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First advice: don't watch surgical footage of an abnormal bone growth removal from the ear canal. The problem usually starts to occur in surfers and watermen in their 30s, but exostosis is possible at any age. The good news is that modern surf ear plugs will allow you to ride waves in cold air and water temperatures, without sacrificing performance. The "Doc's Pro Plugs" protect your ears by keeping a warm pocket of air in the canal and leaving most cold water out without impeding hearing and balance. The "Physicians' Choice Silicone Ear Putty" ear plugs are effective, but they work differently. The "Mack's Aquablock" ear plugs are made of silicone and promise increased sealing ability.
Maxime Nocher and Elena Kalinina have claimed the 2016 Kiteboarding European Championships, at Poetto Beach, in Cagliari, Italy.
Whether you’re a competition swimmer or just love being in the water, custom made surf plugs and swim plugs will prevent the discomfort of water entering the ears, and protect you from infections, making swimming safer and more fun.
Our surf plugs and swim plugs are custom made to fit your ears, and are silicone based so that they are soft, flexible and comfortable to wear – yet provide a reliable barrier to water, in a swimming pool or the sea.
Manufactured as a single complete unit for each ear, our surf plugs and swim plugs offer maximum security in the water. Offering a secure, comfortable fit, surf plugs by Custom Made Ear Protection are similarly ideal for other high energy sports in the water such as surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and kayaking and help to prevent surfers ear.
Extended exposure to cold water and windy conditions, as experienced in the UK, makes the occurrence of surfers ear more common, as the combination of cold, wet skin and wind promotes blood flow to the ear; this fosters new bony growth which ultimately narrows the ear canal.

With advanced modern wetsuits surfers are able to stay in the water longer, especially during winter when lower temperatures and stronger, colder winds are prevalent.
Kayakers, canoeists and white water rafters are also exposed to enough cold water and wind action to develop surfers ear. Windsurfers can be particularly prone to surfers ear due to the high degree of cold wind blowing over the surface of the ear. Equally, for kitesurfers, CMEP surf plugs, moulded to the specific contours of your ear, will help to reduce the risk of a perforated eardrum due to impact when hitting the water, as well as preventing wind and water entering the ear.
Surf plugs by Custom Made Ear Protection are manufactured to the highest standards using best quality materials to provide many years of effective service.
In addition, choose from over 350 colours or colour combinations to get earplugs to suit your style — and meet your needs. You only have one pair of ears – do take care of them!Available throughout the countryCustom Made Ear Protection is available throughout the country. This is a common but preventable condition of the ear, but in advanced cases can only be treated with surgery. XTM's quality ski jackets ensure kids stay dry and comfortable all day by keeping out the wind and cold – and inviting in the fun! With time, and exposure to adverse weather conditions, your ear canal gets constricted and traps water and wax. With no more than a dozen strong and active brands, the world of skimboarding is what it is - a growing water sport, but with natural limitations.
Surf plugs from Custom Made Ear Protection will also help to protect you from ear infections caused by poor quality river water.

CMEP surf plugs will provide protection from this, and also help to keep you feeling warmer whilst out on the water.
They are supplied with a carrying case for safe storage and are easy to look after – simply wash regularly with mild hand soap and hot water.
This enables us to produce comfortable, natural fitting earplugs that can be worn for long periods of time.
For more information, or to book an appointment for a fitting, please call us on 01305 264021, or click here to contact us by email.
For more information, or to book an appointment for a fitting, please call us on 01305 264021, or click here to contact us by email. They feature a fixation wing, an acoustic mesh with a non-stick hydrophobic coating, and a sealing gel what will protect the ear canal.
However, this might not be an option for medium-to-large surf: the absence of a leash will result in losing the ear plugs.
Competing at the highest level on a World Tour against a new generation of riders that are less than half his age, with no signs of fatigue or loss of momentum. A high-definition foam eartip on ER20XS Motorsports earplugs work in conjunction with the advanced technology in the earplug itself, offering protection and clear communication. ER20XS Motorsports Earplugs feature a stem-less design, with a low profile that conforms to the plane of the outer ear.

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