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He was a sacred king killed and eaten in an eucharistic ritual for fecundity and purification. Christian story of Jesus multiplying the jars of wine at the wedding feast of Cana (Jn 2:1-9). Side A: Hephaistos splits open the skull of Zeus with a mallet, releasing the goddess Athene from his head.
Zeus, Athena's father, swallowed his titan wife, Metis, with fear that her child would overthrow him.
A young woman named Arachne challenged Athena in a weaving contest; as a result Athena turned her into a spider.
Athena turns a beautiful mortal, Medusa, into a Gorgon monster with a gaze that will turn you to stone and the hair of snakes for disgracing Athena in more ways than one. In the contest of the naming of Athens, Athena gave the city an olive tree, while Poseidon gave them a saltwater spring (in other stories Poseidon gave them a horse). All gods had fled in fear of the giant Typhon, and changed into their animal form, all except for Athena and her father, Zeus.They stood their ground for a while, but it was not enough. Athena was a talented flute player, as she created it, but others ridiculed her when she played due to her cheeks.
Athena was an avid supporter of the Greeks in the Trojan War, due to the fact that Paris, a Trojan prince, didn't grant her the apple, meaning he didn't think that she was the fairest.
There are still an innumerable number of appearances and effects that she presented in this epic battle.
Athena possessed a special bond with Oddysseus, and when he got lost on his voyage home to Ithaca, she lent him a helping hand in more than one way. Athena and Poseidon are mad at the Greeks because of all of the assistance they have given them in the Trojan War, they have not thanked them with the slightest of praise - except Oddysseus.
Kang sees mutants as a threat to his rule so he kidnaps the Apocalypse Twins, Uriel and Eimin, and raises them to hate humans. Zeus was nearly eaten by Cronus to prevent him from usurping his father as King of the Gods.
Vandal Savage was a caveman, who became immortal after exposure to radiation from a mysterious meteorite.
Vandal has many descendants but insists on an heir from Scandal as her mother is the only woman he ever loved. Long before Norman Osborn AKA Green Goblin became Spider-Man’s archenemy, he tormented his own son, Harry. Norman completely gives up on Harry as an heir and attempts to brainwash Peter Parker into becoming the Green Goblin. Max Eisenhardt survived the Holocaust only to become the very thing he hated when his mutant powers manifested. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver eventually grow weary of their treatment and attempt to leave but Magneto imprisons them. A childhood flashback reveals Lorna Dane AKA Polaris is also Magneto’s daughter in X-Factor #243.
The king of the gods is shown seated on a swan-backed chair, holding a lightning bolt in his hand. He was regarded as the god of the sky and weather and his image appeared on many Greek coins. Zeus recieved a splitting headache and asked his son Hephaestus to relieve him of his pain. One day, during a practice session Athena's father Zeus interfered with his shield, Aegis (now Athena's), and Pallas looked into the gorgon's eyes and fell fatally ill. She helped her father Zeus call Heracles for assistance, who later proved to be the driving force, along with guiding him on his way through battle.
When Typhon had gained control of nearly every existing thing on the planet, Athena and Dionysus confronted him.
In disgust, she threw away the flute and said whoever picked it up and played it would be severely punished. They especially despised Athena, for eyes like owls, Hermes, for being a thief, and Artemis, for embracing the forest. She is a prominent figure in this war, and is probably one of the main reasons the Greeks won this epic battle. Hence, Athena's presence in the Trojan War was one of the greatest influences for the outcome. She played such a large rule in his safe arrival home, that she was mentioned exactly 162 times in Homer's Oddyssey.
The gods, feeling sorry for Oddysseus, and the hardships his journey home has acquainted him with, decide to offer assistance. He allows his daughter, Nyssa Raatko, and her children to be killed by Nazis in Batman: Death and the Maidens.
