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My family has a summer home on the coast of Maine about sixty miles north of Portland on the Muscungus Bay in a sleepy town called Round Pond. This bird is a resident breeder in Northern Mexico and widely extirpated elsewhere, except as a farmed bird, according to Howell and Webb.
The Red-breasted is mostly a North American bird, but an occasional winter visitor to northern Mexico, while the White-breasted Nuthatch — Sita de Pecho Blanco (Sitta carolinensis) is a resident breeder all the way to southern Mexico. A year-round resident of the Maine woods, this female was photographed with a Nikon D70s and a 70-300 Nikkor VR lens as she hammered on a tree in my backyard. Drumming, the bill striking the tree more rapidly, at the constant rate of about 25 times a second.
Downy woodpeckers are small birds that make a lot of noise drumming on whatever is available. This bird was in the swamp that became the beaver pond that is a favorite spot of mine to stop and photograph or just reflect. This immature female was the subject of discussion on Maine Bird listserv and Bird Chat before it was finally identified by a waterfowl specialist. When my wife told me she could see a duck in a tree one snowy morning, I thought she'd gone around the bend. If there are any budding young drummers in the house, V-Drums® Friend Jam Kids is a free software application that provides a fun way for children to practice and enjoy playing V-Drums. Practice works best when you have goals, so score rankings, achievement awards, and a calendar feature that tracks playing time all help motivate your child to reach their practice goals. Your child also gets a continuously growing library of play-along songs that can be downloaded directly within the application from the web. V-Drums Friend Jam Kids software is available now as a free download for Windows and Mac OS X. Allroad touring enduros require at least few basic accessories in order to carry the luggage, provide a reasonable safety and rider comfort without forgetting the functionality. The first item every touring motorcyclist needs, is the luggage system which provides enough space for a reasonable amount of luggage and can be adapted to various tour requirements. The rider seat is the most important key factor for proper MC -riding ergonomics Fortunately today riding ergonomics can be changed a lot, especially with the allroad touring enduros and there are rider accessory seats with different seat heights, but also with comfort materials.
The allroad MC -aerodynamics focuses on the wind cover and turbulence elimination around the helmet. The third concern would be the protection of the bike against the riding conditions, small accidents and thieves.
Exploring the backcountry is fantastic, but even the most experienced riders have accidents due to various reasons and surprises.
Today there are several MC -navigation systems and digital maps providing reasonably accurate information. The allroad touring enduro segment is today relative big and both bike manufacturers, equipment and riding apparel providers have invested more in it.
Local bike and biker accessory stores seldom have a wide selection of allroad related stuff and therefore we can not always go and have a look at the selection. He is not migratory, but he is a wonderful photographer who, over the years, has traveled throughout western and southern Maine taking pictures of the birds and scenic pictures of the landscape.
Once abundant in northern New England, they were re-introduced, and have flourished to the point that some consider them pests. This little year-round resident is one of the tamest wild birds I’ve ever encountered. The species summers in Canada and the northernmost regions of Maine, and winters in the southern US as far south as Florida. He stood quietly as I photographed him from not too great a distance — unusual, since they are easily spooked.

