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Have anyone ever replaced or greased the spring insulators or rear trailing arms cause there was a TSB for the rear suspension for creaking noise long time ago.
I am beginning to dismiss this as the aftermarket strut mounts that monroe uses, or something as simple as harder bushings. All the above mentioned work started as of last november and was 'finished' [the control arms all around] this past week. So my margin for 'error' [even if the parts are good & made to oe-spec] is vast in diagnosing this properly. The cause of the sound is the bush that connecting the strut rod with the wheel hub, its give sound due to motion of the rubber, you can remove the strut rod, and keep the bolt connected witht he wheel hup, move it up and down, you will hear the sound. Perhaps this is a clearance issue with the fork around the bushing at the rear of the strut rod, rubbing the bushing. There has been a creaking or metal flexing noise when the clutch is depressed or brake pushed. After tightening, the noise was still there if you push the brake pedal hard but under normal driving both pedals where quiet and creak free.

The rear brace behind the rear seats can also cause noise so Lexus has a new torque setting for that.
I know about the tsb & such, but can't bear putting more money into such a menial issue.
Just my luck as it got really cold here now, so the bushings aren't exactly soft right now which can be a culprit to making noise. How a rubber bushing works is it is bonded to the housing, it twists with motion, so it could just be aging rubber making noise as it flexes too. After a morning of pushing and looking, I found the 4 nuts and 2 bolts holding the pedal box to the bulkhead to be loose (photo ref. If the noise does not improve a revised rear spring insulators or trailing arm assembly may be the issue. I do have an aftermarket sway bar though, so it could be the urethane bar bushings in my case.
I replaced mine with a polyurethane ADUS 577 ($20) and it solved the creaking noise problem for some time.

I bought all new rubber on my front and rear struts from Toyota (Camry SE V6 since the suspension is a little firmer) and got Tokico strut inserts in my car.
This will allow you more features and flexibility and helps support the club's running costs. I'll be lowered in Tein springs from a Camry with new front strut mounting plates from a Camry SE V6. Little bit of noise is present on the rears but will replace the trailing arm and lateral arm bushings from SuperPro since I replaced the front sway bar and torque rod mount bushings from the same company.

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