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The Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) assists Oklahomans with disabilities in getting the assistive technology or durable medical equipment they need. OkAT's primary mission is to improve access to and acquisition of assistive technology for individuals with disabilities of all ages. Assistive Technology (AT) is any item, device, or piece of equipment used to maintain or improve a person's capabilities, allowing them to function independently in recreation, education, employment, and daily living activities. Teaching students apps such as Calendar, Notes, Email, Pages, Keynote, and Safari will familiarize them with the device and will promote accessibility.
But now, this game-changing tablet provides immediate access to applications and the Internet. Previously, users with visual impairments would have had to purchase a screen reader such as, JAWS to access their computer.
The iPad is also cheaper than devices built for the blind, such as the BrailleNote Apex 32 BT.
Third party apps may or may not be, though most developed specifically for the blind and visually impaired are compatible.

This loss can range from mild to profound and often affects certain frequencies more than others. BraillePen 12 or Focus 14 Blue) connected to an iPad can be a far more cost effective solution for braille users. One app I recommend to educators and families is the ViA app from the Braille Institute, which includes a list of blindness-specific apps with links to download sites.I also highly recommend using the Expanded Core Curriculum to connect students with the right apps.
Bluetooth devices enable users to read what’s onscreen or what they’ve typed as well as listen to it via the screen reader. For example, the ECC includes direct teaching of both career education and independent living skills. So I might teach a student how to create task lists using “Reminders” to have VoiceOver automatically read pop-up reminders.
A student could potentially get away with just an iPad, as it can connect them with others via the Internet.
A key factor in decision making is considering what critical tasks the student needs to accomplish.Q.

When I worked as a teacher, vocational professionals usually couldn’t purchase BrailleNotes unless it met a student’s work-based need. Additionally, since iPads can fulfill many independent living and career needs, educational programs can more easily justify funding.Q. Educational teams may be able to purchase Apple iOS devices at a reduced price with higher storage capacities this way.Q.
An iPad with a retina display may better accommodate a low-vision student using the device as a CCTV. Students who could benefit from voice recognition apps may be happier with a newer iPad that includes Siri.Q. Apple devices are on the forefront of this movement and can help narrow the achievement gap for visually impaired students.

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