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White gold jewellery really only became popular in the 1920s, primarily as an alternative to platinum jewellery. This 18 carat white gold ring below of Grant's was inspired by the St Andrew's cross, with vivid Ceylon sapphires and dazzling diamonds. The majority of white gold on the High Street is enhanced with rhodium plating which does give a highly reflective white surface.
Not forgetting the men out there, these chunky white gold cufflinks are one of Grant's Celtic cufflink designs. Grant's designer hand made white gold jewellery is always made using high palladium gold which is guaranteed to be nickel free.
A totally different feel here to Grant's diamond set 9 carat white gold choker and matching earrings, both having a subtle Celtic influence. The decision whether to choose white gold, yellow gold or indeed a bit of both in your jewellery should be a matter of personal choice.

If you would like any further details on these pieces of Grant Logan white gold jewellery, his other designs, or a commission enquiry please contact us. However, it is only in the past 5 years or so that the demand for white gold has had a great surge in popularity.
This is the cheaper way of changing the colour of the gold, BUT not a method recommended or used by Grant Logan. Again though Grant has made a conscious decision not to rhodium plate any of his individually hand crafted jewellery. This is a more expensive option for Grant, but without question is the choice for a superior quality deserving of his quality jewellery. A significant percentage of Grant Logan's jewellery is now made in either 9 carat or 18 carat white gold. Inevitably the plating will wear over a period of time, particularly on rings as they tend to experience more wear and tear.

Indeed the whole ethos of his business is based upon unique jewellery to be treasured, using the best ingredients.
White gold (which isn't white at all, but who would wish to buy 'grey' gold?) has a beauty all of its own and jewellery uniting both yellow and white gold offers yet another dimension to jewellery designers and customers alike. It is worth noting that any of his designs shown in yellow gold can also be made in white gold.
As each and every piece of Grant Logan jewellery is started and finished to a high standard by hand, rhodium plating is not required.
As these earrings of Grant's, which so beautifully embrace both white and yellow gold, go to prove.

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