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This cone-shaped design is strung with a single glistening black bead that's dipped in polished gold-tone brass.
Tiberio Gonzalez in Peru designs them featuring white pearls and rose quartz the stone of romance. From the 'Padlock' collection, these 'Idle' earrings are cast from polished gold-plated brass in the shape of cylinder bars.
They're designed with the label's signature cone tips that sit behind your lobe and are embellished with glittering cubic zirconia.

This simple pair secures with a bell-back fastening that's embellished with light-catching cubic zirconia.
A lustrous white Akoya pearl and a sleek black onyx cone combine within a setting of 24k goldplated brass, as a double-sided stud earring. Crafted from sterling silver the earrings feature faceted citrine blue topaz amethyst and peridot stones totaling 3.5 carats.
Cast from gold-plated brass, these lustrous earrings are punctuated with a single cone-shaped stud and finished with chains that sway as you walk.

These statement clip earrings are made from crimson-hued resin and beading to resemble the petals of impatiens, a simple yet bold perennial flower. A unique twist on classic hoop earrings, this gold-plated brass pair is strung with two draping box chains.

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