He teaches the twins that peaceful coexistence is impossible by dropping them in a mutant concentration camp run by the Red Skull in Uncanny Avengers #12. Like father like son, Zeus orders the death of his son when a witch prophesied he would take his throne as revealed in the First Born origin story featured in Wonder Woman 23.2. Spidey distracts the Green Goblin by getting the megalomaniac to explain his origin in Amazing Spider-Man #40. When that fails, he tries to convince Harry to man up and become an Iron Man knockoff called American Son.

Her powers manifest during at airplane flight while her parents fight over the identity of her real father. After Jean Grey seemingly died, Scott marries Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean secretly created by Mr. Mourning for her lost friend, Athena decided to honor Pallas and changed her name to Pallas Athena. With her shield, the Aegis, Typhon became petrified in terror, giving the gods a solid, great lead in the dangerous battle. Outraged, the three gods and goddesses disguised themselves and went to the family's house. Every time she is mentioned, though the action may be small, it was one thing less that Oddysseus had to worry about and one step closer to Ithaca. They help him in many different ways, though his path to Ithica is still presented with many obstacles.
A princess of Korinthos, Alikinoe was punished for not paying a weaver the wages which she owed, resulting in betrayal to her husband, whom she loved. Daedalus was a prominent figure in his field, craftsmanship and invention, due to the fact that Athena guided him along the way.
His son previously betrayed him and he explains that while he was content to die and allow his heir take over, he now that he’s still in charge he can not abide traitors. Kang stands by and watches as Uriel is forced to blind Eimin for seeing an opportunity to escape.
The witch leaves the baby in wild to give him a chance at the behest of Zeus’ wife, Hera. He conquers the world under numerous assumed identities including the Genghis Khan and Vlad the Impaler.
Vandal tries to strong-arm her by sending assassins after her friends in Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation. Norman gives a delusional narration of a flashback showing him neglecting his son then buying him off with gifts.
He was eventually cured his evil persona but it re-emerged during Marvel’s Inferno saga, which was trigger by another bad dad. His true intention is to sacrifice his son and turn it into a political victory in his rise to power as the superhero Iron Patriot. His family is seemingly killed in an attack by angry villagers but his twin children survived, unbeknownst to him.
The supervillain claims he no longer wants to dominate humans and simply wishes for mutants to live in peace.
Hephaistos waves one hand, in imitation of an Eileithyia (birth goddess) bringing forth a child. When they discovered who they really were, behind the disguises, they began to yell insults.
At the battle of Penthesilea, Athena fought along side the famous Greek warrior, Achilles. Finally, after numerous years of wondering, Oddysseus arrives home to Ithica, finally able once more to see his caring wife, Penelope. Aias turned insane when he threatened to kill some of Greece's greatest warriors and leaders in the Trojan War. The First Born is raised by hyenas and fathers a hybrid army, which he marches to Mount Olympus to take the throne he was denied. He was focused solely on working to become rich and powerful, which he did in part by getting his business partner arrested. X-Men leader Cyclops walked out his family leading to his wife, Madelyne Pryor, becoming the Goblin Queen and unleashing the demons. Harry is reluctant to put on the suit until he learns his father impregnated his girlfriend, Lily Hollister, in Amazing Spider-Man #599. Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlet Witch and Pietro Maximoff AKA Quicksilver are raised by gypsies, who are also attacked by angry villagers. They both know the only reason they’re together is because of her resemblance to Jean. Zeus had his golden throne around the highest summit of Mount Olympus and was respected and awed by all Gods and mortals.
Apollo won and punished Marsyas for thinking he was better than him by skinning him alive. Once more infuriated, the three disrespected gods and goddesses transformed Meropis and her family into birds. Laokoon, Poseidon's priest at Troy, was killed by a sea serpents when he nearly reveald the secret of the Trojan horse.
Perdix, who was murdered by his uncle Daedulus, was transformed, after death, to a peasant, to show gratefulness for the gifts he had given mankind. Zeus tells him that only if and when he dies may his son have a chance to assume the throne. Norman used the opportunity to steal his partner’s formula, which blew up and transformed him into the Green Goblin.
