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This just reminds me of that one shield promo where romain called her baby girl, she didn’t pay it much mind. I replied above thinking you were a child, but 47, and you believe everything in the wrestling rumor news.
Where are you getting all this bull shit from, they have been dating, she never had any heat whit wwe over been whit dean, Hhh was whit cyhna and steph, so he ain’t going to say that, look at the number of couples in the wwe, you idiot. Welcome to PWManiaYou'll find information on this website about the following: WWE News, WWE Rumors, WWE Spoilers, WWE Results, TNA News, TNA Rumors, TNA Spoilers, TNA Results, John Cena, Vince McMahon, Impact Wrestling, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, WWE Divas, TNA Knockouts, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, PPV Results, and much more!
As one of WWE’s top Superstars, Ambrose is naturally among the most yearned for wrestlers among female fans. After assaulting The Authority with a hot dog cart (along with everything in it) on Raw in Brooklyn, New York, on Oct. Although the two often travel together and obviously hang out a lot, it is said that they don’t consider themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. Ambrose made Philadelphia his home for two years while he was wrestling for Combat Zone Wrestling and other independent promotions.

While Young doesn’t acknowledge her relationship with Ambrose, she implied being with him at that game with this photo on Instagram. This led to number of harsh messages from fans of Ambrose and she eventually deleted the photo. The harsh messages are nothing new for her as she has been getting a lot of heat on social media over her relationship with the popular WWE Superstar for months now; it flares up whenever a new photo of the two being spotted together outside of a WWE venue surfaces online.
September 2, 2015 – Dean Ambrose says his WWE broadcaster girlfriend Renee Young is too good for him. As the longest-reigning Divas Champion of all-time, Nikki Bella knows how to bring the heat in the ring and outside of it.
She knew at the time Roman was engaged to his current wife, the mother of his child, whom he was with for almost a decade! It’s been confirmed 5 days ago that they are infact had been dating and they are in love. They are dating you idiot, there is lots of video of them saying they are dating, and Ambrose saying he’s so lucky, she is to good for him.

Based on numerous photographs that have surfaced online of the two together outside of WWE arena, it would certainly appear to be the case.
He also said that he would be at the Wells Fargo Center again Thursday to cheer on the Flyers during their home opener against the New Jersey Devils.
And second of all, you think that you are classy, but people who judge other people for what they wear are trashy!! It sounds also that you might be a little jealous of reene been whit dean, why does dean float your boat. I wouldn’t be with anything less than the optimal, most beautiful, most tremendous girl in the world.

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