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Earlier this fall I saw this really amazing post in ReFab Diaries by Betsy of foxglove accessories, where she made earrings out of old postage stamps.
Note: The thicker all of your different materials are, the straighter the pieces will stay during mod podging. I put the pieces in sixe order onto the loop, with beads in between (large piece, bead, mediun piece, bead, small piece); an awesome idea by Betsy on how to keep the pieces a bit separated. Glad you're here!I want to get you excited about making life a bit more beautiful, by doing things yourself. Since our dining table is always just hidden under a pile of my projects, I decided we need another table, or a project desk.
We needed some fun pots to go on our balcony, and I wanted them to match our turquoise sun chairs.

We desperately needed some storage space in our living room, so we went for another IKEA modification. So I got this crazy thought, that it might be nicer for me (and my fellow gym-goers) if my feet got a little extra attention.
Christmas Calendar, Day 2 For the Dancer: Lace Tutu The dancers always have the greatest skirts, don't you think? Authentic Lampwork Murano Glass Miniature Red Bell Pepper Wholesale Venetian Glass Beads, Murano Beads, Swarovski Crystals. I wanted to make earrings, too, but did not have any stamps lying around (since we've lived here only a few months we don't have too many "old" things). Pull the end of the loop through the hole at the other end, and make a "hook" so that the piece coming back towards the earring is longer with the help of pliers.

Instead, I chose a couple of scrap booking pieces of paper that I thought went well together. The technique differs from bead making in that no mandrel is used, rather the animal or object is made right from the cane.

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