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Now I would always opt for my life and the lives of my family over my hearing, but in planning my personal safety, it would be nice to keep my life and my hearing. There is also the more extreme ?acoustic trauma?, which is an immediate loss of hearing after a sudden, exceptionally loud noise such as an explosion.
All of us should be trying to get the greatest Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) that can be put together.
If you are shooting by yourself, roughly 100 rounds of 140 dB instantaneous noise in a day should not produce hearing damage. If you want to know what the noise level you are exposed to is you can rent noise dosimeters that you can wear.
I guess I better get more rounds through my XD45 to gain it's reliability so it can replace my 9mm at bedside.
I guess if one were thinking and had the presence of mind to do so you could put on a pair of the amplified hearing protectors. When it comes to hearing lost, I doubt if you have to fire a couple of shots indoors, you will mess up your hearing that bad. I would imagine barrel length plays a large part in it as well, and who knows what other factors mite be involved.
Most memorable event was when I fired my 4" 357 in a canyon with sheer walls about 10' high x 20' wide. I grew up in the Southeast, my dad started taking me to auto races (completely unmuffled engines and with no hearing protection) when I was two years old. No it's not cheaper to shoot unless you are talking about $20 a case difference which is nothing compared to the loss of power you get from a 9mm. Did you read my post #26, where I gave actual, real world, present day (right now), pricing? Even the SAS ran their MP5's in semi more than FA and found a fast trigger finger gave them better hits than a fast trigger. A suppressed 9mm with 147gr JHP makes an excellent home defense package for bump-in-the-night scenarios with no need to grab earpro. Personal weapons are what raised mankind out of the mud, and the rifle is the queen of personal weapons. PSA - just a few days ago began offering their PSA lower made - from what I read at the time on their site - 9mm Glock Mags, or accepting both Colt and Glock Mags.
Because you have many widely available parts on AR version, when crucial parts for AKX9 are proprietary. IMO very few 9mm ARs an AKs are bought for home defense there bought as range toys by guys who already have other AR's an AK's.
Let your actual use of the firearm you intend to buy or build dictate the ammo it shoots . I have had several people tell me that it is only after prolonged exposure to loud noises that you get hearing damage. I was always told 9mm was the perfect combination of everything in a self defense situation.
After hearing what all of us non-experts say you may want to go and see an ENT specialist and get his learned opinion.
The Hearing Care Blog lists the 9mm as 159.8 decibels, while the 45 is substantially less at 157 decibels.
I don't know how decibels are measured, if they are a straight scale or like the Richter scale where an increase of 1 is actually an increase of 10. Now when I go to the indoor range or shoot outdoors I use BOTH ear plugs and a good pair of shooting muffs. Decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale, so the difference between those 2 sound levels is substantial. Well, it turns out it could actually have lasting effects on your hearing.  According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), when a person is repeatedly exposed to noise levels of 85 decibels (decibels is the measure of sound intensity) or more, a person can start suffering what is known as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). If you think you hearing has been affected, you should consult your doctor to get a professional diagnosis and a plan for treatment. Ok, so now that we know how important it is to adequately protect our hearing when shooting, we need to figure out what protection will actually work!

