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Hearing loss results in more than just losing your hearing: you can feel like you've lost your friends and family too.
In a new campaign from Bloke Creative, Connect Hearing aims to lift people out of their denial state by jolting them into action. Connect Hearing assists people with their hearing difficulties through hearing assessments and counselling, innovative digital hearing instruments and other helpful listening devices. One day after I rode to nursery school in a carpool, the mother who was driving called my parents and suggested that I get my hearing checked.

It was a good suggestion 40 years ago, when I was four, as tests did reveal a significant hearing loss in both ears.
In my own case, a hearing aid turned out to be the best answer in my left ear, whereas it didn’t work for my right ear. But I did not get a hearing aid until I was in third grade, which is very late by today’s standards. Newborns now have their hearing tested before they leave the hospital, allowing parents to take action, if needed, during those critical early years for language development.

As a result, I did not learn to enunciate certain consonants correctly, and had to meet with a speech pathologist for several years.
In children with profound deafness, options include cochlear implants or American Sign Language.

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