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When using an ab –interno approach the prolene is first tied to the fixation hook eyelet and then the CIF-4 straight needle is passed through the main wound to emerge from the the scleral bed. In this case a space is created between the peripheral capsular bag and remaining lenticular material with viscoelastic so as to prevent entrapment of cortex under the CTR. Hydrodissection is then performed gently, yet thoroughly, to maximally free the nucleus and thereby decrease zonular stress during manipulation of the nucleus. Phacoemulsification should be performed using low vacuum and aspiration settings in order to keep the bottle height and flow rate at a minimum.9 Chop techniques are preferred for the dense nuclei to minimize zonular stress during phacoemulsification. Cortical viscodissection prior to aspiration will also limit the stress on remaining zonules.10 The cortex should be stripped along a vector tangential to the capsular bag periphery to decrease the risk of further damaging the zonules. The cortical entrapment can be prevented, by injecting the viscoelastic just under the surface of the residual anterior capsular rim before inserting the CTR or MCTR.

If vitreous presents at any time during the procedure, it should be completely removed from the anterior chamber. Posterior capsular tear occurs since the expansile forces may cause the capsular bag to rupture. Fig16: The straight needle with 10,0 prolene is docked into the lumen of 26 G needle in the posterior chamber. In conclusion, CTR and MCTR have made it possible to save and recenter the capsular bag, and perform in the bag PCIOL implantation in cases of subluxated cataracts revolutionizing the approach to subluxated cataracts. If the nucleus is soft, supracapsular phacoemulsification will virtually eliminate zonular stress. This will create a space for the ring and dissect the residual cortex away from the peripheral capsule.

It is easier to inject a foldable IOL in comparison to a PMMA lens but either can be used. Kenalog (Alcon) (triamcinolone suspension) can be used to identify vitreous in the anterior chamber. Management of profound zonular dialysis or weakness with a new endocapsular ring designed for scleral fixation. Fibrin glue assisted sutureless posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation in eyes with deficient posterior capsules.

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