures of athletes, real athletes not models, in their birthday suits. I love it because, besides the nakedness, it celebrates athletes by showing us what years of hard work looks like and what kind of strength different sports require.

The athletes have spent their lives training and sacrificing to become the best in their sports and they look damn fine under their uniforms.
The magazine celebrates athletics bodies, bodies capable of accomplishing amazing things on the field or court, and dear me, is it full of beautiful pictures.When I first saw the list I was most excited about the inclusion of basketball stud (and mom) Candace Parker and soccer stud Abby Wambach. Both women gave interviews about why they chose to be part of the issue and how they think of their bodies. It’s refreshing to have women in a magazine talking about their body as an instrument they use to compete at the highest level of sport and not as something with problems that they need to fix.

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