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This pair of fabulous earrings from the house of Kreeli will make you look like a stunning diva wherever you go donning this.
Please note that all the submitted posts are moderated and it may take 3-5 business days for it to appear on the site. Kreeli brings this beautiful pair of earrings which is designed to accentuate your overall look.

Look undeniably striking by decking yourself with this incredible pair of earrings from the house of Kreeli which will certainly give you a change in looks. 22K Gold White Plated Long Earrings studded with beautiful star signity stones with blue and orange colored stone hangings and pearl hangings in jhumki pattern. Made of premium 22 gold and studded diamonds this pair of earrings is a perfect addition to your accessory collection.

Made of 22 carat gold and studded with diamonds, these earrings will surely make you the centre of attraction wherever you go.

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