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At the same time, the ball should be checked to make sure that it's firmly attached to the barbell. It is very important to go to a licensed professional that works in an established piercing shop for a belly button piercing. Even if the jewelry is removed and the hole allowed to heal, damage to the nerves of the tongue may remain and cause a permanent speech impediment. Sebum is oily and, when mixed with dead skin cells and bacteria, can produce a foul-smelling discharge that smells like old cheese. Each individual has a different pain threshold, so a piercing that is very painful for one person may not be painful at all to another person. Once it's lubricated, firmly hold the front of the earring in place, and gently turn the clutch to loosen it.

Before applying for a license, it is necessary to receive proper training on piercing artistry, safety and customer service. However, some states allow minors to get belly button piercings with written consent from their legal guardians. An ear cartilage piercing may take anywhere from several months up to a year to heal completely.

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