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In the list of bridal hairstyle Juda comes first but nowadays most of the girls give it a trend in any event or in college. You can beautify the high bun by jeweled chains by an excellent maangtika in form; you are parting your hair in the middle parting, at surface otherwise back brushing it. Wow, This Indian Juda Hairstyles are Awesome,your stylesatlife website is more efficient and effective to me, i really like your website.
It is nothing but a simple bun and in hindi it is called as ‘Juda.’ This is most common as well as frequent used hairstyle used by in Indian women on regular basis.

Indian women are proud to their long hairs and most of the women prefer juda to maintain their hair health as well as beauty. This attractive bun accessorized by fresh roses would go finest with red lehenga otherwise saree. The frontage portion of the hair too has been segmenting well that gives little quantity to the crown area with no pick for normal poof.
Tie of kanauti can also be put at the exterior of the bouffant to offer it that additional edge of style.

However, Juda also plays an important role in the wedding because it is mostly preferred by Indian women that offers them a traditional look. The frontage section has been completed in middle separation by slight twists leaving keen on the bun.

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