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Jewelry at Kohl's - These 14k gold-bonded sterling silver hoop earrings feature spinner balls covered in shimmering crystals. The Savings Guru helps you save money by finding you coupons, deals, and the lowest prices EVER! This is a beautiful crossover hoop earring set in sterling silver and 14 karat yellow gold with a hinged, snap-back clasp. Love, Earth® jewelry is a completely traceable fine jewelry line that, for the first time, gives customers the ability to trace the path of their Love, Earth® jewelry from mine to store by simply going online.
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Featuring .925 sterling silver, this beautiful piece is made from responsibly mined precious metals. Love, Earth® is the beginning of a journey towards a more responsible jewelry industry and is our first step in having all of the gold, silver and diamonds used in the jewelry sold at Sam’s Club locations come from mines and manufacturers that meet Sam’s Club standards and criteria for responsible sourcing. We are solely an eCommerce business so we can provide low prices you wouldn’t find in stores.
Please read some of the reviews at the bottom of the page and see what people thought of the product. These sourcing criteria address environmental and human rights as well as community issues and working conditions.

Each mining partner involved with Love, Earth is required to post a report on how it is complying with our responsible criteria. Each manufacturing partner involved in Love, Earth is required to adhere to and are audited against Sam's Club Ethical Sourcing Standards which cover such issues as compensation, underage labor and health and safety.

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