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Handmade Personalised Jewellery created to tell a story, each as unique as the person it is made for.
Over the next few blogs I will dissect what I feel are some of the things to consider when buying quality personalised Jewellery in New Zealand.
What was concerning, is that to all intents and purposes the items ‘looked’ like they were ‘made in nz’ saying nothing about the fact the item is dropshipped (ordered, made and sent from another place) from china. Buying offshore means the items will not be covered by the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act 1993*, this Act covers YOU as the consumer that the items bought is of acceptable quality and carries a warranty.
It would be awesome if you could ‘support the home fires’, ‘buy NZ made’ and ‘support the little guys’. Not only do I guarantee my work, but legally you are also covered by the Consumers Guarantee Act as a consumer. Beverley Ashburner posted to Raspberry Jelly 1 December 2011 thank you so so much for your honesty – what an awesome lady ! PLEASE take a few minutes to check out the business before you buy, to ensure that you are buying jewellery online safely. Here’s some of the light reading in regards to protection as a consumer when buying within NZ. If you would like to receive the newsletter to keep up with discounts, deals and competitions. Nowadays, it’s much easier to find quality loose diamonds for sale as there are more jewelry stores and diamond shops around. When you are shopping for loose diamonds online, you can compare the different quality, weight and value to make the best decision. The loose diamonds for sale online has made it easier for everyone to shop for their favorite stone, whether for rings, charms, earrings, bracelets or pendants.
Even though the black diamonds were around for many years, they have become increasingly more popular and fashionable today.

Due to the huge demand for black diamonds in recent years, they are now selling for extremely high prices.
Internet, but this one works well for him.Glitter Henna is a hobby the last access to the world of fashion. I have no idea on how often this was for this company… but looking at the online reviews, it was a mixed bag. And yes, I am saying this because that is in this case a ‘mum’ business, where all or any profit go into me supporting my children (and tax – but no getting around that, aye), while also trying to remain a stay at home mum. If something is wrong with your purchase, contact me in the first instance and let me fix the situation.
You can see within my reviews that even some who have accidentally paid too much etc via bank deposit have been instantly refunded.
Phone or Email and do they return contact within a good timeframe and are the replies in unbroken english?
In addition, you can now find many jewelry stores on the Internet so shopping for the ideal diamond is now more pleasurable, enjoyable and convenient.
Many online stores have hundreds of loose diamonds for sale in different styles and shapes. Aside from the fact that you will get to browse a wide selection, you can find loose diamonds at extremely low prices if you are shopping during the sale events. Most people love black diamonds for many reasons including the fact that they are the most striking stones.
This is because most people believe that diamonds were clear or white in color, which is not the case as these stones also have different graded colors.
Whether you want to buy black or any other colored diamond, you can find everything that you need at this diamond store. That despite thinking you are safely buying from an online NZ company, that in fact you aren’t and have no buyers protection at all?

Sure, you can ask for it to be fixed, but you’ll be sending your item back to China (at your cost) and dealing with someone for whom their first language is not English invariably.
I had to make a choice… return to the ‘workforce’ and whilst the money might be good, the hours would not support my family. The jewelry stores online also offer free tours to make the shopping process trouble-free and enjoyable. In addition, the wholesale sections at the online stores usually have incredible low prices with helpful information that will show the size, clarity and color of the diamonds. These diamonds have round or irregular shape fragments with rare distinct crystallized texture which varies from absorbent to solid.
For this reason, some of the different colors which are available such as black, pink and even yellow diamonds are considered more stunning and rare so some places might sell them a bit higher.
As this is not often the case, I’m able to get products out much much quicker than the maximum times stated.
If you are buying diamonds online to make beautiful jewelry, the loose black stones will be the ideal choice. However, there are many online stores selling beautiful and quality diamonds in many colors for reasonable prices.
Don’t get me wrong, the hours being self-employed are LONG and it’s been a massive learning curve. Being able to watch my children grow and know that if they need me I am there for them, definitely is the positive spin.

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