Harry started having hallucinations of his father criticizing his parenting skills with his own son, Normie. Harry furiously attacks his father and stops only when Spider-Man convinces him not to throw away all his hard work at building his own legacy.

Magneto saves the young mutants without knowing their relation until years later (supposedly). Aias's madness was fostered due to a contest between him and Oddysseus, for Achilles's armor. Athena took her wisdom, creativity, and skill to a whole other level, letting Oddysseus see that she truly cared about him.
Teuthis, a prince, wounded Athena, insulted, she spread a plague over his kingdom of Arcadia. Teiresius was punished by Athena with blindness, for seeing things pertaining to the goddess that he shouldn't have, but granted with the gift of being an amazing prophesier. In labor 12, she escorted and helped Cerberus and Hercules out of the Underworld; in addition to lessening Hercules madness. The earth open and swallows the First Born, who spends the next 7,000 years to climbing out. Her mother gets revenge by making him falling in love with her then committing suicide, unbeknownst to her daughter. The formula was sabotaged by his son who was tired of being ignored, Harry later revealed in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #14. Peter also appeared as the good angel on his shoulder but the devil won out in Spectacular Spider-Man #180. Norman tells the baby that Harry is dead to him and he’s his only son now but a genetic test later reveals Harry is in fact the father.
The Master of Magnetism redirects bullets intended for him at the Scarlet causing her to lose her memory and enraging her brother. Aeetes, Kadmos, Jason, and Cadamus were taught the secrets of dragon teeth, resulting in a harvest of new, stronger warriors. Vandal then tells his nine-year-old daughter he will kill her mother unless she runs the gauntlet in Secret Six Vol. Eventually, the twins would leave the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants but they would forever live under the shadow cast by the mutant terrorist.
When in high spirits, Zeus was blessing the world with fine weather; in case of bad mood, however, he would throw rain, winds, lightnings and thunderbolts to cause disaster to the mortals. Athena and Hermes didn't like Medusa and gave Perseus, the slayer of Medusa, Hades invisiblity helmet. Nyssa brainwashes her sister Talia to kill their father but he slays her without hesitation. He attempts to entice Namor to join by literally throwing his daughter at him in Uncanny X-Men #6. An inverted Scarlet Witch attempted to use a spell to kill her family in Avengers and X-Men Axis #7. A prophecy reached the Greeks that they couldn't win the war without the help of Philoktetes, who was abandoned on an island.
He was called Jupiter by the Romans and he received that name because it was believed he had exactly the same powers because the Roman god Jupiter! Athena assisted in bringing him back by healing him of harm that had come to him, and convincing him to fight once more for the Greeks. Therefore, she advised him to sow one-half of the dragon's teeth, for companions, along with the advice to throw stones at the warriors, due to danger. Ra’s tells Nyssa that she is ready to be his heir having seen firsthand that the world is sick. The High Evolutionary claimed the gypsies were in fact their parents in Uncanny Avengers #3. His symbols would be the eagle, the oak tree, the royal sceptre as well as the thunder bolt. Madelyne awakes and learns she is a clone then accidentally sells her soul and her babies for revenge in what she thinks is dream. Originally he was a god of the skies and high heavens and during the day Greeks thought of him as the only god who concerned himself with the entire universe.Greeks associated Zeus with justice and well-being. In Jason's quest for the golden fleece, she was an avid supporter and influence on the final outcome.
Athena also killed the priest and his sons who warned the Trojans that the wooden horse, which they thought was a gift, would bring nothing but harm.
This, obviously, infuriated Rhea and when Zeus was born she tricked Cronus into swallowing a rock wrapped in blankets.
His power, although great, was not boundless, Zeus had no control of The Fates and Destiny.
Apocalypse accidentally abducts the clone, Stryfe, who grows up believing he is the original. His winged horse Pegasus carried his lighting bolts and he trained an eagle to retrieve them.

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