Here in Wilton, we most often see them drying off, standing on rocks in Wilson Stream beside the old Bass Shoe factory. This artist colony was put on the map by the Wyeth family, American artists, and birders seeking warblers. But unless you’re a player yourself, it can be hard to keep them motivated, and they often lose interest as practice becomes a chore rather than a fun activity they look forward to.
Just hook up your V-Drums kit to your computer via MIDI or USB and your child can evaluate and work on their rhythm, technique, and variation. And since kids love to brag when they do something right, they can even compare their results with other V-Drums users around the world via the internet. Included are traditional children’s tunes like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” classic pieces such as “Air on the G String,” and a variety of musical grooves in popular styles, all specially arranged for playing along on the V-Drums. There are plenty of equipment available at the market, but I took up few good alternatives that are most interesting. A full luggage system consists of side cases or panniers, top case, inner liner bags, tail bag, tank bag, backpack and dry bags. Never the less, I would recommend to rationalize the amount of luggage and optimize the amount of payload in order to remain with the bike as agile as possible. On top of that custom made saddles finalize even the most demanding personal preferences and make sure that the less popular models can be tuned up too. For an average rider everything could be almost good enough, but for a lot of riders tune up is necessary. Varying road and trail conditions set their own challenges and requirements for the bike and the rider. There are both online and offline features to support the needs during the ride and the wireless helmet communication systems bring several audio sources in the helmet which keeps the rider on top of everything.
Some of the providers have local dealers around the world, but today it usually means that the dealer keeps only a small stock of items. You can also find interesting tips from the motorcycle gatherings especially allroad related ones and of course motorcycle exhibitions.
The house was built by my grandparents and has passed down through the generations, so that my son now owns a share. This page is entirely his photographs of birds and birding in Maine, and the descriptions are his. Not only do they scold when I take down the feeders for filling, they have taken to landing on them inches from my hand as I put them back.
Unfortunately, the pond is also home to snapping turtles as well as being surrounded by man, his vehicles and his pets. It is unusual for them to stray too far from water, but late season cold had refrozen the ponds and their usual food source. It’s one of my favorite photography sites, though the black flies and mosquitos can make that a bit less than comfortable. And since it’s a V-Drums kit, they can plug in some headphones so normal life can resume throughout the rest of the house. You can also add MP3 files stored on your computer, so your child can jam with their favourite songs – the best way to get them to practice.
Usually they are more aerodynamic, but have no further strap on arrangements on top of the case.
With a significant amount of luggage, the MC becomes surprisingly difficult to handle in special conditions and emergency situations. As long as the speed remains mostly below the highway speed, the aerodynamics are not the most important thing, but usually this is not the case.
In order to keep on touring day after day, vital parts and components simply need to stay intact and functional, even when small accidents happen.

Sometimes it`s also a safety matter when something happens and you need help on site, perhaps even urgently.
Even conversation between fellow riders while riding is ordinary and requires no special installation skills or massive COM -systems. The competition and high requirements have improved the quality of products and versatility covers the major part of allroad touring requirements. Fortunately there are plenty of online stores offering a practical way to purchase allroad related accessory everywhere.
Maine is one of the most beautiful states in the union; some birds winter there (brrrrrr!), and some migrate.
Hairy Woodpeckers are resident breeders in Guatemala and have been heard and spotted around Lago Atitlán.
I always keep one or two suet bags near the seed feeders for the Downies and larger Hairy Woodpeckers as well as other birds. The Wyeths no longer live there and the warblers were walking, but the photography was fantastic.
Rugged aluminium panniers are able to take the heaviest load, provide sturdy structure for accessory rack systems for fuel & water, crash protection at some extent, but also much better strapping options for additional bags on top of the panniers. The windscreen and the hand guards provide essential part of wind protection against rider upper body and especially the head.
Once you need to make miles day after day, there can not be heavy turbulence around the helmet. A complete setup consists of a robust and up to date navigator, additional general map, mobile phone and a bluetooth communication system. Some of equipment providers have concentrated primarily on BMW motorcycles, but generally everything can be found also universally and every allroad touring enduro can be tuned to serious adventuring. For the migratory birds we have added their names in Spanish, since many of them pass through Guatemala where I am now.
Soft saddlebag systems are ideal for the most adventurous routing and extremely light traveling just with the basics. The ergonomically right riding posture is the best way to eliminate riding fatigue and the pain in the joints due to static and compact riding posture.
Sometimes you need even a tracking & SOS -device, if you are riding outside the cell network.
They provide at the best weather protection and universal strap on system to the bike without any rack. Note that the balance changes a lot and the rear end can be extremely heavy which makes the bike slower to handle. By adjusting the seat, foot pegs and the handlebar according to the rider, the touring enjoyment and riding endurance can be remarkably prolonged. Low frequency radios can be sometimes helpful, but the only good choice would be the satellite network supported communication system such as FindMe SPOT. There are a lot of spoilers, screen extensions and quite many models have also taller touring windshields. There is probably no country where the thiefs are not going to use the opportunity when it presents itself.
Let your love ones know that you are okey, even when schedules change and allow people at home to track your moves in real time.

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