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The treatment works by inserting small acupuncture needles into your skin on specific points on your body. In order to obtain complete cure, you have to find acupuncturists who are professionally certified and trained.
Acupuncture works towards healing the root cause of the illness and not only provides superficial relief from the condition for the time being. Adults and children can safely undertake acupuncture treatment to get relief from tinnitus. The traditional Chinese medicine is not only useful in treatments, but also ensures wellness after curing tinnitus.
My massage therapist referred me to Acupuncture Associates to help alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus. 6 May 2012 by Heiko Lade 4 Comments Tinnitus or ringing in the ears affects millions of people and there is little that western medicine can offer to help.
The constant barrage of sound can be really emotionally debilitating and draining for the patient.
Acupuncture for tinnitus has been researched throughout the western world and already by 1998 Swedish researchers found that acupuncture was found to yield immediate relief, both in terms of loudness and disturbance of the tinnitus with only 15 treatments. In 2008 Turkish researchers concluded that electro-acupuncture stimulation was a useful method to improve the quality of life of patients with tinnitus. More recently Dr Susan E Shore of Michigan University in her research on tinnitus has found that acupuncture when used to treat the nerves in the neck can benefit people suffering from tinnitus.
John Kennedy of The Acupuncture Clinic in Masterton says “The results of this  research from Dr Shore is not surprising.
Acupuncture for tinnitus and Chinese herbs for tinnitus has been used for centuries and is a safe and non evasive treatment. Patients seeking help in the treatment of tinnitus using acupuncture and Chinese herbs need to be thoroughly diagnosed according to a traditional Chinese medical criterion which includes pulse and tongue diagnosis.
About Heiko LadeHi, I'm Heiko Lade - qualified acupuncturist at The Acupuncture Clinic in Hastings, New Zealand. I recently underwent an MRI and have now fond the slight occasional ringing in my ears is now more pronounced especially with watching tab and sleeping. The needles stimulate acupuncture points and improve energy flow, thereby allowing your body to cure itself.
Tinnitus is a very generic condition, but the ringing noise can actually be caused by a number of reasons.

You don’t have to take any medication herbal or otherwise at any point of time during the treatment. Every person’s body is different and to treat tinnitus, every person needs different pressure points to be stimulated and they understand this very well. This means that you can easily avoid suffering from this acute condition by following a healthy lifestyle. I had experienced alternative medicine before, and I appreciate its total body healing approach.
Robert has helped me consider lifestyle and diet modifications, and steered me toward beneficial activities such as yoga. The type of ringing can vary between individuals, anything from a faint high pitched sound to a sound described as ocean waves rolling. I use acupuncture points to relieve neck tension as well as gua sha on the neck itself often with an immediate improvement in the tinnitus sound intensity.
Sometimes acupuncture points under the ear lobe are selected in the treatment of tinnitus and other times acupuncture points on the arms and legs are chosen. Practitioner Heiko Lade  at The Acupuncture Clinic in Napier and John Kennedy in Masterton have all been assessed by the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Inc and are competent in all aspects of traditional Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment. If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation and treatment, please contact me. Even though patients may be inconvenienced by the constant disturbance in their ears, this is not a serious problem and it can be easily cured with acupuncture for tinnitus at our professional clinic. The ancient Chinese treatment balances your qi and ensures that your symptoms continue to get better day by day. At our clinic, trained and certified acupuncturists provide acupuncture treatments for different ailments. The patients in this case often complain that the symptoms reappear soon after the medication ends. This means that acupuncture for tinnitus is completely natural and safe, even for those with other health conditions. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when or how I started feeling more comfortable and noticing relief of my symptoms, because for me, this has been a gradual process.
Treatment of the neck with acupuncture to relax the cervical muscles is very important in so many conditions including dizziness and migraines“. There are many different Chinese herbs that can be used for tinnitus depending on the cause of tinnitus.

Acupuncture treatment technique is one of the age-old techniques dating back to 1000 years ago.
More than 25% of the people who suffer from tinnitus obtain acupuncture treatment from trained professionals as the treatment proves to be beneficial. In order to cure tinnitus completely, our experienced acupuncturists identify acupuncture points, which needs to be stimulated depending on your body condition.
Many patients with acute tinnitus report that western medication is not useful at all even in the beginning, as they are ineffective.
However, if the root cause, which causes tinnitus, is identified and cured, you can get complete relief from the annoying condition. So that you can get customized treatment, which will prove to be highly effective in treating tinnitus in the long run, rather than providing temporary relief.
Robert is both personable and professional, and he has worked with me to relieve my symptoms with a holistic methodology. Although the changes have been subtle and gradual, the entire process has been very beneficial.
This branch of Chinese medicine promises cure for every possible symptom and disease known to mankind. About 45% of the patients who participated in the studies showed significant improvement in their condition quickly after stimulating acupuncture points for tinnitus.
Unlike western medicines, alternative Chinese medicine doesn’t have one solution for everyone with the same physical condition. If you have been suffering from tinnitus for a long time, you should definitely consider the benefits of stimulating acupuncture points for tinnitus by trained professionals at our clinic. For example, a quiet faint type ringing that is more predominant at night before sleep is usually due to kidney weakness and these people can wake in the middle of the night with insomnia. Another type of tinnitus resembles the sound of  loud cicadas singing and this is caused by the liver.

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