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Auditory processing disorder (APD), also known as central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), is a deficit in one or more specific brain pathways involved in processing sound.
Contact us for a consultation or for more information related to APD Testing, Therapy, and Treatment. About Us Sign up Here for more about Parent Information Nights, Parent Support Groups, Seminars and Workshops! Learn More TodayWe invite you to schedule a one on one consultation to learn more about our solutions and help us learn about your child. Achieve Hearing & Rehabilitation is a speech and hearing clinic with locations in Plano and Dallas, Texas.
Achieve Hearing & Rehabilitation specializes in comprehensive evaluations that help you achieve a balanced life.
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Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology, and hearing websites maintained by educational, governmental and professional associations. Every person receives a comprehensive evaluation - strengths and growth areas are identified - treatment plans are developed to specifically target the person's needs.

Helping patient's communicate better and overcome hearing, speech and language challenges - Achieve a balanced life.
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Our world is filled with the sounds of life: the wind rustling throughthe trees, the sounds of children laughing and most importantly, our ability to communicate with spoken language. How our brains are able to take in thisauditory informationand make sense of it is a very complex process.
Auditory processing allowsus to find where sounds arein space, determine what asound was, discriminate the intricacies of our language and separate important sounds from non-essential sounds like noise. When the test results are further combined withinformation from other professionals, such as speech pathologist, psychologists and classroom teachers, an appropriate plan for management can be completed. Management of an auditory processing disorder can be a long-term investment of timeand energy by the child’s family and by thosedirectly involved with thechild’s education, health and wellness. If you suspect that your child may have an Auditory Processing Disorder, the thought ofbeginning such a process may be daunting. We offer speech-language pathology and audiological services to children and adults of all ages, and resources to help you target your specific speech therapy needs.

Our Plano location is located 1 block East of the Dallas Tollway in the Parkwood Crossings Medical Complex. Thesetests will evaluate specific brain functions as they relate to theinterpretation of auditory information. Thereis also no “crystal ball” to determine the likely benefit of such testing and management.
For others, such as children with auditory processing disorders, this process is very difficult Auditory Processing is what we do with what we hear. If you suspect that your child is having difficulty processing what he or she hears, there are tests that can determine where the difficulty stems from. If an auditory processing disorder is found, the best treatment occurs within a team approach.

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