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Welcome to the most sought-after collection of royalty-free vector clip art images in the world! CoolCLIPS Vector Clip Art is available in raster JPG files and scalable, resizeable vector WMF files. Vector graphics, also referred to as "object-oriented" or "draw" graphics, are created using geometric objects - lines, ovals, rectangles, and curves. For added convenience, WMF files are also available as raster jpg at 600 pixels resolution. JPG format allow whole images to be rotated, edited, cropped, filtered and scaled using virtually all Photo raster editing applications including programs that include editing tools like Microsoft Office, Adobe graphic products plus many others. The Snake Ear Cuff is nicely made and goes well with the diamond stud earring - like the snake was ready to eat it? Punk fashion traces its origins to the 1970s when designer Vivienne Westwood and her boyfriend, musician Malcolm McLaren, broke onto the scene with statement clothing didn't follow traditional clothing rules and pushed for shock value. Bad Boy Biker Jewelry: Bad Boy Biker Jewelry offers a selection of sterling silver stud earrings in designs such as skulls and Maltese crosses.

Timeless Treasures: Timeless Silver provides a selection of sterling silver hoops, dangle earrings and studs for men. Eve's Addiction: Eve's Addiction has men's hoops and studs for sale in both sterling silver and yellow gold.
King Ice: These earrings are marketed as Hip Hop but these styles can also work with a retro punk look. The advantage of a bitmap over a vector is that it can represent a much more complex range of colors and shades providing photographic detail.
It's part ear cuff and earring because the snake wraps around the ear as well as goes through the ear hole. The popularity of Westwood's designs and their London clothing shop inspired other designers to make clothes and accessories that became known as punk fashion. People wear torn clothing, combat boots, leather jackets and many handmade mismatched clothes. The earrings should be a part of a theme of rebellion, counter-culture, or your personal punk statement.
The wide selection of punk earrings available today will make it easy to find earrings that match your personal style. Find your favorite vector images now and simply checkout and download directly to your computer!

Digital cameras and scanners produce bitmaps, as are most of the graphics you see on the internet.
The Snake Pass Through Ear Cuff is made from  pewter and is available for just $26.50! Extreme hair styles in dramatic colors with mixed textures and shaved sections are also fashionable.
Earrings typically included safety pins, zipper parts, chain parts, skull symbols or bat symbols. For example, you might wear a snake earring with a torn t-shirt featuring an apple with tooth marks, leather pants and combat boots. Early punk fashion included graphic t-shirts with offensive sayings, custom blazers, combat boots and safety pin accessories. Today there is a much larger selection of punk earrings.Men can wear a single earring in one ear or two earrings to create a punk look.
Torn jeans, male kilts, leather skirts, chain accessories, and bullet belts were common fashion items.

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