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The All New Moto G4 Plus Is Up For Grabs On Amazon IndiaThe heat wave that has gripped substantial part of the nation is sucking the energy and blood (well, not literally) out of every living being breathing under it. Xiaomi Comes Back With Series Of New Launches – Redmi Note 3, Mi Pad 2 And Mi Air Purifier 2When Xiaomi goes out for an event, it comes back with a series of new launches. Noise-cancellation, fine tuning, bass-thumping effects inside that ear hole – all these are like a slice of heaven to all the music lovers. The best in the market for headphones, the company of Beats is well known for its quality sound along with the complete and adaptive feature of non-cancellation.
The ultimate headset for every gamer, is incorporated with enticing features of intuitive controls, sound accuracy, noise cancellation, sound card slots and “ergonomic acoustic refinement”.
Choose from the wide range of products of well crafted headphones and gift yourself utter bliss. I am techie person, fascinated about gadgets and love to read and write about new gadgets and apps. Google’s “Innovation in the Open” is undoubtedly one of the hottest dates on tech enthusiasts’ calendar (Google or otherwise).
If you were born in the 90s or before, then your first mobile phone was most likely a Nokia. Welcome to Versus, the CompareRaja blog – the one stop destination for gadget news, latest tech updates and all things digital. These Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones are, of course, the successor to Skullcandy’s popular Hesh line of over-ears. The Hesh 2 headphones are supposed to include a travel pouch and a microphone capable cable. Even with my large ears, the Hesh 2’s remained very comfortable for an hour or two, and then the pressure on my head kicks in a bit.
Fisticuffs with the boss could potentially be confused by some at the office as a sign of insubordination.
If you decide an equipment item is not suitable within 10 days of delivery, you can return it to us for a replacement or refund.
They direly want to listen to music without any disturbance from the surrounding that might interrupt the flow and thus tarnish the mood.

Being wireless in nature, that is, having a Bluetooth connectivity option (provision of connection is of up to thirty feet), you can do away with the tangled affair of wires.
With tender, around the ear cushions the headphones will sit comfortably over your ears all through the day. The Skullcandy range of headphones brings to the young generation an unbeatable sound clarity as well as quality in reasonable prices.
Added to the never ending list of amazing features of the headsets give an amazing surround sound, cancellation of noise and an adjustable amplifier. German engineering ensures an uncompromising comfort level with ear pads designed so as to prevent perspiration. So when Sundar Pichai promised that Google will be “building the next evolution of Google” from the 18th-20th of May at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA, everyone cleared their schedule to follow the event live.
The blog brings you all the latest and hottest technology news and everything happening in the digital world from India as well as from around the world.
Still consistent with the iconic Hesh design, the Paul Frank Hesh 2’s feature round bubbled earcups. They’re bold, with large bubbled ear cups, a thick headband, and thick earcup cushions.
Vegetarians, vegans or people not wanting to wear leather should consider buying from a brand that uses alternative faux leathers. Vigorous dancing on his desk with exotic facial contortions and frequent airborne double-bird fist pumping hand gestures while wearing the Hesh headphones is probably a more diplomatic way of saying, leave him alone so he can rock again. Keeping all your desires in mind, check out the following headsets that are simply worth it. The added feature includes the rotating (up to 90 degrees) earcups which makes it easy in portability. This particular product from the company consists of large cans that furnish your ears with rich sound.
The set has connection ports for PC and Mac and it also consists of a removable microphone. We have a team of expert writers who are tech geeks themselves and are constantly on the lookout for news, events, new launches, book releases, new fashion trends and updates.

The Hesh 2 – Paul Frank Scholastic Julious headphones features the classic Paul Frank monkey, Julious, all hipster-ed out in his oversized glasses and ironic bow tie. Incomparable stereo sound effects and overall music quality and padded comfort over the ears lets you to freely move around while receiving calls or changing the song. With this monster you are sure to be transported to the virtual realm of gaming without being able to differentiate between reality and fantasy. It can be rotated all way to the top of or back of your head or even close to your mouth or farther away.
We thought the craftsmanship was pretty nice, however, after a couple weeks the leather from the headband untucked a bit.
Here follows a few handpicked choices for music lovers and gamers sorted out separately in order to shoo away that confusion of choice of selection. It does not showcase too much of power sound but strikes a delicately beautiful balance between the bass and the control over sound distortion. Our blog is updated regularly so bookmark the blog now and get your daily dose of tech news. For all the teens and budding youths, this pair of headphones with cool designs in blue and quality sound, would be an excellent investment without drilling a hole in the pockets. The German engineering makes the headset durable and along with being the best for entertainment purposes.
I have large ears, and with a little shimmying, my entire ear will fit snugly inside the cushion donut. My only criticism is that some songs can sound somewhat empty; this was more apparent with acoustic types of music.

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