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Byodo-In Temple is located on the eastern part of the island in the Kaneohe region away from the resorts and most tourist spots.
We passed through the expansive Valley of the Temples Memorial Park with various sections for each religion.
The temple was built here in 1968 to commemorate the 100-year-anniversary of the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants in the Hawaiian Islands. This version is a smaller replica of the original 950-year-old Byodo-in Temple in Uji, Japan. These had to be some of the biggest koi we’ve ever seen and there were so many of them. The temple is open to all faiths to visit, worship or meditate as a non-practicing Buddhist temple. Since the local Buddhist population still use this as a place of worship, removing our shoes before entering was a mandated sign of respect. We also enjoyed the small bamboo grove nearby which made for a lovely setting to walk around and see these durable plants. I loved seeing all the little niches of tranquility, water and nature intertwined with the temple structures. While the whole area was a perfect setting for meditations, there was also a meditation pavilion located up the hill behind the Temple. Visitors are encouraged to ring the bell using the wooden log call a shu-moku before entering the temple. When touring the grounds, go left of the temple first to ring the bell before entering the temple. Six individuals at kettle locations in California, Minnesota, Montana, and Texas are attempting to set a new world record for continuous hand bell ringing by an individual at a red kettle, to help raise awareness for The Salvation Army’s 123rd annual Red Kettle Campaign. Contestants must brave the elements – such as weather, fatigue, and hunger – while ringing a bell continuously, and are allowed five minutes of rest for every hour of ringing. Originally from Phoeniz, AZ, Quinton is a 19-year old student at the College of Sequoias with a passion for Jesus and people. Captain Jones wants everyone to know that she believes in the Army’s mission so much that she will stand as long as she can at a kettle in order to raise awareness for the immense need in her community, and to raise funds so the Army can continue to meet those needs! As a Corps officer for the last 2 ? years, Rob has been with The Salvation Army since he started volunteering in 1995. As the Divisional Finance Secretary for the Sierra Del Mar Division of The Salvation Army in California, Soriano was a participant in the World Record Bell Ringing Contest in 2011 and rang for 51 hours at a location in San Francisco. He is ringing at a location outside of a metropolitan area this year because The Salvation Army serves in communities that are sometimes forgotten.
One hundred years ago the bells of St Catwg’s Church, Cadoxton near Neath rang a peal for the first time. And tomorrow, Thursday, March 27 – exactly one hundred years to the day of the first peal in 1914, local bell ringers plan to ring a peal once again to mark the occasion. A peal is a length of ringing that consists of 5040 changes – a non stop continuous piece of ringing which normally takes about two hours and 40 minutes on the St Catwg’s bells.
Peals are organised and rung to celebrate special occasions and also personal achievements in ringing. The current band of ringers who will be attempting to repeat the peal one hundred years to the day, is ten strong and range in age from teenagers to pensioners.

Alwyn Lewis, one of the ringers said, “Ringing is traditionally a service to the church to ring for services, the art of ringing can be endless with many new things to be learnt as you go along. Pic caption: The bell ringers (from left to right) Lynne Brunt, Keith Tucker, Andrew John, Rebecca John, Peter Kirk, Yvonne John. Ringing can seem baffling to the outsider, but with a little explanation, it all starts to fit into place. The bell can be rested when it is mouth up, with the stay resting against the a slider bar underneath the bell. The diagram shows four successive sequences, with the red lines showing the changes between the rows.
11 come from the French, and were used as numbers in cards and dice during the 17th century when changeringing was developing.
Above standard BBO Pockels cells have protective ceramic apertures with diameter equal to clear aperture of crystals. Set in the foothills of the the 2,000 foot Ko?olau Mountains and at the back of the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park, it almost felt a world away from the tourist lights of Honolulu. At the back of the cemetery, the lovely temple greeted us where we almost felt like we got transported to Asia.
There were supposed to be peacocks roaming the temple grounds too but we didn’t get see them despite my kids desperately looking for them. It is called the Hoodo or Hall of the Chinese Phoenix due to a floor plan that resembles a bird. Weighing two-ton and at over 9 feet tall, this seated, golden Buddha was an imposing figure. It was a wonderful place to relax and admire the view and scenery aongside a small bubbling brook.
The bell’s tones are supposed to clear negative thoughts and bring happiness, blessings and a long life. Regardless of your religious or spiritual preferences, the temple and its gardens including the pond and meditation areas were a delightful way to spend a peaceful visit and enjoy the beautiful grounds. I’ve been to Honolulu a number of times as a child and am looking forward to planning a trip there sometime next year! I can’t even begin to imagine how many bags they sell considering each visitor goes through 1-2 bags.
It certainly looks like a wonderful place to find respite from the tourist chaos of the island. I liked the further back photos of the temple with the misty mountains and the one focusing on the buddah with the temple in the background!
Last year, two-year reigning champ Darrell Tureskis of Springfield, IL tied the record at 80 hours along with Jason Perkins of Suisun City, CA and Ryan Gass of Roswell, NM. After taking a tour of The Salvation Army’s facility in Tyler, TX, he was spurred to give back in a larger way by volunteering to participate for this contest. It was six members of the now defunct West Wales Association of Church Bell Ringers that rang the first peal on the bells of Cadoxton on March 27, 1914.
They practice every Wednesday evening and ring the bells for all Sunday service and also special occasions such as weddings.
It is a great hobby and some of our ringers visit other towers and mix with other ringers from all over the world.

This interleaved effect is a characteristic feature of bell music, especially on larger numbers of bells.
When used in conjunction with polarizer, Pockels cells can be used as fast optical switches. Ceramic apertures can be removed to have access to the full aperture of the electro-optical crystals.
We just came back from Oahu after spending a short and sweet visit with local family and friends there.
We saw the two birds of good omen perched on both ends of the roof looking ready to take off.
We rang this after visiting the temple which defeated the whole purpose of the bell for purification. This trip was only for 5 days and really was short and sweet but great to see family and friends. He hopes to help raise awareness and money for The Salvation Army in Tyler, and his only request for participation is that God gets all the glory! The initial learning process is very much a one to one effort but once trained up you would then ring with other members of the team. The art of change ringing has been practiced at St Catwg’s for many years maintaining regular ringing for services, in fact since 1898 when the bells were rehung to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria. Typical applications include Q-switching of the laser cavity, laser cavity dumping and coupling light into and from regenerative amplifiers. I panicked because I thought I'd gone deaf," he says.Mild tinnitus affects about 10 per cent of the population and in older people can be caused by natural hearing loss.
It is a team effort and the six bells in our tower require six ringers to ring at a given time. I can imagine the line here when tour buses stop by and the continuous bell ringing which can probably get quite annoying for those trying to meditate. Ear infections, glue ear or a build up of earwax and conditions such as otosclerosis or Meniere's disease can also be responsible for it.In younger people tinnitus can be triggered by exposure to loud noises that damage the inner ear. Low piezoelectric ringing makes these Pockels cells attractive for the control of high-power and high pulse repetition rate lasers. I could never cancel it out completely."Nathan returned to work on a fruit and vegetable stall in his home town of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. The quarter-wave voltage is proportional to the ratio of electrode spacing and crystal length.
However, he didn't find it easy."People would try to get my attention and I wouldn't be able to hear them," he says. Double crystal design is employed to reduce required voltages and to allow operation in half-wave mode with fast switching times.

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