I also went a few years without using a headset in my early days of flying that probably didn’t help.
I shoot frequently both a C9 and a 38 special with the 38 seeming louder but definitely deeper in note.
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Shooting safety does not end with the firearm, but extends to the proper handling and care of ammunition as well.
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Posted on April 4, 2014 by OnTargetTn and filed under ear protection, hearing loss, saftey, gun saftey and tagged newsletter. The prosilencer handgun suppressors are manufactured to give you the greatest sound and recoil reduction.
Using a suppressor on your firearm will reduce noise pollution as well as mitigate hearing loss caused by the unsuppressed sound of discharging your weapon.
When firing using a silencer with subsonic ammunition the muzzle blast caused by high temperature, high pressure gasses is suppressed. In the cases where supersonic ammunition is being used, the silencer will suppress the sonic boom caused by the round exceeding the speed of sound. Not only does a suppressor make your firearm quieter and more accurate, but it also reduces or eliminates muzzle flash. To fit a silencer to your firearm you will need to take it to a gunsmith who will be able to cut the thread for it to be screwed on securely. The better earplugs and muffs are approximately equal in sound reductions, although earplugs are better for low frequency noise and earmuffs for high frequency noise. NRR 30 plugs with NRR 20 muffs will give you an effective NRR 45 (add plugs and muffs, then subtract 5). I've been to plenty of concerts where I had temporary loss of hearing, and had a stereo in my old suburban that routinely hit 155db.
The possession of a good rifle, as well as the skill to use it well, truly makes a man the monarch of all he surveys.
Now, these numbers make me believe that I should really consider .45 ACP because it has a more powerful round, and is supposedly quieter for some reason. The Hearing Protection Act (HPA) was recently introduced, with the purpose of removing suppressors from the purview of the National Firearms Act. You might not feel the effects of being exposed to excessive noise now, but you will later on when it might be too late. In 1526 Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta of Gardone received 29 ducats as payment for delivering 185 arquebus barrels sold to the Arsenal of Venice. You should NEVER en-gage in shooting activities with-out first wearing appropriate hearing protection. You'll be able to fire more accurately and more quietly with the original GMS silencer fitted on your 9mm pistol. I was exposed to a .45acp discharging a foot and a half away from me and it rang for the whole day. Shoot with other people and you have to add all the rounds shot cumulatively (10 people shoot 100 rounds and everybody's done for the day; toss a handcannon or 30 cal rifle in and you're back down to 200 rounds cumulative). You can then subtract the adjusted combined NRR of your hearing protection to determine if you're getting too much exposure. I don't however have any sort of scientific qualification to back up my theory, but I did get an A- in 12th grade science. All I remember hearing is what sounded like a high-pitched church bell, and it's still ringing.
But the internet is full of plausible stories of people who had to shoot once indoors in self-defense without ear protection, and are now basically handicapped.

When you are out hunting or at the range you probably use some form of ear protection, but sometimes we forget it at home or it is just not convenient to wear it, so we go without it. Do yourself a favour and always take the necessary precautions when shooting a firearm to protect your hearing. A tradition of uncompromising quality has been carried on uninterrupted through fifteen generations of Berettas.
Both the steel frame and slide of the pistol has had any sharp edges removed making any snagging from the draw very unlikely. In the recent Aurora, Colorado shooting the accused passed by many theaters that were located much closer to his residence. Hearing protection runs the gambit from simple disposable foam plugs to noise cancelling elec-tronic headphones that allow for normal conversation. If you shoot on an indoor range then all the rounds fired while you are on the range go into your total. I shoot a lot of rounds in single shot and burst while in traning in Soviet Army from AK 47, RPG, Makarov ect and don't have any long terms hearing problems. And if a bigger bullet with higher impact is quite a bit quieter (unless these numbers are wrong), then is there an even more powerful round that is even quieter? So you can see that noise from a 9mm is way over the 85 decibel threshold determined by the NIDCD.
As you will have noticed in the infographic, earplugs only reduce noise by approximately 20 to 30 decibels. Using a suppressor on your weapon won’t eliminate the noise entirely, but according to the American Suppressors Association a suppressor should reduce the noise of a gunshot by approximately 20 to 35 decibels. Most of us today are familiar with Beretta, ever since they obtained a contract with the DOD to supply the U.S.
Additionally, many believe that the location of the Newtown shooting, a school, was not random either.
If the noise levels are 150 dB the resultant acceptable exposure time with the given plugs and muffs is 1 hour and 4 hours if the noise level is 140 dB.
So you can see that it doesn't take very long on a range to have a thousand rounds popped off around you. Got confused and thought I was using my ear muffs, fire a round and just heard a ringing sound. To give you an idea just how loud a gunshot from a 9mm pistol is, a jet taking off is measured at approximately 140 decibels! The best protection will be to use earplugs in combination with additional ear protection, such as passive earmuffs or electronic earmuffs. Together with the other protection methods, it will greatly reduce the affect that the noise will have on your hearing. Rotate your stock of ammunition by practicing the “first in - first out” rule just as you do with the milk in your refrigerator. I doubt that you would suffer any significant permanent hearing loss from one event unprotected.
Repeated it a couple of times like I said above but by the end of the day, my hearing was fine.
But, the biggest advantage we have noticed is the mild recoil and report is ideal for introducing novice shooters to a shoulder fired weapon.
By combining earplugs with earmuffs, you will increase the protection given to your hearing. Two magazines come standard; one being a seven round variety with the other having a eight round capacity and a bumper. Very rich coco-bolo grips provide for a sur-prisingly positive purchase and a machined skeletonized aluminum match grade trigger rounds out the list of this pistols options. During the debate we actually heard that there are “good” bullets and “bad” bullets!However, part of the answer can be found in more guns not less.
Every state where concealed carry has been enacted has seen a reduc-tion in their crime rate.

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